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Video: Iran tests new air-defense system
Published: 09.11.13, 15:26
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1. anyone can fire a rocket now make it hit a target!
andy prigge ,   ORANGEVILLE ont   (11.09.13)
2. Haman
Nick ,   Den Haag Holland   (11.09.13)
Your are a Mother F.....
3. #1 - Not really all that hard to do
spyguy ,   seattle   (11.09.13)
Chinese, Russian and Iranian engineers have the designs down cold. Due to the low cost of microprocessors and the tons of high quality open-source software, "rocket science" is no longer very hard at all. The commercial GPS, optical and other chip designers now produce such high quality adn low cost chips, the US military has a program called COTS (commercial off the shelf) that they use to procure most of their technology because the custom chip folks can't do any better and cost too much. All of the computer hardware and software to produce very accurate missiles is readily available to Iran and everyone else these days. This is the problem Israel has - the rest of the world has caught up with Israel technologically and for the cost of one F-16 and the pilot training, Iran can make thousands of inexpensive, accurate, supersonic missiles. More than enough that they can shoot three at an aircraft, giving the pilot no room to avoid getting shot down. With this factory, Iran can make enough missiles to shoot down every Israeli aircraft and have hundreds left over. BTW - the IDF leadership knows this, which is why they are in no mood to attack Iran.
4. The longer we wait the harder (or more impossible) stopping
Sasha   (11.09.13)
them will be... But Obama either doesn't get that or he doesn't care.
5. Launch control panels
Ze'ev ,   USA   (11.10.13)
Anyone else find it weird that their launcher control panels are in English? If they are manufacturing the stuff, why go with a foreign language, if they are buying them, who is the distributor? Or is the video BS?
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