Protesters clash with police over Bedouin resettlement plan
Ynet reporters
Published: 30.11.13, 17:34
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1. The Jewish People Are Much Better than this Bill
Rabbi Arik AScherman ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.30.13)
We know the heart of the non-Jew living in our midst because we were strangers in the land of Egypt. This bill will lead to the demolishing of tens of villages, most of which existed before the State. Some 40,000 people will be transferred into poverty and crime stricken townships, and we will pay 6-8 billion shekels to do this, including setting up a new police unit to enforce. Afterwards, we will pay more to deal with unemployment and crime. Investments will drop due to instability, and lead to more Jewish unemployment as well. Although the PLDC of the Zionist Movemend documented 2.6 million dunam owned by the Bedouin in the Negev in 1920 and the British and Turkish recognized Bedouin ownership, we will dispossess them of most of their remaining lands. However, the Jewish People and our sense of justice won't allow this to happen.
2. Bedoiunes and the South
Dvorah bee ,   USA   (11.30.13)
its jewish land, and we are not going to parcel if off, if the arabs don't like it they can move to Jordan or Egypt and be with their Muslim brothers
3. shoot to kill bedouins with palestinian flag?
jose ,   raanana israel   (11.30.13)
go to west bank or gaza right away please and leave the jewish people to live in peace u are rioting and acting violently so full force must be used end
4. #2 !?
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (11.30.13)
So what next...tuberculosis tained blankets as "gifts" for the desert tribes? I'll bet they can trace their history more to the land than you can.
5. Stop!
Truthseeker ,   USA   (11.30.13)
Stop the Prawer Plan. Stop the ethnic cleansing of people who were on the land long before the Jewish state existed. Stop the ethnic cleansing that began in 1948. The Bedouin are citizens of Israel and Israel has long proclaimed that it is a democracy. Did Israel mean that it is a democracy for all of its citizens or only for the majority of its citizens?
6. This is what Israel gets for rewarding Arabs who steal land
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (11.30.13)
The Beduins, who define themselves as a nomdic people stole thousands of dunams of land by squatting & creating illegal villages. The government is letting them keep 60% of what they stole, 180,000 dunams which is far too much & they still aren't satisfied.
7. #1: so according to you Beduins (nomads) own 8.8% of Israel?
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (11.30.13)
You can't just makeup numbers & not expect anyone to check the facts. Beduins are NOMADS, who for many years have wandered throughout the Mideast from North Africa to Arabia. If they have legitimate land claims & the documentation to prove it, the liberal high court would be more than happy to let them keep the land. The fact is they are squatters.
8. #1
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.30.13)
Although you are correct in all of your facts, regretfully I must disagree with your deduction. I'm sorry to say that I do think this terrible gov't of ours will allow it to happen - and all of the negative results you foresee will come to pass.
9. #1 it's about the law, not religion.
if everyone are equal in face of the law, why do i have to pay 250,000 NIS to build a house in the negev, but the so called '2nd class citizens' get to do it for free with complete disregard for regulations and zoning?
10. Resettlement Protests
S.S. ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.30.13)
Hmmm, wonder what would have happened if we would have reacted the same way to the resettlement of Gush Katif?
11. Bedouin in Palestine
Harold ,   USA   (11.30.13)
Don't get surprised Bedouins were on that land long before Moses was born.
12. Re: Scott at # 7.
FG   (11.30.13)
You should understand that a bought and paid for inside enemy is talking here. His little group is richly - literally so - supported by the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist quasi-enemy of the "New Israel Fund". His phony group is called "Rabbis for Human [Arab only] Rights." Many people rightly consider them treasonous.
13. #7 Contradiction
N ,   N   (11.30.13)
As the Bedouins were Nomads in this area, they have a beneficial ownership of large parts of the (semi-)desert their ancestors traversed (and lived in) for centuries. Isn't it possible to create some kind of shared ownership?
14. #5 it is a democracy
15. To some of the talbacks who try to defend the beduins ...
Ari ,   Jwrusalem   (11.30.13)
On land they have invaded.. By definition Bedouins are nomads. The have been traveling around and have come mostly from the Arab and Sinai peninsula. One day they were there another day they were here. Never on a fix basis. Now they want to create a fait acompli on the ground. They have invaded many times Military Grounds and many times they were turned down. They were given certain amount of dunams in 1948. But they have invaded more than they were given Here the problem likes in the fact that the AP is stirring the problem. What has Palestinian flags to do with people that consider themselves Israelies ? This is an arab Palestinian provocation. The government has offered them the same amount of land and compensation so what is the problem. They want to be scattered to be able to create future problems. They will become a 5th column. They want to claim all the Neguev as theirs and that is stupid. Besides it is not the first time in history that entire populations have been relocated with out problem. Again the whole ting is part of the Palestinian plot.
16. why are squatters alllowed to protest?
No zoabi ,   israel   (11.30.13)
These bedouins are a bunch of squatters from Arabia, who have never had an inch of land. By the way the leftists seem ti agree the drug traffic, the contacts with Hamas and other traitorous activities. Throw them in jail and toss out the key.
17. Who is #1
Every single "fact" that #1 writes is false. For instance, can this "rabbi" name even one village which existed before 1948 that will be destroyed? The question is only why does #1 do it, and the answer is money. This holy man draws a fine salary from "Rabbis for Human Rights", an organization wholly funded by NIF, the same NIF that paid for the "facts" that Goldstein used to support Hamas' attack on Jewish civilians and delegitimize the IDF.
18. #11 - Check your history, Harold
laura j ,   USA   (11.30.13)
The Bedouin first arrived in the Negev about 200 years ago. Even Ottoman rule predated them by a few centuries. Moshe Rabbeinu was born about 3400 years ago. Which Moses are you talking about?
19. Bedouins
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (12.01.13)
If these bedouins would've waved israeli flags that would've get the favor of the people of Israel in raising Palestinian flags they put themself in a very bad position We know now that they are our enemies Raising a Palestinian flag is like raising a Nazi flag Ship them to Gaza
20. #1. Fifth column
Lonnie   (12.01.13)
They don't wave PLO flags and attack police because they want peace
21. #5, Citizens don't wave flags of foreign entities.
Jake   (12.01.13)
22. #21:Right On Jake, but unfortunately you are able to find
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.01.13)
Jewish citizens, in their Leftist fervor, identifying with the Arab enemy & waiving that very same flag at various anti-Israel demonstrations throughout this land and abroad. This is how the lost sheep of Zehava Galon ilk perceive justice & humane behaviour on this wretched planet. We have to endure them, that's all.
23. I guess the kibbutzim in the Negev are settlements too
Mordechai   (12.01.13)
I guess the Arabs are giving us a hint that they are also opposed to Jewish settlement in the Negev too. Well the Tel Aviv elite will be happy to trade that for peace too.
24. Really!!!
Daniel Freedman ,   Nahariya Israel   (12.01.13)
the only ones we have a sense of justice about is others and never ourselves. We'll riot for others rights all the while those same people we riot to help will 100% deny us our rights and that isn't enough but we then deny ourselves those very rights. If you don't believe me then see who can pray on Temple Mount without fear of arrest...not a Jew I can promise you. Stop with the polyanna views and have some balls to stand up for Jewish right especially in our own homeland
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