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Report: Iran dismantles 'Israel-linked' terror network
Associated Press
Published: 26.06.13, 00:30
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1. Who has sabotaged Iran?
Pars ,   USA   (06.26.13)
It is the Mullahs and Ayatollahs who have sabotaged the great Persian nation and terrorized the Persian people.
2. Iran dismantles //
Lebanese 2 ,   usa   (06.26.13)
Iran claimed dismantling A terror network allegedly planned bombings , assassination attempts ............ I am asking Iran now . What's your terror Hezbollah network doing in Lebanon ??
3. Terrorists and spies.
Steve ,   Perth, Australia   (06.29.13)
"From time to time Iran announces that it has dismantled espionage and sabotage cells linked to Israeli and Western intelligence services." Yes, they do. No mystery though. That's what you do when you catch spies and terrorists linked to Israeli and Western intelligence services. As opposed to Israeli and Western intelligence services inventing fabless about fake Iranian acts of terrorism.
4. Umm, Israeli and CIA backed terrorists
Steve ,   Perth, Australia   (06.29.13)
have sabotaged Iran and committed numerous acts of terror actually. It is hardly a secret.They have done this because the Ayatollahs and islamic revolution are not falling under the corrosive influence of your tribal banksters. No doubt they could use 3 Billion dollars a year free gift from US Tax payers rather than sanctions, but even with that Israel remains an apartheid, terrorist rogue state outside the various international agreements Israel dare not join or it would be in breach and of which agreements the USA is in full breach. Such things as the NNPT and the conventions on chemical and biological weapons and the Geneva convention.
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