Opinion  Ronen Bergman
Hezbollah's unsuccessful revenge
Ronen Bergman
Published: 22.04.14, 23:55
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1. "Intelligence information from Israel"? points to false flag
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (04.23.14)
...operation, where Israel agents recruit specific Muslim targets, set them up for a fake operation, then rat them out for propaganda purposes. This is Israel's MO. Israel has a history of false flag ops, like in Egypt with the Lavon Affair to smear Muslim Brotherhood. And also the attack on the USS Liberty, hoping to draw the US into the surprise Six Day War, land grab.
2. We're laughing
Andoheb ,   USA   (04.23.14)
Does the infidel, Nasrallah realize yet that we're laughing at the superior intellect? My sides split with laughter every time I think of this little toad!!! :-D
3. Hezbollah is the Islamic Republic of Iran's terror proxy
CJK   (04.23.14)
before the shia terror revolution in iran, iran was not a terror state. before the shia terror revolution in iran, the hezbollah shia terror proxy did not exist. since the shia terro revolution in 1979, iran has become the premier state sponsor of terror in the world. in its continued attempt to spread its hegemony and terror, iran has an active nuclear weapons program with the goal of devloping and building nuclear weapons. it is time to destroy this vile terror state and thus its numerous terror proxies.
4. Hezbollah
Iletzter ,   TA   (04.23.14)
With all of Israel's tremendous intelligence, Hezbollah is not detterred to try again and again. They have paid no price for Burgas and other successful acts as unsuccessful attempts. Years ago, just an attempt at terror would exact a price. Today Israel is happy to keep the quiet - as Peres said- Fire wil be met with fire , Quiet will be met with quiet. So, if some idiot terrorist decides to lob a missile or Hezbollah tries to do some terrible act or Fogel or other families are killed or police man Mizrahi- Israel does nothing So, actually we are at the mercy of the terrorits. They decide if kids go to school. the initiative is theirs . Sad State.!!!
5. Hezbollah A Dead End
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (04.23.14)
For the thousands of Hezbollah - what prospects, what hope what future - other than blood, murder, violence and the hatred of millions As one Hezbollah 'The Geek' declared on Social Media These days 'Fought for Hezbollah' is hardly a plus point on your CV if you ever want to get back into society' 'And its not that easy to just resign or retire. What they see as desertion is subject to immediate capital punishment and punishment of the immediate family a well' Even so desertions continue routinely every day
6. Thanks G-D,thanks IDF
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.23.14)
7. Revenge
hedwig littlehand ,   usa   (04.23.14)
The mosad successes are far greater than the failures, no doubt to your de chagrin! Ha!
8. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.23.14)
Back to your tired, old "false flag" mantra. Again, because you are so dense: The USS LIBERTY was a signals interceptor, tasked by Lyndon Johnson personally to eavesdrop on Israeli military communications and ordered to relay the content of those communications to the Syrian and Jordanian military high commands, while Israel was actively engaged in combat against both Syria and Jordan. Egypt, you see, had been handed a terrible beating at the hands of the State of Israel, and Johnson did not want the Arabs to be excessively humiliated. That is why the USS LIBERTY was blown out of the water. No country in the world would have acted differently. The United States involved itself, and it "entered" the war, so to speak, against Israel. We couldn't allow that. Israel was not hoping to draw the United States into the Six-Day War; it was warning the United States to stay out. Tell me, do you check under your bed each night for Israeli spies? The closest you ever came to any form of intelligence gathering is a LeCarre novel. You're a paranoid, Jew-hating idiot. And those are probably your better qualities. If you ever ran into a Mossad operative, you'd pee your pants. Just like Hezbollah.
9. Funny...
Ali ,   UK   (04.23.14)
The author of this funny article mocks Hezbollah, but he fails to mention the recent, quite possibly Hezbollah operation where they assassinated a top IDF intelligence officer in Hebron. The IDF still haven't found who did it. Underestimate your enemy at your own risk.
