Bennett and Katz: Don't release terrorists
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 22.09.13, 21:30
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1. No ICC in exchange for prisoners is the deal. Make my day.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.22.13)
2. And as usual, Bennet is responding far too late
BM ,   Israel   (09.22.13)
This so called "right winger" (actually a Socialist in diguise), like all religious "right wingers" are waking up only when one of their own is threatened unlike the Secular right like Lieberman and Feiglin who really care about Israel and like Catz, opposed this disgrace called a prisoner relase from the very beginning.
3. Enough releasing killers after murders
4. you cannot serve G-d and weapons
daniel   (09.22.13)
David ,   On this planet   (09.22.13)
Bennett and Katz, you are part of this government. blood is on your hands , you cannot wash it away with your big words
6. #1. Israel is shaking in her boots. NOT!
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.22.13)
#1. Israel's legal ownership of Judea and Samaria is so air tight legally, neither the P.A. nor anyone else even wants to debate the issue. If the I.C.C. condemns Israel, it's credibility will be absolutely destroyed. Many of the world's greatest lawyers will tear it apart. Israel has every reason to welcome the coming I.C.C. battle.
7. Wow, really? Only: "in the wake"? Like: otherwise it was a
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.22.13)
good idea? What is wrong with us? Bennett will be described as a visionary genius, if one is to judge us, by recent freeing of Arab criminals & agreeing to continue the travesty of "Palestine".
8. Totally agree - halt this negotiation!
Ted   (09.22.13)
Abba is yet to issue statement to condemn such act!
9. Sorry #6 but Israel has every reason
BM ,   Israel   (09.22.13)
to be afraid of any coming with the leftist controlled ICC.The best response is for the world to rebel against the so called "international law" and assert national sovereignity.
10. Huh?
Charles ,   Toronto   (09.22.13)
What are you talking about? Bennet is a hardliner against releasing terrorists and always has been.
11. Bennett is 100% right!
Reuven   (09.23.13)
12. make sure to cut funding from Yeshivot
Mozes   (09.23.13)
please continue making sure to cut the funding from Yeshivot and that will solve our security problems!!!
13. Wrong! "For G-d and Country."
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.23.13)
"You cannot serve G-d and mammon" get the quote right numb nuts.
14. #9 Keep the faith....
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (09.23.13)
Israel answers to a Higher Power. " We don't need no sticking ICC" they have no power anyway, Israel is NOT a signatory to the ICC. BUILDING OVERTIME BABY !!!
15. Terminate all Talks; Call off releases
Stand down Livni, before more Oslo style damage is done. Invite Pals to go form their state in the 1920 Palestine across the Jordan, in complete set off with Jews cleansed out of the Middle East after living there for 2600 years
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