Swiss, UN accept Palestinian requests to join international treaties
Associated Press
Published: 11.04.14, 13:22
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1. Conventions and Institutions
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.11.14)
Great on Abbas CV,,,but a DEAD END for Statehood So just get back to FINISHING what you started
2. Abbas
alan ,   Richfield   (04.11.14)
Time to relocate the Pali gang back to Tunis. Annex all of the rest of Israel and send the PALS BACK TO JORDAN !!!
3. And our unilateral move....
Madeleine ,   Israel   (04.11.14)
... should be to annex Yehuda and Shomron. We shouldn't have released one single terrorist. prisoner releases, if at all, come AFTER a negotiated peace settlement, not as a precondition for even talking to us.
4. Now, that the extortionist gang in Ramallah manged to break
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (04.11.14)
up the talks by unilaterally applying to some 15 different international treaties, contrary to the terms of reference of the talks, Israel ought to react in a constructive way: Begin to incorporate Area C into the sovereign nation-state of Israel. Such a move, while best done in cooperation with the Arabs of the country, is very much grounded in international law which as early as 1920 assigned the whole area from the Jordan River to the Med. Sea to be the national home of the Jewish people, i.e. the Jewish people's nation-state. This legal act was then reiterated in 1922 and finally adopted by the UN and etched into its Charter, 1945. Of particular interest is the fact that the late Mr. Yitzhaq Rabin's vision of peace was precisely along the very same lines. This can be examined by reading Rabin's speech at the Knesset, 5 Oct. 1995; his last one at the house and as if it was meant to be his political will. I hope even the Obama/Kerry duo will have the humility to read and appreciate the fact that Rabin knew a thing or two about the region in general and about the Arab Israeli conflict in particular, something that they simply don't posses, despite the arrogance demonstrated so far.
5. UN and the Swiss?
BILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (04.11.14)
Two pimps for terror as long as they aim for the Jews! The pals will have nothing and less if possible. ANNEXATION AND REPATRIATION OF plas TO JORDAN!!!
6. Switzerland has a powerful Palestinian Lobby
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (04.11.14)
The NIF.CH, section of the global NIF and the "Jewish" JVJP.CH, a group of self hating "Jews". They have the same goal as other Swiss anti-Semitic NGOs. rememberamalek.blogspot Shabbat shalom & chag sameach
7. why shouldn't they?
Netanyahu agreed to negotiate and free convicted murderers in exchange for Abbas promising not to go to the UN. Abbas knew that Netanyahu is a spineless coward: Abbas got the murderers, rejected coexistence, declared he would accept nothing less then Israel's destruction and went to the UN. And what happened? Kerry and the Israeli Left blamed Netanyahu, and all Netanyahu does is beg Abbas to be nice. It is clear that the UN and Swiss would rather be on the side of the winner Abbas then the suicidal loser Netanyahu.
8. Under which authority did Abbas sign?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (04.11.14)
If he signed as the President of Palestine, that signature is meaningless as the sovereign state of Palestine doesn't exist. If he signed as the President of the Palestinian authority, his term of office ended in January, 2010. Or maybe he signed as the head of the PLO. If so, that would make this the first time a terror group has signed off on the Geneva Conventions, whose terms it's never observed.
9. They do realize that articles 5, 28, and 29 apply?
Jay   (04.11.14)
Of the 4th geneva convention?
10. It would be most important now
Mira ,   Vienna   (04.11.14)
to highlight the illegality of the Palestinian government internationally and bring it to melt..
11. fantastic finally we will act forcefully and properlu
ralph   (04.11.14)
12. Israel's foes have always owned the U.N.
Chaim ,   Israel   (04.11.14)
Nothing has changed for the better, at the U.N., since its infamous resolution condemning Zionism as racism. Israel's foes have always owned the U.N. They will own it till Americans and others withdrawl funding from it. This will certainly not happen under Obama. The U.N. has passed a million resolutions condemning Israel. It will pass more. They are irrelevant. Israel grows richer and stronger each year. Israel has the real military economic and military power to put Fictional Palestine out of its misery forever. Let's do it NOW!
13. So, you're now a state...tell the difference?
Vered, Israel   (04.11.14)
14. With Statehood comes financial responsihility
Ron ,   oc us   (04.11.14)
The PA can now pay for its electricity, water and its terrorists subsidies. Israel can now draw its borders umilaterally. Israel can void work permits. Israel can make the PA marry east to Jordan. Gaza is now PA responsibility and Israel should no longer provision for it.
