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Israeli doctor treats Boston terrorist, victims; says 'I'm used to it'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.04.13, 10:32
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1. theDoctor should NOT be proud of knowing how to handle this
R ,   Israel   (04.21.13)
in the US! Instead, he and his Israeli collegues belong in ISRAEL helping OUR PEOPLE, OUR VICTIMS OF TERROR! ESPECIALLY NOT TRYING TO SAVE THE LIFE OF A TERRORIST AND MURDERER! OUR HOSPITALS have a big shortage of good ER doctors. now they are willing to pay much better so (AS A DOCTOR'S WIFE IN ISRAEL) I REQUEST PLEASE DOCTORS, COME HOME!!!!
2. To number 1
Dov ,   London   (04.21.13)
I'm a specialist orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. I trained and did my residency at in Tel Aviv. I treated the wounded in the terror attacks of the nineties: Dolphinarium, Park Hotel all the bus bombings Mike's Place etc. I left Israel becaue I earn more in London in a day than I did in Israel in one month. I'm sorry to tell you that the doctors that left Israel are not coming back in the near future. I come back regularly to Israel to teach and operate on educational visits and to lecture at conferences but life in Israel for a doctor is a long way off acceptable to most specialist physicians and surgeons. Sorry!
3. You should be proud ER doc, citizens of Israel
r ,   Atlanta   (04.21.13)
Yes Israel is in the heart of all Jews, my grandfathers emigrated from Austro ahungarian Empire to US, not Israel, perhaps we Jews who did not have Israel experience are the ones living a less meaningful life.....we all wonder why Israelis leave as we are in awe of our Israeli brave, so self reliant.
4. Dov #2
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.21.13)
One can understand, and even accept to some extent, you thinking of yourself and your family first. Life is sweet in London or the US and hard here even aside from the consideration of salary... Just one request from me. Please don't say "sorry" when you don't mean it. One point for your consideration though - Do you have children? Do you want them growing up there or here?
5. One must salute the Israeli doctors who work for low wages
Rivkah   (04.21.13)
and stay in Israel inspite of that. Spartans, all. Salaries for doctors in Israel should go up. But supplying doctors to the world like Cuba does brings goodwill to Israel. Under the Unaffordable Obama Healthcare Act, doctors will be fleeing the USA for better wages elsewhere. For too many years, my husband opted for lower paying jobs in the US Veterans Administration, the US military and in moving to Arizona for five years where the wages are depressed to take care of my mother there. Looking back, that was not very bright to take lower paying jobs because now in our old age we don't have a mortgage paid for. We should have been selfish and not so self-sacrificing. Now that we are old, we are looking upon a s useless eaters and despised by the younger people and children who hate the elderly who sacrificed so much. Maybe we should have gone after money instead of patriotism and self sacrifice so we would have something in our old age. Israeli doctors who leave Israel understand that.
6. Good Luck to the Israeli people
American Hindu ,   USA   (04.21.13)
Whether they choose to live in Israel or not, we wish them good luck. As an Indian who left India and settled in the US, the US gives my family & me opportunities India never did.
7. To number 4
Dov ,   London   (04.21.13)
Thanks for the post. I have 4 children. They all speak read and write fluent Hebrew. They go to Jewish schools and we have a holiday home on the beach in Israel (a large 4 storey house with a garden which I would never have dreamed on on a doctor's salary in Israel as a family home let alone a holiday home!). They spend Pesach, Sukkot, December and 2 months in the summer in Israel. They get the best from both worlds and miss out on nothing. And maybe you're right I guess I'm not reallly that sorry after years of giving to Israel, combat service, miluim extortionate taxes and low wages I chose to put my family first. I still spend a great deal of the year in Israel, as I said I am involved in lecturing, guest operating difficult cases in Israel and I have set up fellowship programmes for Israeli surgeons in the UK so I still do my bit in my own small way.
