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Report: Syria amassed nerve gas as western world watched
Published: 08.09.13, 13:41
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1. British Duplicity at its Best!!!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (09.08.13)
2. Comment?
Raoul ,   Israel   (09.08.13)
There is no appropriate comment to world indifference to such barbaric behavior. The silence is deafening from all those bleeding hearts.
3. Israel got its subs because germany did the same thing
zionist forever   (09.08.13)
Germany agreed to donate 1 and heavily subsidise the cost of the original 3 Dolphin subs because turns out they had supplied Saddam Hussain with parts for his missiles he fired on Israel and also supplied him with some of the chemicals for the chemical weapons HE DID HAVE in 1991 Desert Storm. The British who want Israel to give up its nuclear program also supplied some of the uranium to be enriched at Dimona so all this shows is politicians like to take a moral high ground but at the end of the day money talks loudest and if you have enough money they will sell you anything under the counter or on the record but for other uses.
4. Preplaned chemical attack
gopi ,   india   (09.08.13)
This is a pre-planed execution of chemical attach in syria by USA govt. To hand over syria land usa did this. if we observe last few days USA govt officilas over action in media, it saying clear that they govt has big plans and at the same time Russia sending their military ships to syria to fight against USA strikes. It is clear, it is all about oil and key place in meditarion sea.
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (09.08.13)
Isn't that the additive that Israeli courts just recently banned from being added to the water supply? After 40 years of poisoning the Israeli public? They decided it was dangerous forced medication that has been proven to reduce IQ levels and cause cancer. By the way the ingredients in Sarin can be obtained and mixed by anyone, including those lunatics calling themselves "rebels". CNN has the nerve to call them protesters, just like they used to call pali terrorists "activists". What goes around comes around. CNN has lost all legitimacy.
6. Europe looking to Gas Jews again?
yona ,   bh   (09.08.13)
is that what this is all about? they are quick to yell at Israel anytime they protect themselves or fight back and now we find out they are behind the sales of chemicals to Syria?
7. perplexing, perplexing......
Calabi ,   Sydney Aust   (09.08.13)
I'm sad and angry to see innocents children die in this way by the chemical! I have a question did this children parent involve in a war for power and killed the neutral innocents third - party - Christians? The Christians, men, women and children are 100% innocent and have no part for power control should be protected most!!!!!!!! God bless Israel and Christian
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