Mossad: 8 Iranian-Jews that went missing in the 90s were murdered
Yoav Zitun
Published: 20.03.14, 21:59
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1. Hmm ,...
split ,   US   (03.20.14)
It looks like the families made it safely from that 'evil' regime ;) ,... Few years later Dablia received information from a very, very, very credible source that Sadam got WMD and we're still looking for it ,...
2. the shia terror entity must be destroyed
CJK   (03.20.14)
iran is the premier terror state in the world. the shia terrorists murder and slaughter all non-shia, including all jews, all westerners, and sunna. they have never paid the price for their murderous acts of terror. this must stop. this terror regime and their nuclear weapons program must be destroyed before they can use nuclear weapons for nuclear terror and nuclear blackmail.
3. What nonsense...
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (03.20.14)
In 1997, as today, Jews are free to come and leave from Iran. At least my relatives are. So what about this story, is it a total lie or are there some missing details, i.e.- relation to criminal activity?
4. Even the KGB takes its hat off to Mossad.
Israeli 2   (03.21.14)
I don't know how they do it, but I am certainly glad they are on Israel's side. My condolences to the 8 Jews. May their souls aid in avenging the Iranian murderers.
5. #3 - Needless to mention ,...
split ,   US   (03.21.14)
Some time ago Israeli government promised $15.000 per head if they move to Israel and except a part of one family no one did ,...
6. We must release more prisoners
Joe Shmoe israeli   (03.21.14)
Then everyone will love us.
7. To nr 5 - If you love the Iranian regime, why don't you..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.21.14)
...move to Iran? I'm sure they can guarantee you personal safety and democratic rights. I mean Iran is World known to be a light onto other nations - just like Poland, which has stolen hundreds of billions of dollars from the Jews during WW2 and the Cold War. Of course the Iranian Jews won't leave Iran, because Iran won't let them, in the same way as Communist Romania and USSR refused to let their Jewish citizens leave for Israel. Take into account that I said COMMUNIST Romania and USSR - they wouldn't let Jews leave their countries. Israel even had to pay Romania to let Romanian Jews leave the country. So much for your theory that Jews equal Communism and that Communism equals Jews. You're so stupid. Now why are you so interested in this matter split? Another attempt in whitewashing Israel's enemies (Iran seeks Israel's destruction) and another attempt in demonizing the Jewish people and Israel - a people and nation you supposedly don't hate?
8. To nr 1 But their lost ones didn't make it
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.21.14)
What on earth split has your talkback got to with Kaganovich, Solomon, the First Temple, German compensation for Jews during WW2, Israeli/Jewish technology, the famine in Ukraine, Jewish-Polish relations and "Palestinians"? You once stated in a talkback that you don't hate Jews. Well, considering the fact that you portray yourself as a person who doesn't hate Jews, you display 100% hostility to Jews, and 0% sympathies with them on a daily basis, in every single talkback, in every single article on every conceivable topic - and yet I haven't heard what "crimes" Jews have committed. Many nationalities - including the Poles, have committed horrible crimes against humanity for centuries, yet they don't draw your attention and hatred. So it's not about the "crimes" Jews have committed, its about them being Jews that bothers you. I'm sure that Jewish "participation" in the Ukrainian famine or Jewish Communists in Greece or the "fairytales" of 4000 years of Jewish history (4000 years of Jewish history in Israel is verified by several ancient civilizations - your "hasbara" crap ain't working dimhead), are probably connected to Iranian Jews being murdered for fleeing Iran in the 1990s. If you like Iran, you're more then welcome to move there. But I don't think Iranians like Poles and Catholics very much. And I don't think you can voice your opinion in Iranian newspapers either.
9. #3 Avi
Volvi   (03.21.14)
You write shtuyot. Jews were NEVER allowed to leave Iran on masse under the ayatollahs, only individuals say going to study abroad etc. But never as a family, family members were always held behind as quasi hostages to make sure those that left return. Those that did manage to get out as families had help and not from Iran. Before the revolution of 1979 it was an open border.
