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French aliyah up 312% in Jan-Feb
Published: 31.03.14, 11:18
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1. It's also the economy
misha ,   TA   (03.31.14)
I don't doubt that there are plenty of reasons for French Jews to immigrate to Israel, but a major consideration is the French economy. This should not be underestimated. Hollande is hitting everyone with extra taxes and rising prices and a lot of these people are leaving for those reasons.
2. FN is on the rise
Local elections have just proven that FN is on the rise. And during the last presidential elections of 2012, among all french communities that live abroad, the one that mostly voted FN is the French community of.... Israel! Ironic isn't it?
3. Vive la quenelle! Keep'em comin!!
HaifaGuy   (03.31.14)
4. Sharon called all French Jews more than 10 years ago
Anna M ,   Rome-Italy   (03.31.14)
Sharon was a good man,he called the Jews in France to come back to Israel,but only few are listening.... Jews are not safe anymore in this World,and now is time to come back Home in Israel...Later,when the antisemitism will get worse,it might be too late....
5. French Alyah:Mazel Tov & G-d Bless You
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.31.14)
6. Fewer Jews
Simcha ,   NYC USA   (03.31.14)
If most French Jews make Aliyah, France will be the big loser. All the brilliant minds and productive people leaving means a greater percentage of the population will be Muslim....and we all know what that means for France.
7. To Haifa Guy #3's racist comments.
Anthony Fallon ,   Manchester UK   (03.31.14)
I appreciate that Israel desparately needs Halachic Jewish Immigration bearing in mind that only around 7 out of 10 citizens within her 1967 borders are Jewish according to Jewish law & Jews may even be in a minority if one includes the West Bank territory. That said, i find your comments APPAULING. You have got absolutely no grasp of how Dieudonne Mbala & his reverse Nazi salute has traumatised many Jewish people in France and other countries in the diaspora. May i also remind you that Nicholas Anelka has also been banned by the English football association and kicked out of West Bromwich Albion football club for publicly performing (AND NOT APOLOGISING) the action which you are advocating. If you lived in France or the UK, you could easily be prosecuted for your racist comments. SHAME ON YOU (i thought that overt racist comments & slurs are banned on Y Net talkbacks).
8. # 1 Don't ignore the obvious
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (03.31.14)
anti semitism rises as the economy worsens. KEEP BUILDING !!!
9. And to those enterprising immigrants from France
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.31.14)
Success is not just about High Tech There are plenty of opportunities in Israel in export led Consumer Goods manufacturing - Fashion, Leatherwear, Perfumes,Toiletries and Cosmetics, Food Manufacturing, Hotels, Hospitality and Tourism - just coincidentally the very product mixes of Quality Made in Israel Merchandise that could also be perfect to enhance the higher end Shopping Experience for Visitors and Tourists to Israel And don't forget to take a look at all the potential benefits that locating the business within the Ashdod Ashkelon Beersheba Triangle can bring!
10. French pay 75 % tax. Aliyah or tax avoidance?
Sexy Jack ,   Paris   (03.31.14)
is about tax avoidance. Not for a better quality of life, which Israel in almost all ways will NOT be providing I'm sorry to say. Also - the mass buying of apartments isnt in prepapration for a massive aliyah its to hide money away from the tax authorities. Google anything I am saying here, its all true. The most shocking being 75% tax!!
11. #1 Are you trying to say that the rats leaving ship? ,...
split ,   US   (03.31.14)
Nothing new, it's their trademark ,...
12. idealism or anti-Semitism?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (03.31.14)
What will be the bigger cause for American Jews to come to Israel? idealism or anti-Semitism? Should they wait or come now while the coming is easy and the opportunities are high?
13. Venezula - France jews - Get out now!!
Abey ,   Miami   (03.31.14)
In world war 2 the jews in europe wanted to stay even though they knew it started getting bad. It is now very bad for the jews in Venezula and france which is only the beginning. We pray 3 times a day in the tefilah "nekibetz nidchai omo israel" so we are praying and hashem is answering. how is hashem answering us by each country taking his turn on 1) kicking out the jews 2) if you dont what to leave then you will be Annihilated. But why these countries? and why this pattern? if you ever visited these countries france & venezula the jews that live there have a lot of money and live comfortable. they attend sometimes synagouge, but are very much into high fashion and material, blending into society and forgetting the 613 laws that were commanded to us by moses. It sound primitave that because the jews are blending into society such a thing will happen like worldwar 2 and the high alyia rate that is happening now. the society the jews need to live in is only the torah society which is encarved on every mans skin as an oath. Once you have this encarvment on the skin which is called a brit you are liable to keep your oath. What happens to someone that doesnt keep the kings oath? it becomes mind boggling and could turn bad. WAKE UP ISRAEL!!!
14. 7.
