Palestinians publish new list of demands: PM must agree to East Jerusalem as capital
Elior Levy
Published: 03.04.14, 18:27
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1. Demands
NIgel ,   London   (04.03.14)
Cancel Oslo Accords Annex key areas Report to them to the War Crimes Tribunal every time they allow missiles to be fired Cease co-operation re water and power They have no only not given an inch, they are trying to take a mile
2. We're done here!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.03.14)
May as well ask for the moon! And the United States administration thinks Israel is being difficult? Pack it in, annex Judea and Samaria, and repatriate the Arabs therein to Jordan. Abbas can ratify all the United Nations conventions he wants from the friendly confines of Amman. A poseur pretending to be a head of state of a fictional "nation." We are well rid of that rabble.
3. Goodbye peace process
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (04.03.14)
hello death and destruction, once again. All brought to you by the religion of piece. A piece here, a piece there and then pieces everywhere. Tell me we all weren't expecting this?! They don't want peace at all and the only ones who won't see it are our rose tinted glass wearing "leaders"! I just hope this whole farce ends with the arubs getting what they deserve. A one way ticket to Syria with the parting gift of a boot to the pants.
stude ham   (04.03.14)
in the meantime we now know why we have to keep on building our settlements. BUILD ISRAEL BUILD!
5. so if this is the list to keep talking, what is left ?
1967, Jerusalem etc... as precondition.. and the rest of the negotiations are about what? Tel Aviv and Holon? This is ridiculous.
6. The list, in and of itself, is proof
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.03.14)
positive that they don't want peace.
7. Yeah right
Steve ,   USA   (04.03.14)
In other words Israel must surrender unconditionally. Kerry will then blame Israel for the collapse of the negotiations as will his sweetheart Ashton from Europastan. Brainless Kerry has already let the Pals know that the US will not be able to stop them from going to the UN, so what did he expect.
8. the Israeli's should give a list back!
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (04.03.14)
#1-proof of commitment the pally charter will be changed and to stop teaching their children hate, jihad and lies about Jews and Israels history! #2-no release of murders because they are not political prisoners! #3-an end to hamas charter to kill all the Jews and no bombings, rocket fire and dearming of hamASS before any goods go to gaza! #4-return all stolen land and homes taken by Jordan in 1948! #5-the pallys would not be bothered in area A if they weren't commiting crimes to begin with, so the Pallys also have to honor all the commitments in Oslo accords they have lied about from the start of the accords! #6-Israel will allow the PA control over area C when the PA learns to control itself from lying, stealing promoting murder and hate also to it's own people not just the Israelis. #7-the pallys have to stop the harassment of Christian and the Church of Nativity deportees if they want to be allowed to come back can in jail! #8-reopen development agencies that are peaceful and respectful that are monitored by Israel! #9-If Jews are not allowed in the new terror Pally state all Pallys should leave Israel and live in the new welfare state of pallyland!
9. Thanks Kerry, for destroying peace!
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (04.03.14)
Stereotyping people might work in some places, but here in the ME a far different picture exists. Most Jewish settlers and local Arabs actually enjoyed peace of a kind through maintaining the status quo. Then along comes this present US administration with a self full filling prophesy 'demanding' an end to the status quo for peace. Am I missing something here? The peace 'process' has always been the actual solution itself, but I guess simple things are hard to grasp when some have the opportunity to run amok with their experiments.
10. Abbas shut up and die
steve from raleigh   (04.03.14)
Bang your head on the floor.
11. When will this farse end ?.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (04.03.14)
12. We are not weak...far from.
Lynx ,   Palestine   (04.03.14)
We have a strategy unlike your chief liar bibi who has led you to the 1 state reality. You see he along with the other racists and ideologue extremists in his govt may as well work for us!
13. Abbas forgets one demand- that pigs will fly
This is not formula for negotiation but dictat.
14. And after this list ...
Charles ,   petach Tikva   (04.03.14)
Tel Aviv , Haifa , Ashdod , Elat , end of Jewish immigration ? They can ask , but if they truly want a Peace , they'll have to ask much less than their list . This list proves only that they aren't interested in a state living side by side with Israel , in a peaceful solution . They are the losers , as always .
15. "Palestinian authority"
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (04.03.14)
Always complaining, without doing anything constructive and every time blaiming the other party.! May Israel exist forever and always, with Jerusalem as undivided and eternal capital!
16. Winners and losers
David Guy ,   Rehovot, Israel   (04.03.14)
Please remind me who won the wars.
