Netanyahu: Iran wants to take over Mideast
Gilad Morag
Published: 06.10.13, 22:30
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1. Obama wants Iran to have more political influence than US
zionist forever   (10.06.13)
Give them nukes and you combine that with their oil wealth, the heavy spending they are making in their conventional forces, geographic position and the fact they are an islamist state positions them perfectly for a takeover. The arabs are against a nuclear Iran but once they have them the world will accept Iran won we lost and accept them as a nuclear power. Iran will then negotiate with the Gulf arabs offer to form military and political alliances and an alliance like that will make Iran the new regional superpower. They will probably try convince Bahrain to kick out the US Fifth Fleet & Saudi Arabia close the US airbases. The arabs have dreamed of Muslim control of the whole region since WW1. Iran leading an alliance of the oil producers will make them a global political power and regional superpower who the Europeans at least will suck up to. Obama is intentionally burying his head in the sand over Irans nuclear program to avoid the confrontation he doesn't want and Rohani is telling him all the things he wants to hear. The US will have become a political laughing stock by the time Obama leaves office with his policy of appeasement.
2. usa take over mideast
daniel ,   the world   (10.06.13)
usa take over the entire middle east and beyond,and destroy,this is the goal.United states on the need from arming itself with nuclear weapons,the usa must abandon their refusal and recognise the right of the people to their national states,usa occupation created the conflict,the day the u.s attacked them all
3. Netanyahu should stop talking
C   (10.06.13)
one obama is more than enough. it is time to eliminate the genocidal shia terror regime.
4. usa uses us all
daniel ,   the world   (10.06.13)
5. Arabs? Blaming Arabs in British colony is rich...
MIron ,   USA   (10.06.13)
Reminds me of Obama government blaming auto - industry for loosing access to Russian ore and subsequent bankruptcy in 2009. They are still collecting 25% annual interest on those "loans". And now, they liked 25% tax so much that they decided to install a new one on every working American.
6. Iran and occupation
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (10.06.13)
Iran, odious though it may be, will bring order to the Middle East once it is victorious. As for occupation, I actually have to agree with "Bibi": He is right, his state's occupation does not cause war, at least not directly. His state's continuous illicit existence is what causes the ongoing wars.
7. Bibi sounds like a Shaman of a new religion.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.06.13)
He talks non-stop, his eyes have the fanatic expression of a possessed man, he predicts doom unless you agree with him totally. Would I be surprised if Bibi sat naked on kleenex napkins like Howard Hughes and told me aliens are coming? Bibi, really, you cannot surprise anybody anymore because you are a True Shaman! Oy vey ist mir.
8. Can't Argue With What He Said
Ron ,   oc us   (10.07.13)
It was BiBi at his best. But, there are 65,000 illegal African/moslems and thousands of Arab squatters within Israel and nothing is said and even less is done. The truth not spoken by Bibi or anyone else, that if Israel does not encourage Arabs to leave the Jewish state the Jewish state is at risk. That being said Bibi made a nice speech that should be in the Op Ed of the NYT. I really don't care what the Arabs verbally commit to. Physical separation is for the best.
9. #7
In his speech before the UN and the one reported here, Netanyahu recited historical facts that can be verified or proven false. You don't have to like Netanyahu or agree with his conclusions based on the facts, but you can't just attack with an ad hominem and ignore the facts unless you are trying to hide the fact that he is telling the truth.
10. graczec Thank you very much
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (10.07.13)
For spelling out your intentions about Israel. It is no surprise to anybody who reads your posts but this is post is on3e where you stated clearly that Israel's existence is against your wishes. in that case you have no right to call Israel warmonger as you have stated in the past. Since you and your friendly nations - the countries that are sworn to destroy Israel - are clearly in a mission to destroy Israel - a country founded same way as Jordan Syria Lebanon Iraq etc by UN and recognized by most countries in the world - Israel has all the legitimate right to defend her existence and citizens even if it requires to take preemptive action when necessary. And if you want to see a real and certified war monger just look at the mirror.
11. Bibi has morphed into...
Persian CAT   (10.07.13)
MAHMOUD AHMADINEJAD! He's missing him so much because he used to give him BS material. Now he's gone and Bibi is having brain cramps. Israelis now have their own Natan(YahuNejad). Enjoy.
12. #6 Gracek, it is a fact that all Jew haters are sick
Jorge   (10.07.13)
they all live with a depressive and psichotic hatred of "all" Jews, and as its shown in your behavior, your dream is to see Israel destroyed, and all Jews without exeption murdered, it was Hitlers dream, but you now what, there have been unacountable intent to destroy the Jews, and Jews are here, stronger than ever, while the Jew haters are all gone, those who curse Israel, will be cursed. part of your sickness and evergrowing despair, is that you know, that what I am telling you is the truth.The people of Israel Lives
13. #7. Michael: Does he read the teleprompter?
