Temple Mount: Arabs hurl stones at MK Feiglin
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 20.03.14, 09:48
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1. Close the site now!!
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.20.14)
If the Arabs can't worship peacefully and can't act lawfully, close the site, until and unless all can visit and/or worship the site which is part and parcel of the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people!!
2. Alaqsa Mosque is not disputed territory
Palestinian ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (03.20.14)
It is the third holiest mosque in Islam and it belongs to Muslims only, period. Proceeding with current path of Israeli provocation at Islam's third holiest site will eventually erupt a volcano no one dares to think of its consequences. Please use common sense and wisdom and do not tamper with this religious issue further for the sake of all of us and for the sake of our children. Just let us all live in peace...
3. #2 dangerous words
Your words are very very dangerous. You must immediately apologize to the Muslim world for your insult. Sura 5:21 Sura 17:104
4. #2 is parroting modern propaganda
Israeli Grandma   (03.20.14)
1. The Jewish Temple was an easily proven historical fact, and the very much later Muslim mosques were built on this site because it was holy to the Jews and thus an important symbol to be taken over by Islam, just like they grabbed the Patriarchs Tomb in Hebron for example. Jerusalem was a neglected and primitive backwater for hundreds of years, until Muslim conquerers decided to give it importance in competition with the attractions of Mecca. A political decision. The myth of the "night flight" by Muhammud on a magic horse does not in fact mention Jerusalem. Check it out! 2. The carefully orchestrated attacks on Jews visiting the Temple Mount are just a modern version of political manipulation of religious feelings. 3. Since Temple Mount is in charge of the Wakf, I find it strange that its alleged holiness to Islam is served by the rubbish allowed to collect up there, and of course Arab schoolboys playing football etc. on this "holy" site.
5. Temple Mount
Gerald ,   Sweden   (03.20.14)
'Palestinian', The Temple Mount is judaisms holiest site, the Temple existed there hundreds of years before arab hordes conquered the Land of Israel. The Temple Mount belongs to Israel and it's every jews right to ascend and pray there. Moslems have M&M, we jews have the Temple Mount. The present govt is so afraid of moslems violence they'd do anything to prevent jews rights on the mount, but the day is fast approaching when the 3rd Temple will rise on the mount and the world will know that the jews eternal and god given right to the Temple Mount has been restored.
6. Provocation? Savages need no excuse!
Johannes ,   Norway   (03.20.14)
7. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.20.14)
Okay. We will let you cart away that horrendous squat thing with you when you leave. The not-so-veiled threat in the second paragraph of your post is poorly timed, I must say. People are losing patience with the "Palestinians" and their constant violence. You are a guest in the State of Israel. What do you think will happen when you make yourself truly unwelcome? Hint: It will not be the Jews who will pack up and leave. But, as I said, you can take that ugly blue eyesore with you. The Temple Mount is ours. Always has been. Stop demanding that which never has been -- and never will be -- yours. Haven't you noticed that the world is turning a deaf ear? There are real problems to deal with, and everyone's sick of the "Palestinians" and their violence and intransigence. You're a guest; behave like one.
8. Indeed, har ha-bait is not a disputed territory; it is
NLK ,   Israel   (03.20.14)
rather part of the sovereign territory of the liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, the State of Israel.
9. Jerusalem is no mentioned once in the Koran
nethanel ,   jerusalem   (03.20.14)
And the Koran even affirms that Israel belongs to the Jews. Learn your own religion before making false claims.
10. G-d don't be wantin' MK Feiglin on Temple Mount...
Israela ,   Israel   (03.20.14)
G-d is using the Muslims to tell MK Feiglin that: He don't be wantin' MK Feiglin on HIS Holy Mountain. MK Feiglin is being vain and stubborn and not listening...after all, it is up to the Moshiach to get us up on the Mount at the right time. Moshiach isn't here yet so what's up with MK Feiglin's vain and stubborn behaviour?
11. To 2 , "palestinian" [ ??? ]
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.20.14)
The third holy mosque ? And why did NO Saudi ruler , "good" Muslims I think , visit this so called "holy" site from 1948 to 1967 when it was illegally occupied by Jordan ?
12. A bit of nitpicking, but...
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (03.20.14)
we should clear all small stones from the temple mount area.
13. Pulling A Sharon?
World Citizen ,   the world   (03.20.14)
Agitating for violence and maybe even instigating another Infatada. Any excuse to murder the indigenous population of Palestine.
14. #2 : Not true.
GS ,   Germany   (03.20.14)
15. #7 Sarah B: Thank you. Well said.
GS ,   Germany   (03.20.14)
16. #10 By what reasoning
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (03.20.14)
Except racist would He want idolaters on the mount and not observant Israeli's? My guess is your waiting for mashiach is a ploy not to keep Torah. Where is the son of David that must come from Beit Lekhem?