8. We have one famous doctor here too..
Beary White ,   Norway   (04.21.13)
But for sure, I would be afraid of beeing taken care of by him. During the last war he was at the strip, in the same hospital were hamas had their operation center. He has earlier been excused from the Medecines sans Frontieres due to his radical politic-engagement. And has learned nothing from Israel..Thats why he mainly is on the islamic/terrorist/leftis side..
9. Does this boy deserve a 2nd chance?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.21.13)
If yes,"Kol Hakavod" to Israel.
10. In any case, good Israeli PR ....
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (04.21.13)
11. #7 Dov
Dennis ,   Phila., PA   (04.21.13)
Thanks for the posts, Dov. Makes me think a bit. I, also, left Israel thinking of my family, income,etc., so I know the feeling.... But, for my edification: I thought that, having a NHS, that Doctors in GB all struggled.. apparently not. How does that jive with the socialized medicine model that we hear in the States hear about in GB? I know.. that might be too much for a talkback, interests me. Tks.
12. #4 Where do I sign up?
Avi Mizrachi ,   Tel Aviv   (04.21.13)
Wow, private schools, a 4 story house on the beach (I'm sure your London flat isn't too shabby either!), month's salary in just one day, no Miluim... I'm not a physician, just an Electronics Engineer (MSEE) but if you have any friends who can get me a similar deal, please feel free to contact me at my gmail address above. Do I sound envious? Who wouldn't be! In all seriousness, you're truly blessed to be able to directly save/improve people's lives. I would rather have people like you representing us abroad than the hundreds of Joint/Federation/Jewish Agency "Shlichim".
13. 7 Dov,Public healthcare in London..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.21.13)
is scaring:unhygienic hospitals and mediocre treatment.To be treated decently patients need to go private. In Israel doctors who have private patients are well off too. i am not blaming you.You are doing your part. However,is it a good idea to give up what we want most -a safe haven for our children- for what we want now -a good life-?
14. #1 answers everyone!
Riva Schertzman ,   Israel   (04.21.13)
I appreciate your responses to my comment. We have managed to live in Israel for 22 years with my husband as a doctor-anesthesiologist. Yes, it wasn't easy, but now, things are better and we have a good life. BH. But it's true that we probably would have had a lot more "material wealth" in the US which doesn't really bother us! Nevertheless, we raised fine children here, 4 of which are married. (a 20 year old son remains if someone has a good shiddiach for him!) As they say, you get what you pay for! Some doctors can supplement their salaries with "locum tenans." My husband has done this. Now more opportunites are available for doctors. No, it's not as much as the US or London but you can have a decent and holy and more wholesome life. If you want advice, please email and by the way, my husband trained at Beth Israel, Harvard hospital.
15. Thanks Beary !
Hertzel ,   Tveria   (04.21.13)
Thank you for telling us what we in Israel know so well, that in Norway people are not "getting it". This doctor is treating the terrorists, but that is not the real problem, the real problem is his screwed up political views... that is where he is blind.
16. We learned this at Nuremberg...
Douglas R. Skopp ,   Plattsburgh, NY, USA   (04.21.13)
Yes, I agree. Physicians have a moral obligation to treat every person with respect, conscientiously attempting to fulfill their responsibilities to the best of their ability. The Nuremberg Trials affirmed this at the end of World War II, if we didn't know this earlier, as we should have. My archival work on Nazi medical "ethics"--such as they were--culminating in the hideous and hate-filled "crimes against humanity," as the Nuremberg prosecution argued, revealed to me how the opposite provided an opportunity for a slippery slope of biased judgment and racism that drew in even idealistic, but misguided physicians. I describe one such physician in my novel, Shadows Walking. May such grotesque misuse of medical information and skills never be repeated. Douglas R. Skopp
17. To number 11
Dov ,   London   (04.21.13)
The NHS is slowly being destroyed. It is a grossly inefficient system. I still work in a university teaching hospital in the NHS but I have a large private practice. In London large segments of society have private medical insurance and would never step foot in an NHS hospital. The UK is moving towards a more 'American' model and it seems America is trying to be like what they think the UK was once.
