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Obama starts long-awaited Africa tour at slave port
Published: 27.06.13, 22:59
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1. Obama is not African American
Avi ,   NYC   (06.27.13)
His mother that raised him came from a slave owning wasp family and his father came from a Kenyan slave trading family. Neither parent was African american
2. crying
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.27.13)
crocodile tears. The cost of the entire Africa trip for the American Taxpayer -100 million dollars. It is funny he went to visit an old slave port colony. politicians including Obama have turned America into a tyrannical police state full of lemmings and slaves. Surveillance, harassment, assassinating journalists, enemies hit list, whistle blowers on the run or jailed, so many scandals, so much corruption and so it is the perfect time for this theater. What is next? At least the gays can get married now, woop dee doo...
ZIMBI ,   NJUSA   (06.28.13)
4. The Incompetent president
Brod ,   USA   (06.28.13)
He buries America under 16.5 Trillion Dollars in National Debt. And he travels the world to waste tax payers' money. Congress should be blamed for not impeaching an incompetent president.
5. Apologies for slavery
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.13)
Slavery was not an isolated phenomenon. Has anyone ever asked the Italians to apologize for slavery because the Romans had slavery? How about the Egyptians? Have they ever apologized for slavery? Why not seek an apology from the Arabs? They were the ones who were the major slave traders in Africa, as were certain black African tribes. And if you look at how certain Africans treat certain other Africans, you can make the argument that slavery continues in Africa to this day. It certainly is an ongoing practice in Saudi Arabia. Apologize for what was, however despicable, a common practice? I don't think so.
6. Obama runs away from scandals
Dina ,   US   (06.28.13)
Another useless photoshoot on the American taxpayer dime. Just sickening!
7. Sarah of #5
Cameron ,   USA   (06.28.13)
Yeah, right enough about the Arabs & their rather heavy role in the African slave trade. They were working the Eastern coast of Africa by land & sea for slaves long centuries before the first Western ship ever anchored off the Western coast. Rather doubt the Obamas will ever tour the old stone slave pens built by the Arabs in the ports of Zanzibar. They would do well to remember that Western pressure & patrolling was solely responsible for truly ending the large trade in slaves by Arabs as well as also halting the Atlantic role of Europeans and those in the Americas around the business.
8. Srah please go relive yourself
Collen ,   The U.K.   (06.28.13)
Sarah B. please go take a sh-t,,,,,,, but not here baby.
9. The Origin of Slavery
ltrail ,   United States   (06.29.13)
Unfortunately, this President of the United states of America, will apologize for anything and everything; no matter whether it's the American people's fault or not. The United States did not start slavery. There were slave masters in Africa who started the slave trade. Their fellow men; their own people.
10. To #4 - Brod
ltrail ,   United States   (06.29.13)
Yes, but the president and his wife are on welfare. After this $60- $100 million vacation trip to Africa, he will be taking on another vacation in New England; Cape Cod.
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