Netanyahu: Sephardic Jew on next series of banknotes
Moran Azulay
Published: 28.04.13, 12:04
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1. Whilst this gesture is only symbolic,
The observer   (04.28.13)
it still would represent a milestone in the integration of Sephardic Jews in Israel.
2. Rambam
Michael ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
Note that Rambam was not "Mizrahi". He was born in Spain and was a Sephardic Jew. The two terms should be used interchangeably.
3. Guess thats what they mean by black money
Zionist forever   (04.28.13)
4. Colours
Adsm ,   TLV, Israel   (04.28.13)
Different colours for each amount?? Confusing, no?
5. Boaz Sharabi for a NIS 500 bill, yalla!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.28.13)
6. 3 is obviously fake
Vlad   (04.28.13)
Looks like Sarah's imposter has found a new target.
7. Why next time, why not this time?
R ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
Right the wrong and do it this time. Next time is too far away.
8. Isn't it enough that they are all Israeli?
Dave ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
What difference does it make - why keep the old differences? What about an Italian on the bill? (They are niether Ashkenazim nor Sephardim) Or maybe an Ethiopian? Or a Yeminite? Maybe an Indian Jew? Let's get bills for every number so every community can be happy!!
9. Moot distinction
Ed Ford ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (04.28.13)
The ashkenazi/sephardi distinction is close to irrelevant. You could take a random sample of 1000 people from Tel Aviv and, with a few exceptions, not be able to tell which are Ashkenazi and which are Sephardi. It becomes less relevant each year as the large majority of Israelis are now born in Israel and (more or less) assume a common culture, mannerisms, etc...
10. Why change the colour coding?
Greg Samsa ,   Israel   (04.28.13)
The 50 looks like a current 20. The 20 looks like a current 200. The 100 is at least a little similar in colour. The blue 200 look like nothing of today. (The current 50 is a purple Shade).
11. 2 Michael,Don t Spain jews have ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.28.13)
Mizrahi origin?
12. On a banknote...
Jeff ,   Maccabim, Israel   (04.28.13)
Moshe Katsav?
13. :-) just kidding
JGad ,   (04.28.13)
Why not Yahir Lapid image lol!
14. # 12
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (04.28.13)
Katzav, dont think so, couldnt get the stamp to stick on the envelope, people would spit on the wrong side of the stamp.
15. #14 Philip - thats hilarious !
Haim ,   TA   (04.28.13)
16. Perplexed
Claude ,   London , £££   (04.28.13)
Maimonides would be perplexed, why do we have to wait for the next series to have a representative of the talent and creativity of the Sephardic community. Do it NOW
17. what a lame answer
zionist forever   (04.28.13)
NEXT TIME THERE WILL BE A SEPHARDIC REPRESENTETIVE These notes are probably going to be around for 5-6 years and Netanyahu doesn't choose the design the Bank of Israel does and unless its going to be put into law that next time round there will be sephardi then how can we be sure that will be the case? What if next time we move away from the idea of poets in favor of lndscapes or notable Israelis or politicians again? Bibi either needs to make legislation that next time there will be at least 1 sephardi individual on the motes or there should be a delay in the release of one of the 2014 notes allow for one to be redesigned, there is actually no rush to change the current notes. Its easy to say that we will keep one of the current notes around for an extra year or two.
18. all Russians !
m   (04.28.13)
19. Reply to number3
Jgad ,   (04.28.13)
20. # 11
Miriam ,   Miami, USA   (04.28.13)
Mizrahi - Jews who come from Yeman and Iran and not of Spanish Origin S'phardi - |Jews who come from Spain originally includes - Turkish, Egyptian, Syrian, Irak, Morrocans, Algiers, Tunisia and such. I wonder what you call Jews who were born in Israel ha ha Another 10 or 20 years there will be no difference.
21. Ash/Seph
BK ,   USA   (04.28.13)
on currency...would be in G's good grace if this were Israel's toughest problem.
22. # Ora
Sagi   (04.28.13)
No Ora, they don't. It is the other way around. I have told you before that you are a very good person but very naive sometimes. The whole of the Mediterranean from East to West was controlled by the Roman Empire. In the year 70 AD the Romans destroyed the Temple and Jerusalem and in effect caused the decline of our nation and caused what became to be known as the Diaspora. The Jews, our ancestors, left Israel in large numbers to Roman territories in the Mediterraneran in search of a new life and good fortune. One of those territories, in fact the main one, was Hispania, or Spain as we know it. The Hebrew name for Spain is Sepharad, thus our ancestors who came from Eretz Yisrael to Spain and settled there and formed a large organized community became known as "Sepharadim". The "Mizrahi" connection and term came into being after the expulsion of 1492 when our "Sepharadi" brethern fled to North Africa. So Ora , first came Israelites who then went to Hispania and then went to North Africa. Work it out for yourself, we are all from the same origin, here in Israel, it is just that there was a transient time of Spain and North Africa in between "Kibbutz Galuyiot".
23. Put Eli Cohen on 100 Shekel notes!
Beni B ,   Baltimore   (04.28.13)
24. 22 Sagi Thank you so much for ...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.28.13)
the most interesting and very clear explanation.
25. Who Cares?
Mike LA ,   Los Angeles   (04.28.13)
It really should not matter a person's background. Any influential or important Israeli should be good enough. It is worth mentioning that Israel was founded and shaped by Ashkenazi Jews so its not unreasonable to have them on currency. I'm American (parents come from Iran) and all of our bills have white Protestants. Why no one cares? Because white Protestants settled America and built the principles Americans value. On a side note, if I got to select a Sephardi/mizrahi I'd go with Eli Cohen.
26. post number 3 is a troll not me
zionist forever   (04.28.13)
27. 26 Nobody believed it s you.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.28.13)
28. Who cares?
Brian, masser ,   Denver, Colo.   (04.28.13)
They are all a bunch of Crackers(no pun intended).
29. 22 Sagi & Ora , may I add the following
S Judah ,   Jerusalem   (04.28.13)
There is much in what Sagi say’s but its not the whole story. Jews were moving and had moved to Bavel ( now Iraqi) and the east before any move to the western roman empire. Hence Talmud Bavali , Daniel , Esther and Mordechai in Persia and so on. The term Sephardi and Ashkenazi are loose terms, the former is Hebrew for Spain and the latter for Germany. Most Jews from both groups are neither and the term has an easier understanding religiously. The easiest way to understand it these days is as follows. The Shulchan Aruch was complied by Rav Yosef Caro born in Spain moved to Safad who based his halachic rulings on 3 earlier authorities. The Rif and The Rambam both Sephardi and The Rosh, Ashkenazi. Along came Rav Moshe Isserlis of Poland who appended glosses to the Shulchan Aruch where Ashkenazi practices differed from Sephardi. So the way to go now, is not where one was born that means nothing these days, it is whether one follows the Shulchan Aruch (or the Rambam) = Sephardic, Mizrahi, Temani. Or Rav Isserlis’s glosses = Ashkenazi in the widest sense. If one is not religious, I can only suggest tracking back to what ones last religious forefather practiced to decide ones background.
30. Spinoza
some guy ,   papua and new guiney   (04.28.13)
Baruh Espinoza is the most prominent Sephard and should be placed on the highest banknote. He is credited with starting up the Enlightenment, that gave us our civilization we are currently living in. Besides that could restore some justice of his personal misfortune caused to him by his local Jewish community.
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