10. #3 Avi. No we were not allowed to leave Iran back then..
until a few years ago we, Iranian Jews were not allowed to have a passport. Only Moslems could have passports and leave the country. specially boys were also not able to leave the country becuase the Islamic government of Iran used to draft Jewish men to go to war with Iraq and join the war between Iranian and Iraqi Moslems! (the war lasted for 8 years and Jews also had to go to war and fight for the sake of these two group of Moslems , Iranians and Iraqis, who are now very friendly with each other and work together against the Jewish state of Israel.) Some Moslems were also not allowed to leave the country and even today every now and then the Islamic governemnt seized the passports of political activists who protests governemnt crimes and they too are not allowed to leave the country.
11. #5: "no one did" move from Iran?
jdc   (03.21.14)
In 1979 100,000 Jews have lived in Iran. That population is down by 90% as most of them have left since, settling mostly in Israel and US. LA has lots of them. Shaul Mofaz is a nice example of a Persian expat from an earlier era. Still, Jews in Iran are allowed to practice Judaism and are free to hold political opinions as long as they match the govt, That goes without saying for the one Jewish MP for whom quitting is not an option :)
12. That was 1997... Ukraine is murdering Jewish people now
Miron ,   USA   (03.21.14)
but gets preferential treatment. One may want to ask, what's the difference. With friends like this...
13. Shot like chickens on the fences like Palestinians in Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.21.14)
14. Yawn ..... Another Day Of Demonizing The Muslims
Bibi must be desperate these days. Iran is guilty of hijacking the plane they can't find, they're going to have nuclear weapons next week, they are behind the attack on the Syrian border, they murdered these poor Jews 20 years ago, they did this and they're going to do that if those Americans don't fight our war for us... blah, blah blah etc etc. Sorry it's not going to work. The rest of us, including even some of the formally clueless Americans, have caught on to Bibi's lies. Even the American Jews are tired of him.
15. Story does not add up
Johnny Boy ,   NYC   (03.21.14)
Why were they sneaking out instead of just leaving via a plane to Paris or Istanbul like other Iranian Jews did? Were they Mossad agents that were trying to avoid capture?
16. Iranian Jews
Russell ,   Tel Aviv   (03.21.14)
Something doesn't make sense. Even from Iran, if one wants to leave, you buy a plane ticket and leave. have to figure out how to get your money out, sell your possessions (as much as possible), etc etc. But...they have airlines and a working airport. What does it mean "escape across the border???" No country allows people to "run across borders" - for this there are border crossings and airports. Some piece is missing from this sad puzzle.
17. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.21.14)
Yes. The missing piece is called a "passport." Ever try to board a plane without one?
18. To: No. 3 and No. 5, redux
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.21.14)
Great Neck, New York -- one of the wealthiest communities in the United States -- is home to around 8,000 Iranian Jews, all of whom fled following the Islamic revolution. All of them will tell you that they have family members still in Iran, who are denied passports and are persecuted. Why do you both persist in trafficking in stories that are easily refuted by people who actually happen to be part of the Jewish community from Iran? Do you think you are fooling anyone? Except yourselves, of course, but the delusional have no difficulty being -- well -- delusional.
19. To: No. 15
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.21.14)
By 1994 and certainly 1997 -- in point of fact, by 1985 -- it became impossible for Jews to leave Iran legally; the Jewish community in Iran is not eligible to receive passports, and on the extremely rare occasion that it becomes absolutely necessary for one to leave, his entire family must stay behind. Mossad agents? Boy, Johnny, are you ever dumb!
20. So much for the "Jews are happy in Iran" myth
Tahl   (03.22.14)
That the Iranian leadership (as well as many other antisemites and Israel-haters) love to recite. Iranian Jews are meek diasporic Jews, afraid of their own shadows. The total allegiance and loyalty they show to their oppressive leadership is hardly surprising. They know all too well that the alternative is being annihilated.
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