Archaeologists race to save Gaza's ancient ruins
Associated Press
Published: 21.08.13, 08:30
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1. Bizantine church very likely to be owned
ghostq   (08.21.13)
by the greek church, oh dear me. nothing in arabic.
2. Gaza is one of the most crowded places on earth
Stan ,   Sydney, Australia   (08.21.13)
Why is this always misrepresented by the press> There are many more crowded places than Gaza, including Macau, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Malta, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Taiwan, Barbados and Mauritius and others. These places choose to spend their effort and money on advancing their societies rather than on accumulating weapons.
3. typical ap tripe!
tom ,   toronto, canada   (08.22.13)
aside from the usual nods to pallywood, this piece says nothing about the archaeological evidence of JEWISH gaza, one of the most ancient jewish communities, and which has been actively destroyed by the arabs. jewish artifacts which predate islam, let alone the moslem occupation of the jewish homeland, are "an inconvenient truth" for the arab narrative, and for ap's reporters, who are complicit in spreading the propaganda message.
4. Christian ruins aren't safe with Islamist Hamas anyway
William ,   Israel   (08.22.13)
Soon a time will come when all non-Muslim, non-Arab relics will be destroyed and covered up, as is the history of the invading Muslims since the 7th century.
5. "Archaeology in Gaza is everywhere"
William ,   Israel   (08.22.13)
and none of it is related to Arab or Muslim culture. All of it relates to Jewish and Mediterranean Christian culture. Claiming it as the "heritage of the people of Gaza" is intellectually dishonest. These relics are no more part of the heritage of today's Gazans than Indian relics in Arizona are a heritage of the American people.
6. so poory written and factually incorrect
DR ,   Modiin, Israel   (08.25.13)
1. Gaza is not very densely populated. Cities such as Cairo, Tel-Aviv, New York, Tokyo, Paris and others are far more densely populated. There are kilometers of open space in the Gaza strip that is completely undeveloped. 2. There is no evidence to suggest that the birth rate in Gaza is rising. 3. The reason that archeological sites are going to ruin in gaza is simply that Hamas, at best, doesn't care about them. There are few museums connecting the 'palestinians' to their 'heritage' because they have none. There is limited Muslim history in this land, but there are churches, monestaries, and synagogues throughout the strip. The ancient Jewish community of Gaza City was once a thriving community and dates back well over 2000 years. This community was destroyed in the 1920s, but there are still ancient synagogues and archelogical sites, ones that Hamas wants to destroy
7. A shortage of trained local staff is a problem.
israeli ,   israel   (09.03.13)
but there seems to be no shortage of terror groups, weapons of all denominations, luxurious housing for high officials, tv propaganda, terror camps for small children, etc, etc. Wonder where money for all that comes from, hmmmm
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