Lebanon charges 3 for rocket fire against Israel
Published: 02.09.13, 19:01
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1. If Lebs are serious,let them send them to Israel
Alan ,   SA   (09.02.13)
In Lebannon they will get $20 fine
2. Lebanon only nicked the three to set a signal
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (09.02.13)
Lebanon lets us know that it wants to stay out of a confrontation on Syria with Hezballah. Unfortunately Lebanon harbored these terrorists and still is at war with Israel. A really unfortunate initial situation for avoiding to be dragged into such a conflict. As long as Lebanon is harboring Hezballah, it seems they will have to prepare for some collateral damages.
3. How ironic! May this continue.
Bobk ,   Orlando US   (09.03.13)
Two Lebanese were arrested "for the crime of firing rockets into the occupied territories".! Israel has no legitimacy according to the Lebanese government but when it suits them they will arrest people for firing rockets at Israel. It almost sounds like peace is on the horizon, if not it shows how things could be better.
4. Also Israel is treating wounded Syrians
bobk ,   orlando us   (09.03.13)
in its hospitals - both civilians and rebel fighters who felt confident enough to come to Israel for often life-saving help. CNN's Wolf Blitzer did a report on these wounded Syrians in Israeli hospitals during the Situation Room news program on Aug. 31 2013. Unusual for CNN to report favorably about Israel and astounding to see Syrians coming for treatment. Strange things happening on all fronts.
5. thank g-d for yaalon
the mad zionist ,   San Francisco   (09.03.13)
Yaalon does not allow even 1 rocket to be tolerated. they are starting to realize that firing rockets is just not worth all the hassle. Barak was a complete and utter failure, and completely incompetent. thank you Yaalon, I sleep well at night knowing you are In charge of the IDF.
6. Hopefully Lebanon will deal harshly with the jihadists
shmulke ,   w coast usa   (09.03.13)
Regardless of what the Lebanese gov't thinks of the status of Israel, they have absolutely no desire to start a war with it and hopefully harshly punish anyone who initiates on their own the possibility of one.
7. To: Bob at No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.03.13)
Not so strange. Around 99 percent of Syrian prisoners of war in 1967 were discovered to have intestinal parasites. Of course Israel treated them. They did not want to return to Syria. For the first time in their lives, they actually felt well.
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