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How many circumcisions botched in 2013?
Kobi Nachsoni
Published: 07.01.14, 18:10
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1. I can't understand some parents
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.07.14)
Why would you let a rabbi who wasn't a doctor or at least licensed by a medical board, not just the rabinical one to perform a circumcision on your kid.
2. I don't get it ,...
split ,   US   (01.07.14)
What prevents a parents to perform it in hospital's sterile environment by licensed surgeon instead relay on some mohel with dental cavities performing circumcision and a mouth suction after. Who's licensing mohels? ,... Prove it that the rabbinate is not cooking their books to secure it's 'cut' they get from mohels and influence they cherish so much ,...
3. Shame of you
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.07.14)
For 5000 years circumsition has been performed by moel and is one of evidence for Jewish endurance and survival, in Europe id a big fight for wrights to circumsise and you add gas on fire. Beside is a mizva and not a chirugical operation and should performed by adequated persson.
4. Maybe that is the reason I have met a lot of Jewish men,
Rivkah   (01.07.14)
particularly physicians who never marry. It would not cost that much to have a physician do the circumcision in a ceremony at his office.
5. Pinhead @ 3 ,...
split ,   US   (01.07.14)
According to your own fairytales first circumcision took place in Abraham days in 2nd millennium BC ,... I want to remind you that since you have an access to hospitals and doctors, to running water and can afford a bar of soap you don't need your mohels or this ritual.
6. to #3 Learn how to spell!
iselin ,   Oslo   (01.07.14)
7. dangers of circumcision and faulty thinking
jdc ,   New York   (01.07.14)
It has been alleged that circumcision, especially when done by mohels, is a harmful procedure. Here we read the stats to assess that claim: 24 "problems" (2 requiring surgery) out of 65,000. No stats are provided on how many "snips" by doctors led to complications. Conclusion: "danger of circumcision by mohel" is a hysterical charge unsupported by evidence and likely motivated by hostility to Judaism, not concern for babies.
8. This is probably not even a percentage
Get the facts ,   straight please   (01.08.14)
of the amount of patients who died under a "sterile" operating table in a hospital in 2013.
9. complications of circumcision
iselin ,   oslo   (01.08.14)
If no babies were circumcised, there would be no problems at all as a result of the procedure. I agree with #5.
10. #8
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (01.08.14)
Not a valid comparison. Patients on sterile operating tables tend to be there due to an illness, meaning, prior enfeeblement. Being a 7 day old boy child is not an illness.
11. 10 wrong
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.08.14)
It's the % or number of victims that "get the facts" is talking about , nothing else .
12. 9&10: think of circumcision as a hobby
jdc ,   New York   (01.08.14)
Think of "snipping" as a hobby, say like skiing. Breaking a leg (or head, like Schumacher) while skiing is an accepted risk to an unnecessary but pleasant past time. It is entirely voluntary. A vague line is crossed when such pursuits become "unacceptably dangerous". The stats I read here indicate that religious circumcision works fine.The attacks on it are then attacks on Judaism: ok in Europe but not in Israel.
13. #10, huh? 7 day old babies are not "feeble" ?
Jake ,   USA   (01.08.14)
14. :-)
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (01.08.14)
The mohel finally decided to retire. Having saved all the foreskins over the span of 50 years, he couldn't bring himself to simply throw them away. Not exactly knowing what to do with the snippets, he decided to take them to his friend, the guy owning the shoe repair shop. After a lengthy discussion, the friend suggested he try to make a billfold. Not having any other ideas, the mohel agreed. Coming back after 2 weeks, he was totally dismayed at the ridiculously small size of his billfold until his friend assured him that this tiny billfold would turn into an impressive briefcase with less than 2 minutes of stroking......
15. #2 lol hospital are NOT sterile !! full of bacteria and viru
Naftulee ,   Jerusalem   (01.08.14)
Hospitals are FULL of bad bacteria and viruses you dont need your 8 day old baby contracting !!! Staff bacteria being one of the most widespread... they use all that sterilizing soaps to try to kill off all the dangerous diseases floating around hospitals !!! Hospitals are for SICK people dude and because of that they are full and CONCENTRATED with the diseases of those sick people. Sure use a doctor, but WHY would anyone in their right mind take a healthy baby to a hospital for a simple proceedure that if done by a docter/mohel is 99.9% of the time done with no complication !!!
