Israelis flood ABC masks distribution points, fearing Syrian strike
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 27.08.13, 16:42
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1. good exercise for the arrow and iron dome
gamal ,   yaffa   (08.27.13)
will obamba allow us to hit back or are we supposed to endure incoming missiles in silence? Is tzahal ready for a fight with hamas in the south and hizballah in the north and incoming syrian missiles while outbound missiles coming from behind us in the Mediterranean from the americans/b
2. #1. War Plans
Ian Smith ,   Oxford UK   (08.27.13)
Good Questions. What is Israel supposed to do? I notice that Israel was not included in the meeting at the weekend of US allies when they planned their strike on Syria - US, UK, France, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar, Saudia Arabia and Germany, but no Israel. Also the US has vowed to use Patriot Missiles to protect 'our allies Jordan and Turkey'. Does that mean Israel is on it's own then?
3. Lack of Gas Masks?
John Frum ,   USA   (08.27.13)
Why are you not ready yet? Has Bibi not been threateing a strike on Iran for years? Has be not drawn red lines and shown the UN the limited time? Are not Syria & Hezbholla allies of Iran, and did they not pledge to strike back should he attack Iran? SO GIVEN ALL THIS, WHY HAS HE NOT PREPARED AND MADE SAFE HIS PEOPLE WHOME HE WAS ELECTED TO LEAD AND SERVE?!!
4. Barak came up with the best excuse
zionist forever   (08.27.13)
Once upon a time we were told a fairy tale about how gas masks needed to be refurbished ( which they did ) and we were to hand them in and within 6 months they would be returned which we all know now was a fairy tale. When Barak was DM looking for excuses not to spend money and issue new kits and one of the excuses he made was the masks should not be issues to avoid raising tensions with Syria and make them think we want to go to war. Well he didn't raise tensions with Syria and he didn't give out the masks but now Syria has used chemical weapons and the US is about to lead a coalition against Syria and if Assad feels his back against the wall and he has nothing to loose he may well decide to go to war with Israel and possibly even use the chemical weapons. Thank you Mr Barak for getting our masks back to us so quickly and not provoking Assad in the process. You really were a great DM.
5. 1
zionist forever   (08.27.13)
Bush was able to control Israel in 1991 with promises of sending special forces scud hunting, giving us a battery of Patriots which never hit a single scud and of course last but not least he refused to give Israel the friend or foe codes to avoid IAF jets getting shot down by coalition pilots. If any of the scuds had chemical weapons there would have been no holding back Shamir who was one of the last great PMs no matter what threats Bush made or sweeteners he offered. Obama is no Bush, he is a very weak president and if Bibi is determined to go and do something about Assad because he fired on Israel Obama will not be able to buy Bibi off the way Bush did Shamir. If Assad does fire missiles on Israel chemical weapons or not Bibi MUST intervene not sit back and moan at Obama demanding why is he not doing more to protect us. If we are going to spend billions on weapons then we may as well use them and must not allow ourselves to become an American protectorate. The only way to make sure something gets done right is to do it yourself and whilst I doubt that at this stage Assad wants to up the stakes and fire on Israel if he does and just 1 missile is fired Bibi must say screw you to Obama and hit Syria from land, sea and air with full force.
6. # 4
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.27.13)
Don't know about you. but I and most of my neighbours did receive our gas gas masks back. They were returned via the post office. Registered package notices were sent out to all of us and we had to go to the post office to pick it up.
7. Obama is a sunny, an islamic arab.
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.27.13)
Then he will not be very helpful if the war is coming. AND, I guess that Syria actually by accident will hit the al aqsa mosk in Jerusalem. Then the Temple will be rebuildt and the sunni human in the colored house has just made another mistake and actually paved way for the final Temple to be buildt.,, and the leader of the self-proclaimed "new world order" will loose...
8. Gas mask queue in Haifa photo
Claude ,   London, UK   (08.27.13)
There is a photo of the Muslim lady queuing alongside fellow jewish citizens. Gosh how could this be, we are told how racist IL is, queuing together , to obtain state funded gas masks to protect all its citizens, Surely not! If Assad or Hezbollah send rockets or missiles to Israel, no doubt they will ensure they hit only jewish residents, only jewish streets and houses. The photo should put the lid on all the hysterical nonsense of Israel being an Apartheid State. It won't. How long before we hear conspiracy theories that IL launched the chemical attacks in Syria in order to provoke A US led attack. Infact the conspiracy will be expanded to suggest that the woman wearing a head scarf was really a jewish IL plot to make IL appear in a good light. Maybe even Bibi in drag! Now lets wait to see who the first conspiracist poster is.
9. Irresponsible journalism by Ynet
Sidney ,   USA   (08.27.13)
Some nobody says that attack on Israel is inevitable and that is the headline. Here is an alternative headline from the Jerusalem Post: "Attacking Israel would be self-destructive act for Assad". At least this article is a signed opinion piece. Responsible media report the facts and don't stir up hysteria.
10. #8 Haifa is not Hevron.
Nobody claims that Israel within the green line is an apartheid state. But do the Muslims in the WB get gas masks? No? Isn't it all Israel? If the WB is Palestine, Israel is not responsible. If the WB is Israel, well, then why don't they get gas masks? Referring to the photo, you claim that Israel protects all its citizens. Does that mean that you deny that Judea and Samaria belongs to the Jewish People of Israel?
11. Haifa viz Hebron no 10
Claude ,   London, UK   (08.27.13)
Nobody Claims - actually many people do claim that IL is an Apartheid State. Just read the PSC and BDS websites. I believe it's a false and inaccurate claim. Its a claim made and repeated in order to deligitimise the State of IL. Nodoubt Some IL policies and individuals may be racist, just as they are in many EU nations like Hungary. It does not follow that the State is comparable with Apartheid SA. I suspect WB arab residents are unlikely to be targeted by missiles from Syria or its allies. I could be wrong, who knows what the nutters in Syria will do to inflame the conflict. But as Arabs and Jews live in such close proximity in places like Haifa, arab residents in these areas are at risk just as much as everyone else and they share the same queues to get their masks
12. #8
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.28.13)
Only *citizens* of Israel are entitled to free gas masks. There are plenty of Jewish people in Israel that are not citizens e g tourists, or other visas that are not entitled to free gas masks either.
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