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Expert: Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable
Roi Mandel
Published: 28.05.13, 00:18
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1. shocking, you mean muslims dont know
jj   (05.28.13)
how to make peace or friends with the communities that adopt them...shocking i tell you..shocking
2. I fear more for Isreal, now 17,7% in 20 years 23,3% muslims
EU   (05.28.13)
1990 0,6 million 2012 1,3 million 2030 expected 2,1 million
3. The Truth Isn't Always Politically Correct
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (05.28.13)
Yet it remains the truth. While Europe remains fixated on counting Jewish houses in Judea and Samaria, their own houses burn to the ground.
4. A bit off topic
Justjams ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.13)
Europe and America/Israel get a taste of what they put into the arab/muslim world. if onlyThe world left muslims alone muslims would leave the world alone, stop invading arab/muslim countries, pull out all the puppet governments from the MIddle East, have israel give palestinians citizenships, leave their holy sites alone and bring down the cage palestinians are trapped in. Its a shame innocent people have to pay for what their leaders cause.
5. "Europe" is not one country but 30+Russia
Tom W ,   USA   (05.28.13)
Some will fall to Islam due to their citizens' complacency, indifference or because of the majority embraced the "multikulti' ideology. The vague outlines of the emerging future Islamic E.U. States already can be perceived. There will be other nations which will resist - even by violent means - and we will witness the reemergence of various nationalistic and neo-fascist movement. With a strong Islamic demographic/political presence the European Union will fracture akin to the Roman Empire: Islamic West and nationalist East like Byzantium: Constantinople survived Rome by several hundred years. Finally, beware of Newton's Laws of Motion: every extremist movement like the Leftist-Islamist alliance will engender opposing forces of equal strength and vigor. It might take time though....
6. Welcome to America
Spengler ,   US   (05.28.13)
The US has endured this with mexicans for the last 40 yrs. In California mexicans are now easily the majority and the state reflects that in poverty, high crime and almost the lowest in standardized test scores. All Western countries should take note of this!
7. Who would you prefer to have
Arnold ,   Montreal-Canada   (05.28.13)
I'll say this again. And I'll keep saying it. Europe never had it so good as when they allowed their Jewish population to live amongst them. They worked their rear ends off to earn a living. They did not have the free everything you shower the muslims with. They lived with your bigoted remarks and turned the other cheek like you good Christians told them to do. Well the Jews are leaving Europe for better pastures. Have fun playing with the moslems and their peaceful religion. You do deserve one another.
8. Propaganda from first to last word
Miron ,   USA   (05.28.13)
Roman Empire is building armies out of disposessed Arab slaves, same as she did 2000 years ago. And, surprise, the first country in cross hairs is Israel. Tell me something new about this world...
9. Islamaphobia and Anti semitism come from the same source
Jewboy ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.13)
Extremism! Where are the statistics and data for all that is claimed in this article?
10. EU needs to limit Muslim immigration & deport illegals
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.28.13)
This requires Europeans to elect right-wing parties that are moderate - not neo-nazi parties like Golden Dawn.
11. So true and I am amazed that such
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.28.13)
an article has not made headlines before. It now just remains whether the English as a starter, rise up to protect their nation, and the French the French since Democarcy is "dead" and leadership also, in the former
12. Just like the harideem
Haim ,   TA   (05.28.13)
Religious fanacis are the biggest danger to the world in 2013. Its all the same regardless of what ever religion they claim to follow, killing people in the name of God. These people are sick. Hopefully more harideem will be drafted in the army and will go on to get jobs and become productive members of society.
13. That's what you get when you throw out Jews
Your own fault.
14. no 6
A V ,   London UK   (05.28.13)
but california was stolen from the mexicans also half of usa was stolen from them also
15. Islamization of europe
robert ,   elman   (05.28.13)
The deomographic reality was set 10 years ago, As long as there was no change in immigration,or integration , Europe was to become totally islamicized. This is now the reality. i invite you to readLondonistan by Melanie Phillips. Change the law deport those who will not integrate, support those who will
16. #2 Reality check
Menachem ,   Israel   (05.28.13)
Jewish and Arab birth rates in Israel are converging due to a dramatic decline in Muslim Arab birthrates while Jewish birthrates are increasing and Jewish immigration to Israel continues. Besides you are incorrectly counting the 300.000 non-Israeli Arabs who reside in villages around Jerusalem which will not be part of a future Israel. In Europe the Muslim population is growing at a much faster pace than the Post-Christian Europeans. So don't worry about Israel which will be fine. Worry more about Europe which will be beyond recognition.
