EU's broken Mideast compass
Noah Beck
Published: 19.07.13, 13:38
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1. Cowardice and hypocrisy is the European way.
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.19.13)
The author is completely correct. Can we expect anything else from Europe? Cowardice and hypocrisy is the European way. It is their history. It is their character. Europeans start huge wars and Americans, and others, bail them out. We know what to expect from Europe. If we expect anything else, we are only fooling ourselves.
2. No surprise.
Elizabeth Biggin ,   Rotherham, UK   (07.19.13)
Lets not forget that the EU is overrun by Muslim immigrants. If they don't do EVERYTHING to appease Islamists around the world they're scared to death of having riots on their own streets. Its all born out of fear, and Europe has long since had its spine removed. Israel should just tell Europe to shove it!!
3. The EU, clearly, would act contrary to international law and
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (07.19.13)
to bilateral and multilateral agreements in order to ensure that the Jews, again, are "put down in their place". And, we, Jews, say to you: Never Again!!
4. What the hell Bashar Assad has to do with any of it?????????
Miron ,   USA   (07.19.13)
Dude seem to be for Israel, but than demands selling Golans to Al Queda. I don't think EU has all that much say in the question. Russian presence is beginig to be felt. And local Arab states getting weary from turmoils and Israel's stability and soft leadership are far more tempting than any EU flare, which so badly broke down in Northern Africa of late, Greece and Cyprus, too. If I were an Israeli I wouldn't be wishing Burssellians our troubles.
5. EU's broken Mideast compass
Eric ,   Luxembourg   (07.19.13)
"Boycott of Israel cheap way to score points with oil-producing Arab states and Europe's Muslim population" It's a boycott of Israel behind the Green Line. What is so difficult to comprehend here ? And i won't even write an answer for the Rest of your Rant here.
6. Hasbara
ABC   (07.19.13)
Nothing new said....blame everyone...
7. the islamic confederation of europe
hy   (07.19.13)
In 50 years, europe will be an islamic caliphate. As far as israel is concerned, 2 things you should know: israel will not defend europe from terrorism and israel tells you europe to drop dead. Nazism easily took the continent because it is a collection of cowards-belgium, france, norway and sweden, the whole lot of them. Get used to allah and akbar cause you will be praying to allah or be put out of your misery by the future leaders of the caliphate.
8. There is no boycott of Israel
European ,   EU   (07.19.13)
What nonsense! There is no boycott of Israel, there's not even a boycott of Westbank settlements. The EU only officially declares it doesn't accept the settlements as a part of Israel and therefore stops funding and alike. What's the problem? a) not even the US accepts the settlements as Israeli territory. b) the EU can *fund* whoever and whatever they like!!! Israel has a special partnership with the EU (which I fully support): all sorts of financial help, free access to the European market - whatever. Yet, all Israeli right-wingers and US evangelical bible-bashers have to do is permanently criticize the EU as the big enemy. This is really ridiculous, because it has nothing to do with the reality.
9. It´s easy
if you don´t like the rules, don´t take the money.
10. EU lacks direction
olavi ,   espoo, finland   (07.19.13)
Eu is clearly without direction and its economy soon in ruins. The muslim population gurantee that the downhill direction is certain. They can produce nothing positive to any society. EU pours large sums of money to corrupt pA so they are not interested in peace, because the elite recives all the money it needs from stupid EU.
11. Build, Baby, Build!
george ,   tahoe, us   (07.19.13)
We don't need anybody - it's time to Build Build Build to show the world that nobody will dictate to us, no matter what, despite the increasing consequences, boycotts, and worldwide sanctioning
12. This opens an opportunity for Israel to build more
Barry ,   Tokyo   (07.19.13)
In the occupied territories. Yes, occupied by Muslims.
13. EU's ME compass
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (07.19.13)
It is showing the correct direction. The EU must extent the BDS program so that it encompasses all of the Zionist Occupation State in Palestine. The Zionism problem perhaps indeed can be eliminated with little or no bloodshed as soon as all other nations come on board BDS.
14. To European, EU.
David Clarke ,   Liverpool, England   (07.19.13)
You are of course correct in your definition of what the EU has done in regards to Israeli settlements. Unfortunately there is no point explaining Europe and European politics or even international politics and relations on here to some people. Many of them are racists and Islamaphobes who know little of the world outside of fundamentalist evangelical Christianity and jewish religious extremism. They most likely have never travelled outside of New York, the deep south of the united states or Maale adumim and know little of the wider world let alone Europe, the best response you will get talking about Europe is being called an anti-Semite for not supporting the mass deportation of Arabs from the West bank or just getting irrational personal insults about your race and religion for supporting Israeli-Palestinian peace, these people are consumed with their hate, paranoia and racist religious extremism it's best to let them fester in their hate caves than trying to strike up a polite conversation with them.
