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London suspect: Muslim convert on police radar for extremism
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Published: 23.05.13, 21:53
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1. Key point missing
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.23.13)
"The US stands resolute with the United Kingdom, our ally and friend, against violent extremism and terror." Why the delicacy? The statement should read " .... violent ISLAMIC extremism and terror."
2. "...our ally and friend." ???
Devorah   (05.23.13)
Oh please, Barry, what a load of bunk. You would not even send a representative of the U.S. to Margaret Thatcher's funeral. Your condemnation is as fraudulent as you.
3. The deciples of the religion of peace
RC ,   USA   (05.24.13)
The really sad part is that these politically correct countries take the money from the people who work hard to make a living and give it through welfare and other programs to these barbarians who will never integrate with the society that maintains them. Like rabid dogs they bite the hand that feeds them. Unless these governments start closing down the mosques that teach jihad we will lose the war on terror. There are those who do not go out to the street and kill people but through lies and deceit they plot our demise until they are strong enough to strike from within. Those are even more dangerous because they are smarter. Some foolish politicians just do not have the capacity to understand that we are being confronted by a political system bent on world domination posing as a religion of so called peace. The only peace promised though is if you submit to Islam.
4. oh yes...
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (05.23.13)
a grissly act. Fully agreed, but when are the European authorities, Cameron especially, going to teach us how to differentiate between ''violent Islam, political Islam, observant Islam, or just ''Islam'' How can I be sure that this couldn't happen to my child, my wife or me? Why do I have to share my living space with robed and bearded ingrates who wipe their butts with democracy (but nevertheless manage to invoke it when it serves their purposes) and abuse our morally high standing legal system to their own advantage. Why are we not allowed to shove them across the border with a firm kick in the ass? As it stands presently, we can only react when yet another Islamic atrocity takes place.... I am sure there are many good Muslims. I could care less about them. They never profiled themselves as a counterbalancing influence in the wake of these happenings, never formed a front to proclamate against these murders, and I am not about to care for them now when they never cared for society as a whole. They have a voice in my country and yet they didn't see fit to use it to democracies' advantage...yet again...
5. Gabriel the Dutch, very well written comment and 100% true
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.24.13)
6. Ghegis Khan Factor
Zechariah   (05.24.13)
The genes of Ghengis Khan Are unravelling fast in Islam .Murders Torture Massacres and Chemical Attacks are continuing both Jihadi and The Baath Nassarite Torturers.The Democratic Security States need prepare with Iron clad defence and Horrific but Targetted Detterance .
7. violent british response
prince harry ,   england   (05.24.13)
surely there are other means of apprehending these people without shooting them ...after all we have been telling the rest of the world including and mostly israel not to use lethal force and aggresion against minorities
8. you are right Sarah B
Mark ,   London, UK   (05.24.13)
Since there was precious little evidence that the US stood with us when facing Irish terrorism.
9. London machetes, Stockholm riots
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (05.24.13)
by guess who? Muslims! Radical Islam has been engulfing passive-politically-correct Europe for years, as you "democratic" Euro's have allowed this infiltration; calling it "political asylum." And now you're aghast at the consequences of your own feeble-minded liberal actions.
10. ..and there is a 1000 more in the UK
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.24.13)
being supported, fed and clothed by the tax payer under a government who never could govern.
11. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.13)
I appreciate your sarcastic note. In point of fact, however, there was no shortage of the use of the words "IRA" or "provos" back then. And you are -- perhaps by happenstance -- correct. The gun flow from the United States to the provos in that era was nothing short of staggering. But at least we called it what it was. I don't know how many people recognize the distinction between the REAL IRA and the provos, but I am sure that the administrations did. They chose to turn a blind eye. But the issue in Northern Ireland was never one of religion. It had nothing to do with religion -- the British propagated that myth. It boiled down to whether the six counties of northern Ireland were British or Irish. Purely a nationalism issue. The same is not the case with respect to Islamist terror. Everyone who is not exactly like them is the "infidel," and must be destroyed. Well -- isn't it high time we abandoned political correctness in favor of the truth? Islamic terrorism is a creeping, fast-moving cancer. Cancers need to be excised. That's just fact, Mark.
