Bennett and Katz: Don't release terrorists

Economy minister urges PM to hold discussion on release of terrorists in wake of recent terror attacks while transportation minister vows to oppose release in future votes

Two senior cabinet ministers are coming out against the release of terrorists following terrorist attacks targeting Israelis in the past two days.


Economy Minister Naftali Bennett has sent a letter to the prime minister urging a discussion on the release of terrorists following the latest attacks. Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz also expressed fierce criticism on the matter at a Sukkot event.


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"The holiday of Sukkot has turned into a holiday of bloodshed and attacks on IDF soldiers, courtesy of peace talks celebrations," Bennett proclaimed.


"Since the release of terrorists has been tied to progress in peace talks from the get go, there is no doubt that some developments since the launch of negotiations require the government to rethink its path. The answer to terror must be war on murderers and not dialogue with those who encourage murderers."


On Saturday it was revealed that Sgt. Tomer Hazan, an Israeli soldier, was murdered by Nidal Amar, who had worked with him at a Bat Yam restaurant.


Amar had lured Hazan to his home in the West Bank, murdered him and dumped his body in a well.


He told investigators he had murdered Hazan in order to use the body as a bargaining tool to free his brother, a Tanzim operative held in Israel for involvement in terrorist activity.


On Sunday, an Israeli was shot in the neck in Hebron, apparently by a Palestinian sniper, and sustained critical wounds.


Minister Katz also addressed the matter during a gathering of Likud activists in his sukkah. "We are painfully reminded that Palestinian terror is still very much alive. It comes in many forms. Once it's an organized cell and once it's a local event.


"Terrorists belong in jail and any release enhances their lust for blood and their desire to see other murderers go free. I voted against the release of murderous terrorists and I intend to do so in the future. "


"We have yet to hear a condemnation from Abu Mazen (Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ). He is probably busy writing his monthly check to terrorists' families. Against this backdrop, Israel is negotiating with the Palestinians, led by Minister Tzipi Livni . The Likud has its way and Livni has hers but her way is not ours."


Yesha Council Chairman Avi Roeh went a step further and called on government ministers to halt peace talks with the Palestinians and to cancel the decision to release additional Palestinian prisoners. 


"The murderous events of the last two days prove that the Palestinians detect weakness in the government's policy. The ministers must take a hold of themselves and immediately halt the talks with the Palestinian Authority – which encourages incitement – and not release terrorists," Roeh said.



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