Report: Syrian rebels offer to sell Golan to Israel in return for military aid
Published: 15.03.14, 17:55
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31. Don't Believe Iran's Propaganda
Ami ,   Tel Aviv   (03.16.14)
This Iranian report is obviously a lie designed to smear Kamal Al-Labvani.
32. Reminds me of the selling of the
Barney ,   USA   (03.16.14)
Brooklyn bridge joke
33. Is Israel under pressure.................?
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (03.16.14)
Is Israel under pressure from Obama, Turkey, EU or Arab Sunni League? Any defecto gesture from Israel mean to say you are morally accepted. Remember they compete to gain leadership and supreme power to lead an all out destruction of Israel. The only game Israel can play is to weaken them. God bless Israel
34. Golan deal?
Michael ,   Vienna Austria   (03.16.14)
Golan deal is second rank, in his first announcement Kamal al-Labwani gave a detailed "Plan for a regional solution" without mentioning a Golan deal. His optimism is exaggerated, but I wouldnt instantly dismiss his ideas. This is less a sophisticated trap for Israel than a clear sign of desperation and horror among moderate Syrian opposition. Plus: If Assads air power is vanished it will be a major defeat for the Syrian-Iran-Hizbullah Axis and if the Jihadists prevail over the moderate rebels, they wont have an air force.
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