15. #4 It is good to read you sound views
Jane J. Goldfarb ,   Boston, MA   (04.11.14)
16. time to hit the PLO where it hurts
zionist forever   (04.11.14)
Tell Israel Electric that a they have the go ahead to cut off the PA if they do not pay their bill in full within the next 6 months. The fiasco of allowing them to not pay and leaving Israelis to cover the losses through higher bills must end. Cut the number of work permits issued and announce that there cabinet is considering cancelling all permits. Lets see Abbas handles tens of thousands arabs who will potentially loose their jobs if he goes to the UN. Its only a threat Bibi is not committing himself but it will scare them. Seal the Israel border to palestinians wanting to enter Israel for recreational purposes, leave them to rot in their artificial state and increase checkpoints. Lets just do whatever we can to make their lives miserable but DO NOT annex Judea and Samaria because that means giving them all citizenship. Lets stop playing by Abbas rules about talks being conditional on more and more prisoner releases and make him come begging.
17. PA will be successful, a paradise in pact with Israel.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.11.14)
18. In the virtual reality of UN Fakestinians are naturals!
tom ,   tel aviv   (04.11.14)
19. Jews owned 6% of 10,000 sq mi in Mandatory Palestine in 1943
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.11.14)
...and stole the rest in 1947-48, and 1967. PA can legally sue, for restoration of Palestinian State, on historical Mandatory Palestine borders.
20. BB cover up
bernard ross   (04.11.14)
All of BB's sanctions are minor and temporary and are not appropriate responses to the full pal breach of the talks AND of Oslo. Oslo is dead but BB pretends it is alive and covers it up with fig leafs. the appropriate response is the annexation of the Jewish majority Area C.
21. United nations organization
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (04.11.14)
Zionism and judaism are better for humankind than the ridiculous, criminal "islam". Israel and Jerusalem, forever and always!
22. stop all talks
CJK   (04.11.14)
stop all talks with the illegitimate non-state entity and annex area c.
23. Abbas is not Moses Swiss are not the Israelis God RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (04.11.14)
I realize Abbas thinks the Palisteinians think all you need do is be attacked by the Jews Israelis who are a million billion trillion times worse than the Pharoahs armys and so you are free the Swiss will see to it good luck Abbas but the Swiss are no not the Israelis God and so free takes more than the Swiss supporting you to be free but luckily you do no not believe me the world is sure the Israelis are as dumb as the Pharoahs armys Netanyahu being the Pharoah at this time along with Peres so on RIGHT and so but time alone will prove only time alone only the future will prove all this to be true and or false... if there is a future... for the world... RIGHT ??? Thank You... M.S.
24. So...
Gady ,   Mexico City   (04.11.14)
if they fire one single missle to Eretz Israel, as an act of agression from one country, to another, we can vaporize all of these blood thisrty murderers,
25. Another wasted effort!!
Brett L ,   JHB RSA   (04.11.14)
The palastinians are fragmented at best so who have they admitted. Fatah but not hamas!?! What a joke. the arabs respect not international treaties when it comes to war. Look at syria, iraq, yemen, etc, etc. They all murder without any regard for human life. What the swiss have allowed isn't worth the paper it is written on!!
26. deduct permanently funds to pay israeli victims of PAL terro
ralph   (04.11.14)
27. proof positive un is morally corrupt and criminal.
ralph   (04.11.14)
28. What a farce! A tragic farce.
David ,   Hartford USA   (04.11.14)
Does the Geneva Convention permit lost IDF soldiers to be murdered, mutilated, and eaten? Does it permit people to slaughter yeshiva students at study? Or maybe run over women with payloaders? Or butcher families sleeping in their beds? Or blowing up busloads of innocent people? Or bombing restaurants and family gatherings? Or allowing members to shower rockets on others? If the Geneva Convention DOES permit these atrocities, then the PA can join and feel right at home. But if the Geneva Convention stands for more than just appeasing Arab murderers, if it stands for decency and fair play, then it must deny the PA acceptance. If the PA is allowed in, the USA must resign from it- for it will have lost its purpose to exist.
29. To spite Obama, Putin will veto a new Arab terrorist state
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.11.14)
30. Let Them Join!
Katie ,   Chicago, USA   (04.11.14)
Then Israel can take them to the ICC with violations of the Conventions. Violations like: 1. Treatment of POWs. The treatment of Gilad Shalit is a prime example. 2. Use of child soldiers. 3. Every terror attack. Done in civilian clothing to disguise themselves. Just 3 glaring examples. I am sure there are more.
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