Caricature of Morsi, Mubarak

Arab press: Morsi's arrogance led to ouster

Fall of Egypt's Islamist president grabs headlines in newspapers across Arab world. 'We hope reason will prevail and that Muslim Brotherhood will accept the situation, editor of pan-Arab daily writes

The ouster on Wednesday of former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi made headlines worldwide and, of course, in Egypt itself. "The legitimacy of the people triumphed," read the headline of Egyptian newspaper Al Gomhuria, which was the government's mouthpiece during former President Hosni Mubarak's reign.


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Al-Ahram's front page announced the "Dismissal of the president by revolutionary legitimacy," while Al-Masry Al-Youm, which opposed the Muslim Brotherhood regime, showcased a large photograph showing thousands of protestors waving Egyptian flags and fireworks in the sky. The main headline read: "Welcome back, Egypt: Morsi eliminated by the people’s command."


מורסי ומובארק בקריקטורה מ"אל-ערב אל-יום"

Caricature of Morsi, Mubarak from Al-Arab Al-Youm


The London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, which is funded by Saudi Arabia, said Egypt "erased Morsi's page." Lebanese daily Al Akhbar, which is affiliated with the Shiite terror group Hezbollah, said "the world foresees jolts in the Arab world following the Egyptian earthquake. The dream of the Islamic caliphs is over."



From Al Khaleej


Syrian state-owned newspaper Al-Watan also celebrated the Egyptian army's announcement that Morsi had been overthrown. "Morsi has fallen. The Muslim Brotherhood regime has fallen," its main headline read.



Al Khaleej


The London- based Al-Hayat daily joined the media's assault on the Islamist regime in Egypt, saying "The squares freed Egypt from the hands of the 'Muslim Brotherhood' under the auspices of the army."



Al Bayan


Naturally, newspapers affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood presented a different picture of the dramatic developments in Egypt. The pro-Brotherhood Freedom and Justice Party newspaper wrote on its front page: "People protest in support of legitimacy," referring to Morsi's presidential legitimacy rather than revolutionary legitimacy.


Another headline described the army's roadmap as a "threat to democracy."


"אל-וואטן" הסעודי

Saudi daily Al-Watan


"אל-מסרי אל-יום"

From Al-Masy Al-Youm


Abd-al-Bari Atwan in the pan-Arab daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi described the events as "a military coup covered with a civilian and religious face." He further wrote "we hope that reason will prevail and that the Muslim Brotherhood will accept the situation and will prepare for the next presidential and parliamentary elections."


Abdulrahman al-Rashed, the general manager of the Al Arabiya News Channel wrote in Friday's edition of Asharq Al-Awsat, under the headline "Morsi missed a historic moment," that the (Muslim Brotherhood) missed their great opportunity to rule in Egypt - the largest and most important country in the Arab world – due to their arrogance. They also caused the Egyptian people to miss the greatest opportunity to make a historic transition to a civil democratic regime that would change the country."


Saudi Arabia's Al-Watan praised the Egyptian army's "extremely responsible patriotic stance," while Lebanese pro-Syrian government daily Al-Akhbar accused the Muslim Brotherhood of having practiced "the ugliest kind of exclusion, which indicated a deep hunger for power."



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