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.31.14)
Kudos to you Anthony. No amount of complaining has helped so far. Ultimately # 3 will run into grave problems, with his mouth, in the street.
15. #11: are most new Americans rats then ? are you ?
jdc   (04.01.14)
I thought Jews leaving makes you happy. Lets the others enjoy each other's company undisturbed by Jews. I see it as a win-win.
16. Simcha,
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (04.01.14)
You are wrong, the better reason the French jews are leaving the Hexagone is an economic one. Here, in Québec, we are invaded by thousands of educated frenchies who are looking for a job and, by the way, a new life. At the end, I would like to know the number of french jews who are immigrating in Québec.
17. 11
and why should you care??? most of us, jews and christians, are free to move, go and relocate anywhere we all wish. if jews, which i am not one of them, wishes to relocate to israel for any reason, is that your business? i don;t think so. as long as you are not paying the relocation fee, who are you to judge???? and calling jews rats??? my, my, aren't we a nasty one, ha???? pure antisemitism and probably some jealousy combined? after all, jews are so much more successful, intellectually superior and academically superior to any polish immigrant from the old eastern european block.....especially french and german and austrian jews....yes, those you call rats. pity!!!! but you were unfortunatelly not born with jewish genes and therefore the only way to forgive yourself or feel superior to them is via hate and put downs. polish folks are best as hog farmers and farm hands in general. jews were always the intelligentsia. too bad for you that the gap is too expansive to even contemplate reaching the jews' standards in your case.
18. French Jews have a strong band to Israel
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (04.01.14)
Many bought an apartment here , visit here many times . Israel reminds them of the North African countries were many originated from ? Many have already relatives here .
19. #11 Like you ran away from Poland?
With your tail between your legs.
20. Thanks for your words #17
Esteban ,   Argentina   (04.01.14)
21. Thank you, #17.
GS ,   Germany   (04.01.14)
22.  French Sefardim is a vibrant society
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.01.14)
Welcome in Israel.
23. They are only replacing....
Jerome ,   AKL   (04.01.14)
They are only replacing the young Israeli families immigrating en masse to New Zealand. Common reason: housing prices. Free the land that belongs to all the people of Israel for affordable housing and you will retain highly educated & talented families who made Israel as strong as it is today. The ex Israelis brought in their expertise for the benefit of NZ. A stupid policy and a loss to Israel.
24. 20 and 21
you're welcome. it is just that as a christian and not particularly religious myself, i have always found that the jewish mind, their life style, their education and their general achievements are unparalleled to any other nationality or people on this earth. it is simply because of the above and because of severe insecurity and inferiority complexes that people like SPLIT AND HERR HITLER, can never handle jewish success or any kind. they are both steeped in severe jealousy, hatred and antisemitism that is a classical occurence amongst the haters....the verbal insults, the verbal abuses shows them for who they are. they are the ones that are suffering while the jews go from one success and achievement to the next. this bothers the haters and this is why they stoop so very low to name calling and broad brush strokes on all jews. i feel sorry for these haters. they have not a minute of peace in their lives and their existence, as you obviously see, is spending their entire day on jewish websites, bringing forth conspiracy theories, old antisemitic tropes, etc... if they had a job to speak of or a life, maybe, they would end up being productive in life and not in hate. as a christian, i know who these people are. i have seen them operate and i know what's on their mind. sorry for them will not begin to describe the pity i feel for someone, especially, like split.
25. 17
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.01.14)
Thank you. Stay safe & take good care of yourself.
26. # 17 Whoever you are, Shalom and Mazel Tov!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.02.14)
Can you imagine how much faster israel would progress if she BUILDS ALL OF ISRAEL? 2,000 plus years is far too long to wait for the approval of hostiles before one build their own land. !!!! BUILDING MORE HOMES FOR MORE JEWS !!!!
27. Let's put things in the right perspective
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam / Holland   (04.02.14)
An increase of 312% leads to a number of 854 French Jews making aliyah in two months, which is 5124 new olim arriving in Israel from France on a yearly basis. With 700 thousand Jews living in France, this adds up to less than 1% of French Jews making aliyah in 2014. It 's not like French Jews are leaving France in droves for Israel, as some seem to suggest.
28. 11
y Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (04.02.14)
As per usual you have nothing to say-so why post.
29. 27
most are leaving, but they are leaving for london, england. some for israel. but most do buy lots of condos in israel...JUST IN CASE IT GETS REALLY BAD IN EUROPE FOR THEM.
30. Why move?
Oleg ,   Florida USA   (04.05.14)
I don't like French cheese or wine. Because of those ghetto jews my brother in Ashdod cannot purchase an apartment. They buy everything with their ill gains and than flip the apts for major profites. We are not happy you are coming to Israel. A brother of a veteran.
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