Kerry: No prisoner deal yet, talks continuing
Ynet, Reuters
Published: 01.04.14, 22:17
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1. end this charade.
ralph   (04.01.14)
2. One thing I can tell you... people who want peace don't.....
Ziggy   (04.01.14)
RELEASE TERRORISTS Kerry is a scheming political opportunist
3. Let's hear the truth from Kerry !!
Ben ,   USA   (04.01.14)
Palis want everything yet are willing to give nothing. Everyone knows this peace deal is a sham.
4. Peace deal is a wet dream.
Ben S ,   Free World   (04.01.14)
It's time for Kerry & Abbas to change their depends.
stude ham   (04.02.14)
why should he ever have negotiated anything with Israel when that phony UN state was his to be handed on a silver platter by that phony UN body?
6. kerry Has No Knowledge Of History
The Shiloah (Siloam) inscription (כתובת השילוח) or Silwan inscription is a passage of inscribed text found in the Hezekiah tunnel which brings water from the Gihon Spring to the Pool of Siloam, located in the City of David in East Jerusalem neighborhood of Shiloah or "Silwan". The inscription records the construction of the tunnel in the 8th century BCE. It is among the oldest extant records of its kind written in Hebrew using the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet, and its association with the tunnel provides evidence for the ancient Biblical narrative.
7. Go ahead, the UN will not vote in favor
mea   (04.02.14)
of recognition. This "test" will force the UN's hand because ultimately, it serves many nations to use the Palestinians as tools to harm Israel by proxy. It is not Israel that holds up statehood--it is the Palestinians and their brothers who hold it up. If they wanted a state, they could have easily had one using the Roadmap. No, the truth is this little exercise will cost them very dearly when and if they attempt to force the hand of the UN. Israel gives way too much to the world to be punished simply for refusing to release murderers whom no European nation would dare suggest releasing if the tables were turned.
8. Go home quickly
James ,   USA   (04.02.14)
Unless you want to get caught in the line of fire. This failure of your negotiations simply incited both sides and will lead to a state of war. Israel is not going to accept unilateral demands from anyone or any world body under any threat.
9. Where is the Framework JVAL & Jrslm For Israel
MARTIN SA   (04.02.14)
Where is the Framework with JVAL & Jrslm For Israel - this is the professionally recommended framework. Kerry too scared to risk the truth of consultation. By not proposing the framework he allows a default of no plan at all. Abbass then can approach UN the non outcome of negotiation, and claim he met all terms of the PEACE PROCESS AGREEMENT adopted/signed off A WH Admnstratn Kerry & BHObama B Livni BB and the whole Israeli cabinet-then threatenedwith Boycotts by EU resolution on Territories C Abbass and his team. So all parties are tied into terms and conditions and Erets Yisroel has most to lose if Abbass is allowed to assert PA being a full member of UN. This is why Kerry is in a TIZZ He Must put down the PEACE Framework which give us YESHA Jordan Valley and all of Jerusalem. Failure to do this Livni will say I told you so, when she initially capitulated by proposing the agreement. Kerry needs to show Bravery and solicit support of congress and Senate when all hell brakes loose. Am Yisroel Chai
10. Stay Home Kerry; No deal with the devil
11. of course, abbas was just signing letters to his
michael   (04.02.14)
grandchild's school principal surely it was not to the U.N.
12. Mr. Kerry, if you walk away from Abbas...
manicdrummer ,   Haifa, Israel   (04.02.14) will be seen as giving up on the Palestinians. If that's your choice, I hope you're willing to live with the consequences. And you can't blame Israel if the peace talks fail altogether.
13. Failed Kerry deal GREAT!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.02.14)
Nice to know that who ever is sent on obama's behalf, they fail as grandly as does obama. So, after the release of pal terrorists, Kerry walks away.. Was that the sole purpose of obama? to allow his cronies to go free despite their being convicted murderers? If so, nice going obama maybe one of them will find you and your family.. Just to say thank you? KEEP BUILDING !!!!
14. Kerry to Israel: :"Free terrorist
Reuven   (04.02.14)
prisoners." Kerry to Afghanistan: "How dare you free terrorist prisoners?"
15. Would the USA release 100 terrorists to the general public??
Rick ,   Florida, USA   (04.02.14)
Why do you ask Israel to do it? Talk about massive DOUBLE STANDARD.
16. Keep talking Pollards release is soon.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.02.14)
Just be sure and build.. KEEP BUILDING !!!
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