MDA reject blood of MK of Ethiopian decent
Moran Azulay
Published: 11.12.13, 17:42
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31. #13 Birdi
Sarah B ,   U.S.A./ Israel   (12.11.13)
#3 is not fake...Read also my post at number #24 and educate yourself a little...
32. 6 Michael, California: Do you LIVE in California? Obviously
Rivkah   (12.11.13)
not or you would be aware of the reverse discrimination against White in California. If there is even one non-White less qualified applicant for a job, the non-White is hired. I know many White women whose White husbands have not been able to get a job for YEARS because of reverse discrimination in California. But that is happening all over the USA since when a nonWhite gets in charge of hiring in civilian or military or government positions, they stop hiring White people unless forced to. HaShem judged the Huron Clinic in Fresno County and the Hispanic who was hired and the Hispanic who hired him because I was not hired when I had more qualifications such as a Master's Degree and Veteran status and am an Emeritus Member of Marquis Who's Who in Anmerica for public service. I was discriminated against for being White and female and be elderly. HaShem CLOSED the Clinic in Huron a few years later in judgment from HaShem for not honoring the person who should have been honored with employment. A Hispanic was hired who was not a veteran and who did not have a Master's Degree and who certainly was not an Emeritus Member of Marquis Who's Who in America which is by invitation only for 1/2 of 1% of the population. Both the Hispanic at the Clinic in Huron and the Hispanic who hired him lost their jobs by the hand of HaShem who was outraged at the discrmination.
33. 18 Andi, Israel: The incubation period of Mad Cow Disease
Rivkah   (12.11.13)
is twenty years except for the more virulent kind that can be anywhere from a few months to five years. The blood supply had to be protected from that and that was not discrimination against you personally in my opinion.
34. Thabo Mbeki, as president of SA had the same problem
Jrebecca ,   Modiin   (12.11.13)
There are international standards. I cant give blood either, after at least 10 Aids checks (for insurance purposes).
35. Israel bashers strike again
Mad Cow ,   Israel   (12.11.13)
Yet another opportunity for the bleeding hearts and arabs of dubious loyalty to bash Israel by only presenting half the story. I am a British olah and am unable to give blood as I lived in the UK during the 80s. This is clearly racist mysogynism directed at white Ashkenazi females. Don't see any stories on Ynet about that. Could it be because it can't be twisted to bash the country? Perish the thought.
36. We had similar scandal in Canada. Knesset right to be angry.
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (12.11.13)
We had a similar scandal in Canada. It was dealt with eventually. The Knesset members are right to be similarly scandalized -- good that they are now aware of it and I hope they will deal with it promptly.
37. Most BRITS also cannot donate in Israel. Mad Cow Disease.
Jake   (12.11.13)
Are we going hear allegations of racism about that too? This "race" card used by the media is putting a total eclipse on the facts.
38. So-called "political correctness"...
Jules   (12.11.13)
... a reborn fascism. It is a medical fact that blood transfusion must be done very carefully, in order not to harm other patients. The blood of people of different ethnic groups may contain components that could be rejected by the bodies of people of other groups - if there is any doubt, the doctors must stand strong in their decisions. It is the doctors, not MPs, who are responsible for the results of the patients treatment. The "political correctness" must be stopped. That phenomenon has grown out of proportions, and now represents a direct threat to the society.
39. #10 Doesn't sound like you were ever a "defender" of Israel
Jake   (12.11.13)
Yours is not a sophisticated or nuanced view. You're trying to throw out the baby with the bathwater, and sounding much like a classical antisemite in the process.
40. Thank you Avi @ # 28. I learned alot. good post.
Israeli 2   (12.11.13)
41. Happens to Brits too...mad cow disease
Joe   (12.11.13)
and it does not matter if you have lived in Israel over twenty years....if you lived there any time before 1990 you can not donate blood in Israel, even if Israeli, did the IDF and even if you came here as a two years old........tough luck...I did try but I did not take it as discrimination....just over precaution. No big deal. For the Ethiopians I do not know what the rules are nor how they are applied....perhaps explain why would help
42. To all those "outraged" by Sarah B's post #3
Jake   (12.11.13)
Take a time out from your righteous anger to examine the facts. Africans who came to Israel arrived as free men and women. Africans were brought to America as slaves. Moreover, it is not the right of American Jews to try to mold Israel in the image of America.
43. 31
Birdi ,   Israel   (12.11.13)
Mistakes can be made without you trying to belittle me.
44. Blood bank shortages- product of overly restrictive policies
Alan - Mérida ,   Merida, Yucatan, Mex   (12.12.13)
MK Tamano-Shata, owing to my international travels, I have been rejected ("deferred") for decades by U.S. blood banks. Currently, the FDA advises that long-term travelers and residents of Merida, Yucatan be barred from donating blood owing to "malaria" in the state of Yucatan, although the CDC recognizes no level of local malaria here beyond what can be found in many states in the USA. So often we read or hear of the pleas of desperate blood shortages at blood banks. Who is left to donate blood after all the willing donors who present no apparent risk, such as the MK and me, are denied as donors?
