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Arab press: Morsi's arrogance led to ouster
Roi Kais
Published: 05.07.13, 10:11
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1. Turkey is next!
dbnnet ,   SA   (07.05.13)
The winds of change are coming...... The young and educated are seeing the light..... and Turkey is next!
2. also in line...
Mendoza ,   Israel   (07.05.13)
Israel, which needs to separate religion from the state.
3. #1 Lapid is next. His arrogance like Haman
Fay   (07.05.13)
will lead to his fall
4. 1
anton ,   istanbul   (07.05.13)
you gotto be kiddin, what an ignorance :)
5. Turkey Next?
Lynn ,   Knoxville   (07.05.13)
Maybe, maybe not. The Turks are much better off economically than the impoverished Egyptians and that is a deterrent to Morsi type change, although it would be refreshing to see the anti-Semitic ErdoGan bit the dust politically. ErdoGan was/is on the same track as Morsi, trying to change secular Turkish society into an Islamic republic, Islamic republic being an oxymoron.
6. 2
you may be right, but this kind of change in the jewish homeland will come via legislation, slowly but surely, and not via deadly demonstrations, rapes, killings on the streets and violence. israel is democratic to the core and opinions are expressed daily, pro and con. give israel time. after all it is only 65 years old and still in the making. israel is now moving towards the freedom to have civil marriage and the rabbinate is becoming weaker and weaker. the israelis are mostly all secular and modern. give it time. the majority of us will win at the end.
7. 4
i am sure turkey WONT'S BE NEXT. you are right. economically and educationally you people are 100% better than arabs. you are muslims but not arabs. this is a big difference. but erdogan and gul trying to islamize turkey WON'T WORK AT THE END. look at taxim square riots. the peole have spoken, people like yourself who want turkey to be modern and culturally and religiously FREE AND TOLERANT. erdogan listened to the people in taxim and will continue to listen because he knows what happened next door to him in egypt. if turkey wants to be in the un, then erdogan has to free all the military and journalists from jail. turkey is not an arab country and these tactics by erdogan will not help him stay in power.
8. 7
anton ,   istanbul   (07.05.13)
what i know for sure is that even the worst democracy is bettr than coups and related instalments todays turks are very weel educated this is not 80 90 ties, erdoğan althou has islamic agenda is reminded by protestors that secularism and freedom is not negotiable, the coup in egypt is nice reminder for erdoğan to not tomeddle with turkish way of life erdoğan has an advantage he was succesfull with economy thats the core reason many people are still tolerating him i am sure he will be more carefull now be it seemingly educated pro western miliarty goverments or islamic leaders if the people are not educated they will always be subjected to brainwashing propogandas and dogmas, thats egypts fate the biggest diffrence between us and arabs are we almost 100 years ago with the help of atatürk choosed secularism for the state arabs still has long way to go unless they abandon religion to indivuals and start building their own countries based on democracy we wont see those days :)
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