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AUDIO: Dreaming of breaking down the walls
Margarita Erbach
Published: 09.04.14, 01:04
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1. Sad to see it all go.
Israeli 2   (04.09.14)
Actually it is not impressive at all. The graffiti and their painters must one day very soon be dislocated to Syria and Jordan.
2. The "wall", which put an end to the suicide bombers,
Jake   (04.09.14)
is actually only 6% wall. Kind of like the "facts" presented in this propaganda effort. 6% facts, 94% spin.
3. Jews live in Pal-land will never happen
mary_of_Bethany ,   Singapore   (04.09.14)
if ever Israelis admin. naively allow pal refugees to flood the Israel Proper, which will topple the demographic balance, yet for Jews to live in pal land will never happens, they will be denied proper respectable jobs, good education, social standings, even voting rights, kids will be mocked at , girls will be molested, jewish old men will be harassed.... and the wide medias will not ever report such discrimination!
4. It is important to have these asylum-like congregations of
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.09.14)
Useful Israeli Idiots, so we know who they are & where to find them, should PEACE suddenly break out between Islam & rest of the Judeo-Christian world. How do they look in the mirror and not burst out with laughter? Or maybe they do, on our expense?
5. Don't touch our wall - we love it.
Ezer   (04.09.14)
Majority of Israelis love our wall/fence. Why? Because it gives us Peace & security. There is no solution to the ME conflict. It can only be managed for the next 1-2,000 years and what better way to manage it than building walls so we can live in peace with our not so nice neighbours?
6. #2 you hit the nail Jake; and what to expact from Erbach and her gangs?
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