16. stinky # 5
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.08.14)
Yes we need this ritual , more than your stinky "flavor" . It's a sign that you belong to the GREAT Jewish people who contributed MUCH more to humanity than , let's say , Poland with twice the number of inhabitants than the number of Jews worldwide . The same for the Israelis who invented or discovered very much [ copaxone , Pillcam , Sambucol , Watchpat , Endopat , DISK on KEY ! , Intel 8088 and other processors , Rummiku8b , Discovery of Quasicrystaks [ Nibel ] Role of Ubiquitin [ Nobel ] ]
17. Iseln , 6 & 9
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.08.14)
If you have any serious things to write m you jump on "spelling" Very low level . If there would be NO cars , there would be no road accidents . You and this "# 5 sprotje are the same Haters , you can both go to feed ants .
18. Public service announcement: "split US" is a troll
Jake ,   USA   (01.08.14)
An anti-Semitic troll who spews nothing but hatred towards Jews and Judaism. Please don't feed the troll, just ignore it.
19. Re 15 and 17
iselin ,   oslo   (01.08.14)
I am just as Jewish as you are Charles, but I was lucky enough to be born as a girl and avoided being cut. You may not agree with me about this topic in general, however with soap and water, there is no need for the cut or for stinky armpits, which do exist even in Israel. However, you have to agree with me on this fact: No circumcisions = no botched circumcisions.
20. Circumcision is baby abuse anyways
Berk ,   Amsterdam   (01.08.14)
Wait till the boy is old enough so that he can decide himself if he feels positive about circumcision.
21. 20 Ask Jewish men,if they had the ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.08.14)
choice to be circumcised at eight days or at an age they could decide, what would they prefer.
22. Iselin: hygiene not the reason for the cut
jdc ,   New York, NY   (01.08.14)
Sanitary/health reasons as justifications for circumcision are issued by religious apologists. For observant Jews the reason is just that : a commandment. Debating the validity of health advantages misses the point. Does this justify any crazy ritual that may harm the baby ? No. But, as we just read, the "cut' is not harmful in any statistically significant way. Apostates uncomfortable with their own choices may feel a need to debate to squelch self-doubt. I am sympathetic but it is unrelated to the "cut", however.
23. Berk: Jewish men have been "snipping" their sons for 4K yrs
jdc ,   New York   (01.08.14)
That is a retroactive endorsement. The Jews are happy. You seem to be happy the way you are. Live and let live.
24. If no circumcision then......
Shimon ,   To Iselin Number 9   (01.08.14)
Penile Cancer, cervical cancer two horrific and deadly not uncommon diseases in populations where men are not ciricumcised. These horrific diseases are almost unheard of in Muslim and Jewish populations. there are other diseases alo this is why there is a drive to introduce circumcision in Africa. Maybe look into this a little this is not about Jews it is about common sense and health
25. Scriptures and Medical Science
Tom ,   Diaspora Tennessee   (01.08.14)
Eventually, science catches up with Scripture. Moses was told to command the people to wash with running water if they came in to contact with a dead body. Medical science has only known about germs for the last 150 years or so. A Biblical commandment is always for our good.
26. Don't hold your breath waiting for changes ,...
split ,   US   (01.08.14)
It's a lucrative business starting at $600 to $1600 and up per slit (ouch) depends where and who pays for it plus commuting expenses. Not bad for few minutes of 'work' some call it tagging.
27. sprotje , how much did non Jewish parents pay ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.09.14)
To have their sons circumcised ? And they were millions to have it done . It's also a little price to pay to belong to the Great Jewish People , who contributed more than any other [ in % ] to mankind
28. Berk , ask them also if they wanted to be born
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.09.14)
Performing a circumcision at 18 is more complicated than at 8 days . Need more time to heal .
29. Iselin , Proportions !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.09.14)
Only 19 days hospitalisation for 60000+ circumcisions . Most of them had very minor problems . You have also to know that a Mohel , takes all the precautions to avoid to be sued . So he will rapidly send a baby to a hospital , even if it's not 100 % necessary . If there were NO births , women would not die when giving birth . If there is someone who has a TRUE reason to oppose here Brith Mila , it's ME . I was arrested in 1944 because of this . And I , a secular as you know , am in favor of it . You pretend to be Jewish . No problem for you to share this opposition to circumcision with a anti-Semite ?
30. 26 why do you stop your hatespitting
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.09.14)
to breath ?Complete waste of time.
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