Photos suggest Saudis targeting Iran, Israel with ballistic missiles
Published: 11.07.13, 00:17
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31. #29 - Nukes are only good for ...
spyguy ,   seattle   (07.11.13)
committing suicide. If Israel ever uses its nukes, it will be the end of Israel and if the nukes damage the Muslim holy sites, Jews will not survive the religious wars (15 million can not survive when 1.5 Billion don't want them to)
32. Judgement
Roman   (07.11.13)
Saudi Arabia, seat of Muslim religion who nationals committed 9/11 atrocity perhaps waking up to righteous judgement of God of Israel who is God of Justice who'll surely judge
33. Spyguy #31
Brod ,   USA   (07.11.13)
Your 1.3 billion scenario is pure crap. A majority of these victims of Islam couldn't careless if the fanatical Wahhabhists go to Hell. The Wahhabhists are the financiers, trainers, sponsors and exporters of Islamist-Jihadist terrorists around the world. They attacked America on 9/11.
34. #32 - The Muslim "god" and the Jewish "god" is
spyguy ,   seattle   (07.12.13)
the same exact "god," who really does not care how many humans die in stupid religious wars. If Israel and Arabs have a war, "god" is just going to sit back and watch the carnage and help neither side. Do not plan on your "god" helping you one bit.
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