Pope's plans for Bethlehem Mass disappoint Israel
Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.12.13, 12:32
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1. dont visit just return what was stolen
zionist forever   (12.19.13)
How many Temple and other valuable artefacts did the Romans loot from the kingdom of Judea and are now in the Vatican vaults? Return to the valuable Jerusalem real estate that belongs to Israel not the church that has billions without that real estate. The only reason no government has ever gone after it is to avoid a diplomatic incident. Bibi only wants the Pope to visit Israel so he and Peres can get their picture taken shaking hands with the Pope and giving him a going home present.
2. ONE MORE reason to annex Judea & Samaria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joshua ,   Israel   (12.19.13)
Beis Lechem is ISRAEL
3. Pope knows,,,,,
Greg Wise ,   Seattle, Wash.   (12.19.13)
not to linger in BABYLON, "the stronghold and cage of every unclean fowl, bird and spirit".
4. What a lousy cult Christianity is: to not acknowledge &visit
tom ,   tel aviv   (12.19.13)
the very place their "god-son" was born AND lived...! That should be a must item on any and every Pappa's list of "to do's". Only the fear of looking bad in the eyes of Catholics world over, makes the very notion of visiting Israel such a controversial issue. In any case: their problem, not ours.
5. Stay in Rome...leader of an evil cult !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (12.19.13)
6. He won' t meet many faithfuls in beit lehem
trump   (12.19.13)
since christians are being expelled from there by plo......
7. trying to buck up morale
Sam ,   USA   (12.19.13)
HE GOES TO Bethlehem to inspire the few remaining Catholics there who are fleeing in droves from PA controlled city where Christians once were majority before PA control or area, and now face daily persecution from Muslims including rape and property stolen
8. Royal David's City
Joseph ,   London England   (12.19.13)
Celebrating mass in Bethlehem will remind the world of how few Christians are left in this Christian town after years of violemve by Islamists.
9. # 7 in that case he should denounce persecution of Xtians
Mark   (12.19.13)
This is a very outspoken pope so if that is his real intention, then he should tell the world that there needs to be more Christian concern with their brothers and sisters suffering persecution under Islam, not only in the PA and Gaza, but in Africa and Asia as well.
10. Caption to Photo 2-Menorah Shmenora,you shud see the one we
Alan ,   SA   (12.19.13)
got downstairs in the basement!!
11. no more blocking the city!!!
VK ,   Jerusalem   (12.19.13)
please don't change his schedule - we have suffered from too many blockages - enough!
12. #8 Joseph
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (12.20.13)
Nothing to do with the wall that surrounds Bethlehem then? Did you know there is only one way in or out of Bethlehem and the average wait to enter or leave is 9 hours?
13. 12 sarah . from wikitravel
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.21.13)
One simply flashes his/her passport to an Israeli soldier, places his/her bags into an x-ray machine, and then walks through a metal detector, much like airport security, to get into/exit Bethlehem. Can you give your references ?
14. Does pop knows about dark side of Israel
Nazeer ,   Maldives   (01.09.14)
Hope this pop will try to stop them murder and killing innocents regardless of their religion. America and europians are talking loudly about human rights and democracy. Why can't you all talk about this killing in palatine. Why aren't you not publishing these new and picturs in your news. Hope you will post this Thank you Nazeer
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