45. Discrimination at blood donation
Nestor Berdichevsky ,   Neuquen, argentina   (12.12.13)
I believe that racist is the MDA agent at Knesset post, not the medical protocols to prevent diseases. We have to punish these bad attendants at gov. service
46. To: Birdi at No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.12.13)
Thank you for noticing! (It's a pretty mediocre fake, anyway.)
47. I don't know the situation today,but some years
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (12.12.13)
years back, there were a great number of aids carriers among the Ethiopian immigrants,so,every Ethiopian is suspect.
48. #6
Chana ,   LA, USA   (12.12.13)
You are not eligible to donate blood in the US if you spent (visited or lived) a cumulative time of 5 years or more from January 1, 1980, to present, in Europe
49. 31.
James ,   Beersheva   (12.12.13)
Birdi is correct, post 3 is fake Sarah B. Sarah B. never adds dots in, nor at the end of her posts.
50. Medical grounds only!
Tzimmes ,   Tel Aviv   (12.12.13)
Blood from whatever source should be medically acceptable. Any other reason is wrong ,including accepting blood rather than offend a group. The Jews of Ethiopia have been accepted back into the bosom of the tribe and are a delightful group.However if generations of living in Africa has affected their blood is it not wise to accept it is there could be problems. This would apply to any group of Jews From wherever they immigrated from. Obviously being considered unfit to donate is a humiliating ,explanation is needed to explain the Ethiopian Jews are not being targeted and the rules apply to all.
51. The post at No. 3 is not mine
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.12.13)
Obviously. I would not have donated USD 500K to help bring them to Israel if I felt otherwise.
52. #5, Ashkenazi DNA doesn't match Khazar DNA.
Adam ,   Ramla,Israel   (12.12.13)
Science! IN YOUR FACE! Keep telling that Khazar Jew origin fairy tale B.S. to yourself! There is no evidence of it, its' just wishful Muslim thinking. We are not leaving, we belong RIGHT HERE!! but hey , tell yourself what ever makes you feel better!!!
53. @28 homosexuals make 1/3 of population bi's another third.
Miron ,   USA   (12.12.13)
Go figure, where they purchase there doctor diploma... Our sex behavior has become a way of social adjustments for status and social mobility. There is absolutely nothing special about it.
54. Explain or accept that Israel is racist
Dan   (12.12.13)
Is there any other state that refuses blood purely on racial grounds? What the hell is happening to my country? How have idiots and racists gained control? Why do my fellow Israelis accept it? Does this place deserve any sympathy? No wonder smart young people are leaving.
55. isn't blood tested after donation ?
Selma ,   U.S.A   (12.12.13)
All politics aside, isn't that blood supposed to be tested anyways, after donation, for any potential diseases ? Would not accept blood donations at all just limit the blood bank ? Israeli or not, all blood is tested. So, I don't really get their explanation
56. #28 Avi
Tracy   (12.12.13)
In the larger picture you are running a much greater risk by alienating a substantial portion of the population AND creating a PR disaster. It's not only a matter of showing respect for the Ethiopian Jews, but also of living up to certain standards that Israel often presents to the world: Judaism is not racist, Jews come in all colors and cultures, we love them and accept them all. ~~~~~~ I can understand the safety issues. and I'm aware of several other reasons why some individuals are prevented from donating blood. But the optics of this situation, barring all Ethiopians from giving blood could have much more serious consequences in the long run than the expense of testing all the blood just to make sure. Is the blood of some blond Tel Aviv playboy any safer than that of an Ethiopian Jew?
57. Dan #54, Try learning some facts
Jake   (12.12.13)
Blood from British donors is ALSO rejected, due to the risk of Mad Cow disease. Is that racist too?
58. Are you surprised??!
George Rishmawi ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (12.12.13)
This is the same country that did not take part in Mandela's funeral! Racism and supremacy runs deep in their roots. Also while they are happy to increase numbers, they really don't believe in their hearts that those black people who came from Ethiopia are in fact Jews!
59. Would MK Tibi
Raphael ,   Netanya   (12.12.13)
Accept a transfusion of jewish blood? I experienced an arab neighbour at the hospital, who forcefully required to delay his operation, so as to use his own blood in a self transfusion, as I had told him there was a risk of receiving non halal blood.
60. Not racism
Avram ,   jerusalem   (12.12.13)
Lapid and other politicians should stick to what (if anything) they know for a fact. Israel's blood safety criteria are similar to those used in Europe and the USA. and are/were developed to ensure the safety TO THE PATIENT who receives a blood donation. While the regs don't make sense to the uninformed they work incredibly well. I was stationed with the US Army in Germany in the 80's. I have been refjected because Mad Cow disease was noted in Europe at that time. Not racism - SAFETY. Get it?
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