15. #6 What's wrong with Hasbara?
Tahl   (07.19.13)
Hasbara simply means explanation. And this is just what the author does - explains his case using many valid points. Do you have the intellectual capacity to respond to any of them? I thought so.
16. Israeli arrogance
athos lujernetta ,   Tel Aviv   (07.19.13)
It seems this guy dtill did not understand what happening. Again israeli arrogance and ignorance of the world. Yes plenty of muslims in France and Europe,so what??shall we re open Auscwitz for them or make checkpoints in Paris or Brussels?? Wake up israelis, soon you will need visas to visit Barcelona and will need to hide your identity..
17. Suspend or cancel boycott rules - Responsible approach
Martin SA   (07.19.13)
Suspend or cancel boycott rules - Responsible approach. The EU have acted immorally and immaturely. The matter should have been discussed with all the stakeholders and that includes the Israeli domocraticly elected government. Any dissatisfaction prompting such a move table with a time frme to rectify and or revert back with differences of opinion etc. The matter then assessed and discussed with other stakeholders after which at a set point in time a final finding implemented. There was no honest process and the matter reveal clear anti-Semitic harassment by a so-called responsible community. Does not reflect well on EU for acting in an irresponsible way. This is a sad legacy on the part of eu.
18. arabs in Europe
athos lujernetta ,   Tel Aviv   (07.19.13)
sure my friend; Lets put the arabs in detention camps in Europe and make checkpoints with IDF soldiers in the middle of Paris and Brussels..whist we live in our safe (??) ghetto.
19. shove it up
athos lujernetta ,   Tel Aviv   (07.19.13)
You still did not unerstand than very soon it is ALL THE WORLD that will tell Israel to shove it..It is coming and sooner than what you think.
20. The European Union are not boycotting Israel
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (07.19.13)
They are boycotting the settlements. Seems to be some confusion over this, glad to clarify things. If you are in Israel proper and have no links with the settlers and are eligible, you will receive European Aid as you may have done before. Please do not let the campaign from the settlers confuse you, Israel is not subject to sanction by the European Union
21. #1 Oh you holy one
Thank you for illuminating me about my character and the heavy historical burden of Europe on my shoulders. May I kiss your boots now?
22. EU's broken Mideast compass
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (07.19.13)
Not only is the EU's moral compass broken EU itself is breaking. The EU is in decline and they can sense it.
23. The solution: lets occupy Europe
athos lujernetta ,   Tel Aviv   (07.19.13)
By reading the reaction, I come to only solution. Europeans need to be re educated as we Israelis are the only correct ones.Lets have our invincible army occupy Europe, put the arabs behind fences, make checkpoints and name Dany Danon as President of the European Commission. After all, we have so much experience in doing those things/
24. EU Meddling, dreaming wont help, wont work
NudNik69   (07.19.13)
None of this will change anything. It will only complicate matters. Yes, it will hurt Israel - but the country will work around or live with it somehow. Stupid decisions unsurprisingly lend themselves to unintended consequences. From what I can see, there is no way Israel could realistically cede to any of these demands - and not fundamentally put itself in a weakened position. Maybe the EU and Obama think that's a good thing?
25. Bunk
MBA ,   Israel   (07.19.13)
The author, as the article, is so full of bunk,not realy worth the time to read, no matter what your political beliefs.
26. Hasbara
ABC   (07.19.13)
Unfortunately, Hasbara talking points have turned into "masda mentality" talking points for the zealots....always playing the victim, when it suits them. However, this applies to all fanatics, regardless of ideology. It always easier to blame others....rather than take responsibility for your own actions. With regards, to countering the writer's argument and those who blindly support it...sure....but it will fall on mainly on deaf ears. Why?....because their belief is that they are always right. Or when irrefutable evidence is provided, it will be "white-washed" and dismissed as inconceivable and/or an isolated incident...with the usual added points..."in listing how bad the otherside is...." In short, two wrongs don't make a right.....but hey, if you want to believe that all Hasbara talking points are objective....you welcome to swallow it blindly like a force fed goose.
27. What did you expect from european notoriously anti-Semites?
Yossef   (07.19.13)
But seriously?
28. #26 All you have is slogans
Tahl   (07.19.13)
Hasbara, Masada mentality, always playing the victim, it's always easier to blame other, their belief is that they are always right, etc, etc. So what do we have here? Slogans, slogans and more slogans... And zero substance. The author made some very valid points, and instead making a well-reasoned essay to counter each one of his arguments, you escape to the much easier tactic of throwing empty slogans. As I already said, it seems you lack the intellectual capacity for a real debate.
29. 23 you're funny!!!
30. israel must build higher and faster
gays4Israel   (07.19.13)
and dont forget to throw in a few gay bars as well !
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