17. Islam taking over, Europe soon to be unrecognizable
Sarah Rembiszewski ,   Israel   (05.28.13)
purely demagogic. Dangerous incitement....
18. to #9 than how you explain the rioters uncontrolled
ghostq   (05.28.13)
behavior, they r muslims. they immigrated to look for more afordable way of living, also known as more money from rich countries but here is the catch, taking benefits is one thing, giving is another, it goes only one way. and now after the violant riots, none will hire them to work since the lokal population is afraid of potential troubles. and that is not islamophobia, just natural reaction to part of the population who participate in the riots.
19. #12 Disgusting and dishonest comparison
Eyal ,   Israel   (05.28.13)
You never miss an opportunity to spit on Haredi Israelis do you? The vast majority of Haredi Israelis are law-abiding citizens and the silent majority (in contrast to a vocal radical Haredi minority) is gradually being integrated into Israeli society. Haredi Israelis don't behead bystanders or bomb restaurants like Muslim radicals do. Muslim fundamentalism is growing in the Middle East and Europe.
20. Europe reminds me of Lebanon......
Ben ,   Israel   (05.28.13)
They sat by enjoying being the Europeans of the middle east and allowed the Hizbola/Syrian cancer to creep in and spread......Europe has allowed a cancer to spread and ciuodnt see further than two feet what was going on. They are eaten up with political correctness and their obsession with Israel.
21. Europe is NOT one country, why talk like kids
Sarah B Biser   (05.28.13)
for example - Ireland is as different to Romania as you can get but neither have any significant muslim populations..
22. Simple - take the hard line :
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.28.13)
Deport them by the hundreds, thousands back to roots - tear down the mosques - especially get rid of the imams. Freedoms have turned into extremism.
23. Japen got it right
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.13)
How come nobody is calling the Japanese racists for their ban on Islamic activities? If Israel had such laws the deranged Global establishment, would have to invent a whole new dictionary of 'hate' words, along with 'occupiers', and 'apartheid', to demonize the Jewish state. The problem the Jewish state has is, that the world has become so deranged, there are no good guys to side with anymore. Both sides of every conflict are made up of equally pathetic people, ideologies, and cultures.
24. Japan
Yael ,   endangered Europe   (05.28.13)
The moment I read this comment about Japan not letting Muslims in, I understood what to think of Dr. Kedar. It is an urban legend that has gone viral on the net, that Japan doesn't let Muslim immigrants in or that there are no Muslims in Japan. Fact is, that Japan has extremely strict immigration laws that makes it difficult for anyone to immigrate - this applies to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. (Here an article on that: There is a small Muslim community in Japan and there a several mosques. I recommend this Al-Jazeera video on Muslims in Japan: To make a long story short: The fact the Dr. Kedar is sharing this viral trash that is not based on facts dismisses the other things he said. Ynet should do a better research and not give everyone a platform for their Europe-is-doomed theories just because they have an academic title.
25. #12 can you really be that stupid
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.13)
If you read the article you would not have made a comparison between the radical muslims to haredim who are not violent and do not kill people or blow up buildings. Only a real Jew hater would have made such a comparison. I know you are not Jewish. Please change your name to mauvet. It would be more appropriate.
26. Your own fault. You throw out Jews you get Muslims.
Moshe ,   Israel   (05.28.13)
27. #25
Abbe Filkenstein ,   New york   (05.28.13)
Thank you Eli, you save my day,the bastard Haim from Tel Aviv is a 100% pure Amaleki.
28. In the UK Moslems make up
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (05.28.13)
3% of the population. In Israel Moslems make up 20% of the population, if Europe is finished I hat to think what will happen to Israel.
29. 25
Justjams ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.13)
What about the recent bank shooting, based on this one act i should label jews terrorist psycopaths and i encourage all countries to expel Jews . How retarded does that sound?
30. #28 Don't worry too much
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (05.28.13)
After all, it's british who made the first concentration camps and poisonous gas, not germans. Bill will be settled, doesn't matter if you scream or not.
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