Iran: We have a time machine
Published: 11.04.13, 11:56
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1. Seriously, this was posted on Ynet?
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (04.11.13)
2. Seeing 5 years into the future
Dan S.   (04.11.13)
The only problem with Iran trying to get a printout of its future is that the printout would be all in Hebrew.
3. #1, Gàbor...don't be too harsh on them...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.11.13)
it's just fun stuff...LOL
4. Of course they do
A ,   Belgium   (04.11.13)
and I have a 5-legged dog who sings Verdi operas backwards.
5. We have a time machine
jon ,   uk   (04.11.13)
well they will know what their future is with the nuclear and the rest of the world
6. Pity it cant help them catch up with today.
jrebecca ,   modiin   (04.11.13)
7. If it doesn't work ....
David ,   Israel   (04.11.13)
Does that mean Iran will cease to exist in 8 years or less?
8. What Are They Smokin' Over There?
emanon ,   USA   (04.11.13)
9. What were the other 178 ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.11.13)
.... inventions? Iran could really use flushable toilets. Too bad the machine couldn't see the Bushehr earthquake coming!
10. Time machine? Sounds more like an electric palm reader!
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.11.13)
Or maybe a Magic 8-Ball - a toy popular with American kids back in the 60s. And seriously, in order to validate his claim of 98% accuracy eight years forward, the device would have to have been created at least eight years ago, and its predictions tested against what actually came to pass. Yet he admits they haven't yet launched the prototype, fearing copying by the Chinese! Yeah, right ...
11. Iran: We have a time machine
Tony ,   JHB, South Africa   (04.11.13)
How come he is not able to see what all others would/will do with his machine? I suspect he has indulged a bit too much of that Iranian Mountain Cabbage!?
12. You can build LSD?
Ilan   (04.11.13)
Everything in the color of maroon.
13. A BEAUTIFUL Iranian MIND, fit to run for Iran
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (04.11.13)
14. By the way...if it works, you will see the illegal
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (04.11.13)
Iranian nuke installations reduced to smoldering rubble...oh well...
15. 10-day-old news?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (04.11.13)
16. Why market it?
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (04.11.13)
If he can see next week's lottery winner, or how stock market will do, there is no need to sell it to anyone. He can make all the money he wants.
17. One doesn't need a time machine to....
Robert ,   Australia   (04.11.13)
....know in 5 years most of the posters here will still be peddling their hate to the rest of the world.
18. Can he build a machine that would
HaifaGuy   (04.11.13)
churn out good and affordable hash because we're kind o'dry right now, please?
19. Wow! Is there anything Iran can't do?
Avi   (04.11.13)
I wish Israel could make a machine like that. Oh well, I guess we're doomed.
20. Ohhhh poor Robert :-((
HaifaGuy   (04.11.13)
21. I have a prediction too
Judd Rusnak ,   Sydney Australia   (04.11.13)
If Iran will build an Atomic bomb, Israel will wipe off Iran in 30 seconds, this is what my time machine is telling me!
22. The time machine really works! He KNOWS the Chinese
Gabor ,   Budpest, Hungary   (04.11.13)
will steal the idea. But then he can prevent it, can't he?
23. Robert #17, Or that you will be regurgitating the same tripe
Jake   (04.11.13)
24. Oh heck! It is just a crystal ball...what's the excitement??
Harry Wright ,   UK   (04.11.13)
25. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.11.13)
Oh, I agree! Posters like Steve Benassi and Split and Peter of Vienna and Graczek and some others who peddle their vile anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel will still be peddling their wares five years from now. Ten years from now. Twenty years from now .... because the State of Israel is not going anywhere. Am Israel Chai, baby -- AM ISRAEL CHAI!
26. #24 Harry How Wright you are
Tim ,   Brighton   (04.11.13)
Its all crystal BALLS!
27. Fair Reporting Practices Violated.
Khwarazm   (04.11.13)
I have been amazed to see the recent news about the invention of a “time machine” by an Iranian citizen. Although this piece of news is definitely true, the reportage style is not in accord with the fair practice of reporting. The title and the first lines – which are reproduced in almost the same way everywhere – are purportedly about an “Iranian scientist”. However, I wonder why the reporter could not distinguish between an academician/scientist and a crackpot. Crackpots of this kind can be found all over the world and no one would call them “scientist” or “researcher”. I earnestly ask to change the title and the contents of this piece of news according to fair journalistic practices. This person is neither a “scientist” nor a “researcher” (Iranian or otherwise). What he does is genuine pseudo-science. ::::
28. I can predict with 98% accuracy that in 8 years..
Jake ,   USA   (04.11.13)
..the criminal regime in Tehran will be wiped out. No algorithm needed.
29. Time Travelling Machine
Get Real ,   UK   (04.11.13)
Doctor Who invented his Tardis 50 years ago.
30. This person is obviously an Iranian Sarah B
Tahl   (04.11.13)
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