17. The Pals to the Rescue!
Jordan Ariel ,   USA   (04.03.14)
Thankfully once again the Pals “leadership” saves Israel from itself, while simultaneously shooting itself in the foot. These demands are well designed so that no Israeli leader could accept them without destroying the government. This gives the Pals “no choice” but to go to the UN. That being said… I wonder if Abbas remembers the Munich Olympics? If Israeli leaders get tried for war crimes… Abbas is getting ready to open the door to join them. I’m also looking forward for my country (USA) to cut off aid to the PA due to their actions.
18. All Israel concessions are to appeaseObama and his MB cadres
Alan ,   SA   (04.03.14)
..... One list of Pal demands, if fulfilled ,will ;lead to another list of demands. The aim is to wipe out the Jewish majority from the River to the Sea ,then send the Jews packing to Europe and the Americas ..In this regard they have the full support of the current POTUS,Husein O They conveniently forget how many Israelis are from Arab Countries from Morocco to Iraq,Afghanistan and even India (BTW Muslims are fast becoming a sizable population in almost ALL countries of western world-so where will Jews be safe after arriving there.Look at France!)
19. Kerry is so wiity!
Ram ,   London   (04.03.14)
"So now is the time to drink". Is Kerry referring to the conditions given by Abbas for Netanyahu to drink? Isn't that a poisoned chalice or is Kerry that shallow? With their acts and free tongue, the US is empowering Abbas to make ridiculous demands.
20. Palestinian demands
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (04.03.14)
Get lost!
21. Demands
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (04.03.14)
After looking at these demands one would think that Israel lost in 1948, 1967, 1973, 1982, etc. Well Mr. Abbas they didn't. How dare they make these silly demands. With peace partners like this who needs enemies.
22. Wishful thinking
Larry ,   Northridge, usa   (04.03.14)
The palestinians remind me of a child preparing a list for santa. It starts out with something perhaps obtainable. Soon the child becomes greedy and starts asking for more and more, till he becomes silly and is asking for things he should knows he will never get. Kerry will have to act like the parent of a toddler and rein in his greedy kid abbas.
23. How long must the Israeli Government
michael   (04.03.14)
continue to disgrace embarrass and deligitimize itself by chasing after a people that didn;t exist before 1964? How long must we continue this came by getting egg on our face? I think Abbas has made it crytal clear what he thinks about the peace process, Israel and the United States. Its time to isolate him
24. East Jerusalem as PA capital?
Alex ,   New York, NY   (04.03.14)
To me it’s similar as if Japan after losing the war against the US, would demand that part of the peace agreement, Honolulu must be Japanese capital.
25. Bibi should turn the palestinians street against Abbas
zionist forever   (04.03.14)
Abbas knows Bibi cannot deliver this shopping list even if he wanted to his coalition would fall. Even if Herzog were PM and in a coalition with Meretz what Abbas is demanding is to much to deliver. The man is not even interested in doing this deal he just wants Israel to reject it and so he can go to the UN and say look I did everything I could to make talks work but Bibi isn't interested so support my UN bid. We should stop playing by his rules and go on the offensive and a good way to do that is by hurting Abbas on the streets. Bibi should announce that the cabinet has been mulling the idea of cancelling all work permits for any palestiians working in Israel if Abbas goes to the UN Do that and the tens of thousands who are going to loose their jobs will tell Abbas do not go to the UN, you might be a multi millionaire but we are not. Without the support from the street Abbas cannot do anything so we can start dictating terms to him. Cancling work permits is not against any international laws so Abbas cannot go moaning to the UN or any of his buddies.
26. ANNEX all of J&S NOW.Stop this Jew hater Abbas in his tracks
Mickey ,   Israel   (04.03.14)
And then let the PA collapse. People to people we can make peace but not as long as the corrupt and evil PA are running the show.
27. Not dismantling of Israel....? LMAO
Sam1am ,   Israel n USA   (04.03.14)
28. to #5 what is left to talk about?
kerry ,   usa   (04.03.14)
Your rights to live here and their rights to live in Jordan Palestine. Kerry
29. Michael Oren's Plan 'B'
Dave ,   Colorado, USA   (04.03.14)
Next, the Arabs will ask that the tides be changed... Face it, they are not sincere in their desire for real peace as demonstrated by these constant hurdles and refusal to accept a Jewish state in their midst. That said, I don't believe it is in the best interest of Israel to rule over these people forever, regardless of our legitimate right to frankly all of Judea and Samaria. Time to cut bait. Redraw the borders and lose this Arab albatross around the neck of Israel. Leave the Pals to their own devices... If they attack Israel afterwards then treat them as Hamas was treated during Operation Cast Lead. Show them little mercer.
30. #5
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (04.03.14)
Half of Israel now, the rest later.
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