17. Spineless!
Ram ,   London   (03.20.14)
Why is the Israeli government so spineless? It is OK for 1.5 million arabs to do as they wish within Israel but Jews cannot enter certain areas within their own country? And how is praying anywhere a threat to anyone? It is time to take an example from Ben Shapiro. Jews must go on the attack of the haters and NOT seek the path of defence!!
18. #2 daylight liars..............
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (03.20.14)
Common sense??????? what common sense??????????????? Common sense that the whole world equate Muslim to ownership is Mecca. The claim of islamic jerusalem is subjective and wild imagination for battle ground. The world claim Jerusalem is holy to Jews, Christian and Muslims. But look how selfish and violent you are. If Jerusalem is the source of food and water to keep the whole world alive then you (Palestinians) will genocide all others except Arabs. (end) God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob bless Israel and Zion
19. When will the Jews stop being dhimmis in their own land ?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.20.14)
20. to 13 , "world citizen" [ ??? ] TRY # 2
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.20.14)
If Israel wanted to eliminate the so called "Palestinians" , there would be NO need for an excuse . But Israel does NOT wanted , don't wants , and never will do it . We are NOT so called "world citizens" , we are HUMAN beings .
21. Sarah @ 7 ,...
split ,   US   (03.20.14)
This what you call 'horrendous squat thing' is registered on the list of UNESCO world heritage sites among hundreds of others build by Muslims, tell us what artifact or structure have your homies made or build (ever) that I can look at, touch and admire? ,...
22. MK Feiglin nothing better else to do
Haim   (03.20.14)
Maybe his Royal holiness MK Feiglin should stick to his duties in the knesset without deliberately going out to stir up trouble.
23. Charlie @ 20 ,...
split ,   US   (03.20.14)
You right Charlie boy you could have done it but you need a cheap labor force locked in Swiss cheese clusters at night and market for the product they make at you plants. Foreign Gastarbeiters spend minimum in Israel, send money to their families, mingle with Jews and have to be accomodated among them - Bad deal ;) ,...
24. Assasination Attempt on Moshe Feiglin - the real headline
Aviela ,   Migron RC, Israel   (03.20.14)
Can we please start calling it like it is? These are not pebbles, people! They are ROCKS. They can and have and unfortunately continue to maim and murder people. When a rock is thrown at a person, it is and should be treated as attempted murder.
25. By the way # 20 ,...
split ,   US   (03.20.14)
Demanding from foreigners to sign contracts not to mingle with Jews can be embarrassing - Got my response @ 'The number is with me everywhere I go' ,...
26. More evidence Feiglin doesn't back down under pressure.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.20.14)
I hope Feiglin maintains his so far perfect record of always strongly asserting Israel's rights and NEVER backing down under pressure. That is exactly what Israel needs in a Prime Minister. Feiglin is being tested. I hope he passes with flying colours.
27. sprotje 21 , 23 . The Liar and distorter # 1
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (03.20.14)
The city of Tel Aviv is on the list of UNESCO world heritage , more than 4000 Bauhaus style buildings . Here you're not welcome of course . You can see the Golden Gate Bridge , build by a Jew , Joseph Strauss . Pals are not needed so much as work force anymore , so we can , if we want it , eliminate them , but we are NOT sprotjes [ AKA split ] either , we are HUMANS .
28. #2, you do realize that Al-Aqsa was built by the Byzantines?
Jake ,   USA   (03.20.14)
The architecture is unmistakable. Hard to believe your third holiest site is actually a church, but it is. As for the Golden Dome, that building was erected to protect a Jewish holy site, its not an Islamic site at all. One would think Muslims would actually know their own history.
29. to No.2 - you forgot that the Temple was there before
daniela   (03.20.14)
so that site is important and HOLY to us as well. You have to allow jews to enter and pray in that Place. Jerusalem is not in Palestine, Jerusalem is the capital of the JEWISH State of Israel. It was Holy to the Jews before the islam was born. You have no rights on Jerusalem
30. Visits to Temple Mount are provocations
exUK ,   TEL AVIV   (03.20.14)
They are meant to cause trouble ,so that retaliation is an"I Told You So!" Feiglin is a far right pain in the A---. He is intent on stirring up trouble.. When Sharon went walkabout on Temple Mount (to prove he could---with a large entourage of police or IDF,he KNEW that it would lead to much trouble.So much so that in England,we had a hastily arranged emergency meeting at the shool with a prepared speech and 2 pre arrange questions from the floor,all led by the ambassador,or similar.This only happened within a day,because of the anticipated response from the Arabs. There are dozens of reports of today's event on google news from ALL the Arab press AND rest of the world..It does Israel no good at all,and I do not wish the rest of the world to believe that Feiglin and his extreme followers speak for the majority of Israelis.Maybe SOME of the settlers?
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