Palestinian shot dead after ramming tractor into IDF base
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 17.10.13, 20:17
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1. IDF
GARY L. ,   CLEVELAND USA   (10.17.13)
2. THis should be standard operating procedure
Al   (10.17.13)
shoot to kill... When an enemy breeches the border, outposts, base or any restricted area, shoot to kill must be SOP.
3. It's soo sad, when...
Any other country would have just stopped at " person was shot when he breached a military instalation" while in Israel we have to elaborate that the soldiers felt they were in danger. Who cares, the guy broke into am army base. Kol hakavod to the alert soldiers who's quick reaction prevented a tragedy!
4. good job
rahm ,   usa   (10.17.13)
this the way to do it,no prisoners exchange
5. selected comments by cold hearted
matteo dagostino ,   veglie italy   (10.18.13)
only selected comments published. all similar in the substance satisfaction and demanding more of the same. like a gladiator's arena: thumbs down, and cheering.
6. Congrats "Paradise" achieved!
RocqueDahKasba   (10.18.13)
Congratulations Mr. Islam follower. Your teachings have achieved their fruition. Your mullahs should be proud. You have achieved "paradise" and those "celestial virgins" gluttony and all that ..... Now it is too late those who really know
7. To Ynet- you have officially lost 4 readers
For my 'leftist' news feed I just renewed my Haaretz subscription. You have become the worst publication and we are no longer loyal readers. You seldom publish our comments, even though they are appropriate and not offensive. You constantly write about 'poor African' refugees (more like violent nasty criminals) and you lack all national pride. Your editor-in-chief should be shamed and fired. Sincerely, The Shapiros
8. kudos to IDF
jochair ,   kfar Saba Israel   (10.18.13)
praise to those soldiers for being alert and decisive. This is what keeps Israel safe and heavenly.
9. 5
Dennis ,   Nj USA   (10.18.13)
So what are you trying to say? That we Israelis are cold blooded killers and cheer on the army? You're damned right! Your comments from Italy are very timely, given that this week is the 70th anniversary of the deportation and eventual murder of Jews from Rome
10. 5.
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.18.13)
Have more ''vino'' take a long nap as your understanding about Israel is zero.
11. 7.
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.18.13)
You need to email your post to ''contact us'' seen below here, (on every article)
12. #7 be NICE!
USA   (10.18.13)
How would you like to lose your job for some insignificant complaint?
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