17-year-old wives: Law passed too late for us
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 05.11.13, 18:10
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1. Marriage is illegal, but no commitment is permitted
GF ,   Jerusalem   (11.05.13)
Marriage is illegal, but no commitment is permitted "According to the Israeli Penal Code of 1977 the age of consent in Israel is 16 for any form of sexual relations involving penetration, 14 if no penetration takes place. A special case arises when a person aged 14 or 15 had sexual relations with an older partner; in this case the older partner would be exempt of criminal liability if three conditions are met: the age difference between the partners was less than three years, the younger partner gave consent and the act was done out of "regular friendly relations"." See Wikipedia:
2. why don't they allow marriage the next minute after birth
G   (11.05.13)
idiots...........bunch of idiots
3. 'girls said their vows'?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.05.13)
In a Jewish wedding there are no vows ! There is a chupa, a ketuba, a ring, two kosher witnesses and a glass to break, but NO vows!
4. The greatest single protection from breast cancer is for a
Rivkah   (11.06.13)
woman to give birth to a child before the age of 18! The greatest risk for getting breast cancer later in life is to have a first term abortion before the age of 18. Anciently, it was normal for girls to marry after menses began (menstruation). The mother of Rabbi Yehoshua of Nazareth was 15 when she gave birth and 14 when she married Joseph the Carpenter. Whether a marriage for a female should be before 18 or not should depend on the focus of the girl. Is her main focus in life to be HOLY or is worldly happiness which is not the same as the joy of the Holy Spirit her focus? HaShem's people are not called to be happy in the world but are called to be holy in HaShem. Marriage under 18 should be allowed for those who wish to be holy, to avoid defilement before marriage.
5. Just Another Way For Kneset To Spit On Torah!
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (11.06.13)
6. a 16 year old bride's reflections
Larry ,   LA   (11.06.13)
One of my grandmothers married at 16 and the other at 18. They were both very happy in their marriages and life; much more so than the college educated women who marry in the late 20's of our generation (if they marry at all!). I am not certain that this bill will do much to insure happiness in marriage. Marriage is bonding and becoming one. Today's marriage is about retaining your own identity in spite of a marriage. Perhaps that is why the marriages do not last. My grandparents married in an era of little romanticism about marriage. Marriage was a practical and necessary move and maybe they accepted more than our contemporaries are willing to. I am not for 'forced' marriages but will this bill make anyone happier? I sincerely doubt it. My grandmothers' had the secret to a happy marriage and legislation is not the key.
7. #3 Ariel Ben Yochanan - promoting child abuse
Avi   (11.06.13)
Forcing young people under the age of 18 in to arranged marriages si nothing short of child abuse and pedophilia. Naturally in such communities as yours its considered natural which explains a lot. However in the real world as opposed to the fantasy world you live in there are laws. If you dont accept the law you can always get up and leave the occupied terrotiries and go live in Afghanistan, where you will be amongst others who promote this so called life style of yours.
8. Peer + mob pressure - greatest psychological method
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (11.06.13)
to use against the youth in any era.
9. This is a precedent.
Marriage ( only between a man and a woman) should be amicable and reasons to become disillusioned with any kind of marriages in particular should be addressed. "if you should find any immorality in them at all, you can divorce them" is an interesting verse. For some people, it's as if there is no immorality at all and there are those of shared sentiments that know this is a lie. And then, there are those waiting to marry by the book. Mainly Jews and Muslims are mentioned in this article. Christian institutions do not have any community involvement in these regards and subsequently you have chaos, no standards, no clue. The Roman Catholic Church is a good example of a bad example of this. For those who "care" enough about these issues, the examples exhibited can be looked at as into how and what can be done to have the harmony in the marriage and even "family" life. People are waiting.
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