BDS network infiltrating Holland
Emily Ziedman
Published: 26.01.14, 17:05
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31. BDS in Holland
Ralf ,   Paris   (01.27.14)
To Graczek # 1 Tell you what. BDS stands for : Blind Daft &Stupid This is indeed very gratifying !
32. Boycott Now .....
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.27.14)
The Sanctions Against Apartheid Will Come Within Five Years. Oh how the naysayers on this site used to laugh about the BDS Movement. Now with every article one can sense the growing uneasiness on the part of the Israeli general public. This movement is not going away. It's time all Israelis understood that there will either be one country with rights and opportunities for all or a separate viable Palestinian state. The choice is yours to make. But do it soon because one day Israel may find itself under a crippling economic and social boycott if things continue as they are.
33. #32
Harold ,   USA   (01.27.14)
Excellent comment posted. I've been saying the same for the last one year. To understand what you are stating Israel must have a new leader who knows the definition of peace.
34. 32 / 33
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.27.14)
Peace isn't rolling over and playing dead. The Pals can't have a viable state because their leaders are not capable of running one. They can't exist on their own without welfare. They couldn't run a garage sale without trying to kill each other. The ersatz Pals have had enough chances for a state and they refused. That isn't Israel's problem. They have a state named Jordan but like all other Arab / Muslim countries nobody wants the worthless ersatz Pals.
35. #34
Harold ,   USA   (01.28.14)
If what you are stating is true then why John Kerry secretary of state of the most power country in the world, the EU and almost all UN members beleive that peace between Israel and the Palestinian can and must be done. Jordan and Israel are independent states and the State of Palestine will be an independent state and a member of the United Nations this year. Try to save you precious time instead of writing nonsese.
36. Dutch Authorities sold Jews out in 1943
Zechariah   (01.30.14)
While many Brave Dutch people saved Jews during WW2the Majority when the crunch came helped the Jewish transport to genocide.The Preservation of Pragues buildings was more important than the 250 Czechoslovak Jews killed .The Czech Prime Minister boasted in 1945 that beautiful Prague was Preserved because of him Bad Luck for the Gassed Jews.
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