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Neo-Nazi symbol spreads in Europe
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 12.12.13, 13:48
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1. let them have it
it's about as effective as people spouting "88" and think it has some sort of meaning. oh yea i'm real scared of THE NUMBERS. Pathetic behavior from a dead ideology grasping at straws.
2. What,again the "never again"tragedy?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (12.12.13)
How eradicate it once and forever?
3. Oh look
steve from raleigh   (12.12.13)
It's Glenn Greenwald.
4. A modern Nazi salute........
Cameron ,   USA   (12.12.13)
LOL..............too much. Got a kick out of the dramatic music to go along with clip above.
5. neo-nazi
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (12.12.13)
Bunch of looser with no connection to the today reality are admiring the greatest looser of all time. Did he died suicide in a bunker?
6. Hey Dieudonne:Va te faire foutre
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (12.12.13)
7. what a lot off....
charlie ,   Dublin   (12.12.13)
A new invention by the Zionist making a mole heap into a mountian
8. It îs high time to be more alert , at
Israel will always ,   Strike back. It's a   (12.12.13)
least here in Israel. We should mute and numb their abject hands and we should definitely have their hands shakled on our holy sites and throw such primitive bastards in prisos. This way they might have time to think about no more idolizing this putrid ideology of a long-time rotten Nazi criminal. As for what's going on in Antisemitic Europe, nothing surprises me - it's business as usual.
9. Easy way to prevent and punish re this.....
anon   (12.12.13)
There is a simple solution to this. An organisation, can collect and organize these pics online for the public to view. Minimal research can be done to find out the offenders names. This should be published, and their employers notified about this sort of behaviour. Will teach them a lesson. If they do this in Israel we must catch them, and make them pay!
10. jdl: come back
ari ben canaan   (12.13.13)
Where's the jdl when you need it?
11. #1 Spot on. Enough said.
Adam ,   Ramat Gan   (12.13.13)
12. Kobi, did you actually did your job?
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (12.13.13)
Where's the investigations? Your article is just made out of suggestions and interpretations. Where's your objectivity as a journalist? What are the documents you based yourself to write this? This pictures which some of them are obviously fake (like the one with guy and the flying sign reading "juif")? How can you write such an article and advance such theories without any serious proves?
13. evil is insidious, it re-invents itself daily
Israella   (12.13.13)
14. Solution: 1) reply salute & 2) don't permit fester in secret
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (12.13.13)
Dealing with the second aspect first, this can only fester if allowed to remain under the radar to spread and strengthen unopposed. By confronting and challenging it head-on, it can be vanquished (again). This is a bullying tactic. I'm well experienced in vanquishing bullies. The most effective way to oppose this bullying tactic is to redefine this new "salute" as "the vanquished nazi salute." This is demonstrated by their very fear of presenting the proper Nazi salute! The very "secrecy," deception and deviousness of their salute concedes that they are too cowardly to present a proper Nazi salute and suffer the consequences. Thus, their salute acknowledges their fear; and that nazism has been vanquished. Accordingly, we should reply with a salute in kind: the salute presented by we who are in martial arts: left fist into right palm in front of our body. Let's make it "the Jewish salute." Only vanquishing hate every time it emerges is effective.
15. Change is coming
Greg Grisham Vento ,   Madrid   (12.13.13)
Antizionism is not antisemitc and the gesture is not a neonazi salute. It means you can stick zionism this far up your rear end.
16. Neo Nazi symbol
Wouter Vermeulen ,   Den Haag   (12.13.13)
Macho group behavior. A first visit to monuments and than take the moment to show your own stupidity, disrespect, and lack of intelligence or even a little bit of historical knowledge. Face palm
17. #15 The EU is changing
MARK ,   Boston USA   (12.14.13)
The EU is now Eurabia!
18. #15 AntiZionism is AntiSemitism
MARK ,   Boston USA   (12.14.13)
Dr. Martin Luther King stated this: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti-Semitism.”
19. #7 #15 crawl back to your miserable holes
Expat ,   Adelaide   (12.14.13)
Your Europe is sinking. Unemployment is at a record high, Islamist immigrants are flooding your streets, crime is up, your countries are on the brink of bankruptcy. You have enough troubles to tackle at home.
20. #14
Dan S.   (12.14.13)
Actually, I think you need to modify your Jewish response salute. If one sees the proper nazi salute! this or this pathetic attempt at one! then the Jewish salute should be the right fist into the face of whoever performed either of the aformentioned nazi salutes. A second salute could be a steel toed boot to the head of the same. One can even do one after the other and make then point clear.
21. 20 Dan Right, "Jewish Salute" is a promise when not on scene
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   (12.14.13)
Shavua tov :-) and a Jewish Salute to #15 (actually, they have to reach "that far" to pull their head out)
22. #15,#7- Sharia law is coming to the EU
MARK ,   Boston USA   (12.15.13)
You are 100% correct. Change is coming.
23. Darwin Award winners
Benji ,   US   (12.15.13)
Now their mutt faces with pathetic salutes are permanently recorded on the internet. Serves them right!
24. Such hailers must be investigated secretly.
David Silversteen ,   Berlin, Germany   (12.15.13)
I think the whole "anti-NSA" thingy is just there to actually protect nazis. It's logical. The whole world press has landed a big brown egg. The NSA and other good orgs should catch the highest ones of those neonazis,and after that,arrest them all,and sentence them to very long sentences,after which,surveillance of them doesn't stop.Tag neonazis.That's what retina scan and dna passports should be there for,but neonazis are not so often investigated as needed.By far not,sadly.All mankind will die then,if we let neonazis roam the earth.Period.Greets,Elijahu has spoken.Bam.haha.
25. dan #20 only proper response
shneerhere ,   chicago   (12.24.13)
26. Israel should defend itself from Europe
trade with Asia   (01.05.14)
Israel should trade with Asia, and arm itself against any European violence. Luckily for Israel, Europe is sinking economically and demographically. Israel should integrate into the Asian economy.
27. Huh?
CuriousDave ,   L.A., CA   (02.06.14)
Hoe dan?
28. Australia, that Tolerant Country
CuriousDave ,   L.A., USA   (02.06.14)
Hail to Adelaine, proud center of Australian neo-nazis! First, you refused to accept Jews fleeing Europe in the 1930's ("remember your foreign minister's quip "we have no racial problem and do not intend to create one?" Now your attacks on Europeans in general and on Muslims in particular?=. Well, at least no one can accuse you of being inconsistent.
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