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Rabbis: Don't take charity from criminals
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 10.12.13, 14:12
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1. Very liberal
Akiva ,   NYC   (12.10.13)
In an age when we seem to be discovering more severe opinions every year, we should be 'severe' when it comes to accepting money for charity from people who are known to be crooks. If we try to avoid accepting charity from people who are not Shomer Shabbat, why be any less severe about crooks?
2. They don't give much charity either.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (12.10.13)
3. The Holy Scriptures is specific on the type of criminal the
Rivkah   (12.12.13)
Temple/Tabernacle/Church must not accept donations from: money obtained by harlotry. If the organized crime people are running prostitution rings, their money is tainted. Harlotry could include spiritual harlotry which is sorcery, using or providing to others hallucinogenic drugs or other sins that if not repented of send a person to hell.
4. 2 Rich, Toronto, Canada: The mafia is renown for giving to
the Roman Catholic Church. Mafia don Joe Bonano suppled 90% of the funding for the building of Sts. Peter and Paul Church and School in Tucson, Arizona, along Campbell Avenue between Grant and Speedway that Mrs. Bonano walked to morning mass at 7 days a week.
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