12. W Hague should worry about his own backyard
Yardena   (05.24.13)
Some day very soon Sharia Law will be the law of the land if UK does not stop this insanity NOW. The first step to stop insanity is to make excuses and divide Islam the "religion of peace" into several categories. Islam is Islam- with its murderous contents ,,, these murderers learn it FROM the quran and certainly not from sane literature face it - the sooner the better!!
13. DOOMED! Britain is doomed
lucifer69   (05.24.13)
Get it into your skulls you liberal imperialists.
14. A certain amount of wringing of hands...
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.24.13)
Here we have a situation where the ENTIRE community across all religions unconditionally condemn the outrage YET The BBC decide that its right and proper to give Choudary the full benefit of MULTIPLE interviews so he can justify his actions and promote hate And the Government yet again chose to ignore and side step the FUNDAMENTAL issue that ALL in the community want to address WHY IS IT THAT WE GIVE THESE PURVEYORS OF HATE a safe home in the UK, hand outs allowances and grants all in the name of freedom of speech? As UK Muslims have said repeatedly..the likes of Choudary who are a tiny minority are anathema..and destroying community relations and trust built up over years. He has NO PLACE in the UK a country that he regards with contempt and wants to destroy and dismantle Why Choudary? According to British Intelligence the murderers have had a long association with him So if the murderers are tried and convicted SO SHOULD CHOUDARY for incitement despite his protestations on TV that 'I have nothing to do with this' So lets say altogether YES YOU DO
15. My 5 cents worth of wisdom - punish and shame them
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.24.13)
Whoever commits terrorist / extremist attack on civilians / soldiers and those who aid and abet them - their families to be uprooted and sent back to original countries. Terrorist needs capital punishment. Enough with the politically correct and 'pansy' handling of these killers.
16. T/B's #3+4 right on and correct - Astronaut:
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.24.13)
you've got 6 mil Muslims in USA - what are you doing about Muslim infiltration in US?
17. The movie "Hotel Rwanda" shows what is about to happen to
Rivkah   (05.24.13)
the West. Brits and Westerners must get concealed carry laws passed to carry guns in public at all times in all places as a protection from the Islamic MauMau's!
18. Barbara #16
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.24.13)
We are keeping one in the White House for 4 more years.
19. A slap in the face...
Yossi ,   London,UK   (05.24.13)
In my opinion,the fact that a british citizen,born in London,holding a british passport can kill in the name of any religion is appalling,disgusting and pure evil. How can one betray his own country ? I do not think all muslims are like that,I think most are good,logical people but whenever you become radical in any religion,that's where things get crazy ! I wish these terrorists a pleasent hell and send my condolences to the Soldier's family. Britain has some rubbish to clear,that's for sure !
20. Your Radar Sucks!
Phoenix ,   Israel   (05.24.13)
Useless Scotland Yard and British Police... On their Radar? Give me a break.... You suck! You let two insane africans kill an Inocent man in broad day light and even took you 40 minutes to get to the Scene of the Crime... Lucky that the savages waited for you. Stupid Britanics.
21. #20 --- 40 minutes?
Get Real ,   UK   (05.24.13)
Was reported as 9 minutes for police,14 minutes for armed police.
22. Black, Nigerian, UK educated, Xtian upbringing etc
lydiab ,   Brisbane   (05.25.13)
nor the fact that he himself was victim of a savage knife attack at 16. Yet we hear ad infinitum about his adopted Muslim Nothing about other possible triggers ie Israel illegal occupation of Palestine and the invasion of Syria by US/UK / Israel sponsored cannibals and criminals.
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