18. To number 12
Dov ,   London   (04.21.13)
I don't live in a flat in London I have a house here also! I don't like flats! thanks I'll ask around for you here for you!
19. #2
Hank ,   Israel   (04.21.13)
I forgot please remind what do they call people that sell themselves to the highest bidder????
20. To No. 19
Shahrokh ,   Los Angeles, USA   (04.21.13)
I don't know what you call them, but we call them smart business persons. Free market economy is based on supply and demand. Today's socialist aspirations have distorted all economies and has created pockets where private service providers are able to satisfy demands that can not be satisfied by government sponsored programs. A simple example is Federal Express, a private company thriving in a field reserved for US Postal office in US. I guess the growth of Private medical practices in UK is due to a failed national medical service. Able and competent service providers satisfy a need for that community. They deserve what they earn and more power to them. Without them, there would be no progress in medical field.
21. to Hank number 19
Dov ,   London   (04.21.13)
These people are called capitalists. I am one of them you are correct.
22. To Ora at 13
Dov ,   London   (04.21.13)
Look at my comment at 17. You are correct about many NHS institutions.
23. Israel you just need to stop tjhis "Hasbara"
Martin, G.P., M.D. ,   Mannhattan, N.Y.   (04.21.13)
The United States of America, doctors, the medical proffession has been dealing with shrapnel, cannon ball, musket ball, flint wounds, explosions, all type f bullet wounds before Israel ever became Israel,,,,,,,, you just need to stop and thank God that your able to help,,,,,, Geeeeez
24. And if dizzy Dzhokhar can't speak, who wants to listen to
Moshe ,   Usa   (04.21.13)
him anyways ?
25. Dov, economy is one, lack of peace prospects is the other.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.21.13)
Israeli doctors do very well in the US also, like this Dr. Ilan in Boston. Overwhelmingly, most Israelis who come to study or work in the US do not go back. I don't think they would do that for economic reasons alone. Many Israelis in the US are staying ideologically tuned to Israeli issues. In my opinion, the main reason Israelis do not go back is because of the lack of progress toward peace. And also, it's because of the Orthodox religious hold on Israel.
26. To number 20
Robert ,   Florida USA   (04.21.13)
Free enterprise is indeed a wonderful thing unless it is used selectively, as in the case of the U.S. Postal Service. Because FedEx and United Parcel Service grease the Congress with lobbying dollars, the post office has been prevented from becoming a consumer-oriented, self-sustaining institution as was intended by the Founding Fathers. Once FedEx and UPS finally kill of the good old P.O. and get their monopoly, they will strangle you along with everyone else.
27. Wakeup people, you are as blind as bats.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (04.21.13)
The Boston bombing was a false flag operation arranged by the FBI on behave of the criminal elite who are profiting from the police state lock down in America. The Tsarnaev brothers were setup and are not terrorists. But the FBI and the CIA are major terrorists organizations, and they are responsible for the deaths of many innocent civilians.
28. Muslim treated at Jewish Hospital
Robert C. Laity ,   Tonawanda,NY,USA   (04.21.13)
That Tsarnev, a Muslim was treated in a Jewish Hospital without concern for his anti-Jewish beliefs is a testament to the highly ethical physicians. It is reminescent of the dedicated Jewish doctors who were held in concentration camps who rather than ignore a human beings sickness,went so far as to treat even the Nazis who grossly abused them. Maimonides would be proud.
29. 27 Please back up your statements.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.21.13)
30. #29,,,,, U.S. creations, need I say more
@# ,   <>   (04.22.13)
The Taliban, Al-Qaeda are U.S. creations. Actually under Ronald=6, Wilson=6, Reagan =6, this whole terror atmosphere kicked off. When you control the game at both ends of the spectrum, you control the game. Terrorism is not only a bussiness but a means of control.
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