10. Hizbullah and İsraeli Military
atilla karagözoğlu   (04.23.14)
Both accepts each other as true enemies. Both has no mercy for each other. Both tries its best to destroy the other. Both helps to its own dreams. Israeli soldier, doesnt want to die for his land. He afraids most of times. He gets panic in blood. He may even run. Hizbullah’s soldier wants to die for its land. He doesnt afraid always He has no panic in blood mostly. He wouldnt run easly. Israeli soldier , Kind of professional worker for a holding Hizbullah’s soldier, Kind of a soldier of The God. Israeli soldier , May even think for a holiday while in war Hizbullah’s soldier, Only thinks to finish the war. Israeli soldier, A mother did give a birth Hizbullah’s soldier, Another mother did give a birth Mothers of both ! We dont see much. What they do while and after war ! Mostly we dont know. Israel gives big death ceromony after its soldier killed. Hizbullah dont do same, mostly but to show his body to public. Both soldiers remembered as hero by both people. What mothers and families suffer after that ! Not much people in interest with it. I support Hizbullah against to Israeli military. But, I have respect for innocent israeli civilians. I support Palestine against to todays israel. But, I have respect for innocent israeli exist in a land. Terror Shouldnt be a way to war. Terror is crime. War is also a crime as long as your home is not taken by others. Israel is criminal. Should taken to ICC. Hizbullah has also blood on its hand of civilian killings. So ! I support Hizbullah for the war, But At same time Hizbullah should also taken to ICC for its crimes. Bombing civilians is a crime for me. SO ! YOU READER WONT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING FROM ME. LET ME HELP YOU. I am only anti-this israel. Thats all. I am against to israeli crimes. I am for freedom of palestine. I am for good. Hizbullah must only target israeli military but civilians. ISLAM NO NEED A TERROR WAY. LET ISRAEL DOES IT WITH ITS RELIGIOUS WAY.
11. #9, he was a police officer
Danny   (04.23.14)
and was an IDF soldier many years back. Also the probability that the terrorists were targeting him knowing who he was is zero
12. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.23.14)
Hmm. Interesting concept (although hardly likely; laughable, in fact). But if there is an element of truth to what you say, wouldn't it be best for Israel to simply repatriate all Arabs in Judea and Samaria to Jordan? Or, we can send them to Gaza, where they can implement a "national unity" "government" from the roots up. Be careful what you wish for, sluggo.
13. #10 glu
John ,   Boise, ID, USA   (04.23.14)
please no more suspense....tell us what you are saying...we are on the edge of our seats...we can't break your code...makes no sense...a waste of gigabytes
14. Hezbolah and Israel in Middle East .
DANNS ,   Montevideo-R.O.U.   (04.24.14)
Hizbalah is complicated at the moment with special operations in southeast Syria fighting along the Assads family against the Syrian Free Army and Al Nusra (tslamic organization) .Its very difficult for them to engage in an open war with Israel in the present .Despite this they confront some ideological rivals in internal lebanese politics like Saad Hariris movement (son of murdered ex PM Rafik Hariri) and an Inquiry commission by UN from a court in Europe about this murder .Mosad and Tzahal hope knows all this information.Also there is an UN Obsevation Mission in Lebanese land called UNIFIL that complicates them a little (not to much for sorrow)Thats the real situation in my humble opinion not the Science Fiction commentaries painted by some good followers of Ynet News written before .(I do like Science Fiction but in Middle East issues better not.)Best Regards for Ynet news readers .SHALOM
15. To: John at No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (04.24.14)
Perhaps "glu" has spent too much time sniffing his namesake ....
16. NUMBER ONE IS RIGHT..........#8
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (04.24.14)
With your fanciful imagination of your fickle mind you tend to mislead other readers but that always remain temporary. The world at large has begun to understand the Zionists strategy.........thanks to Iran for having helped the world to understand that.
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