Tom W ,   USA   (10.07.13)
Your post properly described your beloved "Dear Leader", the Kenyan Messiah habits: reading from the teleprompter nonsenses that other people wrote for him.
14. Graczek, #6
Jason, Ph.D.   (10.07.13)
Hey Gracek, I have shown some of your posts to my Christian friends. They think you have a profound misunderstanding of Christian scriptures. They also think that you will be held accountable on your Judgement Day for supporting murderers and terrorists in your pathetic attempt to assert your completely misguided theology. Just wanted you to know.
15. Courageous words of obvious truth.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.07.13)
I am far from a Bibi fan. However, I salute him for finally telling the truth about Israel's "occupation" of Liberated Judea and Samaria. Sometimes the most courageous thing a person can do is simply tell the truth. "Palestinian" hatred of Jews and Israel began long before Israel declared statehood in 1948, as Bibi notes. And, of course, long before the liberation of Judea and Samaria in 1967. "Palestinian" Arabs were allies of the Nazis and the Mufti of Jerusalem was often feted by the Nazis in Berlin. The truth is that in "Palestinians", Jews confront mortal foes just like the Nazis.
16. A guilty fool who is right
Dan   (10.07.13)
Netanyahu has done more than any Israeli leader with the possible exception of Sharon to undermine the legitimacy and future of Israel. Yet on this he is right: the issue is basic Arab intolerance and their refusal to abide by the judge's (ie the UN's) decision in 1947. The problem is that the illegal settlements and Sharon/Netanyahu's support for them have obscured this truth from world view and allowed the Arabs to claim the settlers are the cause of the problem. Israel needs to remove this excuse by abandoning the settlers, thus allowing violent Arab intolerance to be exposed to full view.
17. Conflict started with Khaibar; rekindles 1921
18. #6 Yup, exactly! and yet.....
you are all still standing there, like a deer in headlights, scratching your head trying to figure out why the Israelis still refuse to take down that wall!
19. #6 with such a Polish name I'd shut up for ~500 years
Jim ,   USA   (10.07.13)
Treblinka wasn't enough for you? You want the final solution? Sorry, not going to happen despite your antisemitic dreams
20. #2daniel R U on drugs? sounds like U R having a bad trip!
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (10.07.13)
21. Zionism sole cause of conflict, flood of Jews into Palestine
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (10.07.13)
22. "immigration of Jews to the Land of Israel.?"
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.07.13)
There goes BiBi the clown again. Trying to peddle BS. At least he has given up the fable of a Christian God giving Jews land in Palestine. So he must acknowledge there was no" land of Jews" in Palestine! Israel never existed before 1948! The borders of Israel is enshrined in UN181 because the Jewish Council used the UN partition plan to establish the borders of the State of Israel of Israel.
23. I tried, Lord knows
James Fleisher ,   Rhode Island, Conn.   (10.07.13)
Bibi you are one stupid man, you don't know what to say out your mouth,,,,,,, Damn
24. Were the 1967 territories, the obstacle to peace in 1966?
Freddy ,   WI   (10.07.13)
25. Netanyahu,
John Prophet   (10.07.13)
The world is moving beyond your tired rhetoric. You've cried wolf once to many times while doing next to nothing on your own behalf!
26. Netanyahu - the only world leader saying what has to be said
Bravo!   (10.07.13)
LOUD and CLEAR. All the rest will have to leave the stage quietly.
27. What about Trumpeldor?
Daniel   (10.07.13)
Netanyahu thinks Israel is his family's private project, so only attacks on his relatives matter. But Josef Trumpeldor died defending Tel Hai in 1920, and there were attacks by Arabs against Jews before that. The ego of the man!
28. Revising history in English speaking press is
Miron ,   USA   (10.07.13)
not going to save anyone's bacon in nuclear age. When English speaking world enacted laws recognizing any person coming to land of Israel a legitimate citizen, on a singular bases, that this person be of non - Jewish ethnic origin, armed newcomers with rifles, and sent them in Jewish village to "cleans the land" for "legitimate Arabs", what in the world this has to do with any Arab people. Stop revising history. Goim world has trouble with our existence. It has nothing to do with Arabs. Your world is scared of our nation. Stop hiding behind the back of wide eyed brown skinned child.
29. #13, He certainly reads, all "leaders" do.Has he fooled you?
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.07.13)
30. Root of the problem is koranic
trump   (10.07.13)
which Precededed by far 1921 But Bibi did not want to alienate all muslims and he was right to do so !
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