Palestinians become signatories in 5 UN human rights conventions
Published: 02.05.14, 17:00
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1. a few suggestions for the humanist PA
zionist forever   (05.02.14)
1) Stop rocket attacks into Israeli towns & cities. Is it not a human rights issue when Israelis cannot walk outside their own front door because there is somebody who Abbas is supposed to represent firing rockets? 2) Stop the attacks and murders of settlers, you might want the gone but where is the excuse to kill them? How do you justify cutting the throats of an entire family as they slept in their beds? 3) Stop honour killings - there is alot of honour killing in PA controlled areas, a girl does something to embarrass the family and so she is killed as a matter of honour. Abbas wants to join human rights organisations then how about he does something about human rights violations amongst his own people.
2. funny TERRORISTS Abu mazen and company
The Palestinians joined the following conventions: •United Nations Convention Against Torture •International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination •Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women all of them above they do not respect and do not know what is to respect at all AS..OLES END
Jewishness ,   AMERICA THE BEAUTIUL   (05.02.14)
AND GAZA TOO? Such a fair and balanced bull shipper that Abbass! He's my kinda goy.
4. Sign? Yes. Respect? Who does.
Nora Tel Aviv   (05.02.14)
Most states that signed and didn`t respect got away without punishment. Who says the PLO will respect?
5. when you sign up to these don't you have to prove something
Prove that you have a good track record or the infrastructure to comply. PA and Hamas record on these are an anathema
6. we knew they were immoral organizations. un really is broken
ralph   (05.02.14)
7. This means the children who throw rocks at Jews must stop?
Jew 6pack ,   ATLANTA GA USA   (05.02.14)
Hey Abbass, Hey Haneyya, Gaza is just a stone's throw from here! And are you still going to stone your women? And use your kids as human shields like you 've been doing all along? And how about those cute children sized explosive belts you brandish so happily? I guess your street urchins, sycophants and paid claques may just have to find jobs elsewhere. Hey Abbass, go sign some more hypocritical oaths at the muslim UN...Like freedom of religion, free speech/news reporting, etc etc etc.
8. Like:"Islam for young girl's rights", yeah sure!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.02.14)
9. Agree with you #1 and add
Rachel ,   Sweet Jerusalem   (05.02.14)
That all PA controlled areas be open to Jews and Christians, especially religious sites. Also add stop obliterating and the continued "cleansing" of Jewish and Christian religious sites of their significance!!!
10. #1
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (05.02.14)
Now that you have clarified and advised Abbas on the key points he needs to address, do you have ANY advice to our own leaders and people? Do you self-reflect or is the problem always incumbent on the other side to resolve?
11. UN Dhimmi organization
Brod ,   USA   (05.02.14)
The UN Dhimmi has become irrelevant. It has sold its soul to Islamist-Jihadism. It has become a club of Thugs--Islamist-JIhadists. The UN should be kicked out of USA. Congress should impeach Obama the Islamist NOW! Why? He has destroyed America's economy. He meets with Islamist-Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist leaders at his office in the White House. He is supporting Islamist-Jihadism cleansing Christians in Nigeria, Kenya, and other parts of Africa and the world. He lied to the American people on Benghazi that murdered 4 Americans in cold blood. He is siding with Islamist-Jihadist usurpers in usurping the Land of Israel. He is bad for America and Israel.
12. The PA Is already in violation of all five of them!
michael redboun ,   Lisbon - Portugal   (05.02.14)
13. Why do jews oppose Human Rights or
James   (05.02.14)
is just Human Rights for other?
14. #13 what #1 Is Saying is that abu mazen
Is that Terrorists WONT KEEP UP THEIR END OF THE BARGAIN!!! Look at the history of arab/bedouins aka Fakenstians this I'd Just For Show, Taqqiya is just to Fool The West!!!
15. What about convention to Al -Qeida??
Aavram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.02.14)
Old saying; From so much trees you can see the forest. UN organization will be a good candidate TO Nobel Price for ABSURDITY!!!
16. But Will They Obey? I Think Not
emanon ,   USA   (05.02.14)
17. "islam pal.- authority" and the United Nations Organization
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (05.02.14)
"islam pal.- authority" better can join and go to "islam" Jordan and to the rest of the "islam" world and leave Israel in peace and dignity. Also, Israel, forever, ever and always!
18. Now That They Have Signed . . .
emanon ,   USA   (05.02.14)
The arabs should be prosecuted, to the fullest extent, with the first instance of a rocket fired into civilian areas, the first instance if using human shield, the first instance of deploying homicide bombers or any of the other human rights violations they have inflicted on Jews over the past years.
19. #13: ALL "palestinian" organizations CORRUPTED to the CORE
Z. Lazkow ,   israel   (05.02.14)
NOBODY else in the arab world is CORRUPTED like so called "palestinians". EVERYTHING they say is A Lie. LIE #1: invention of the term "palestinians". Do you know what means "palestinian" ? First of all, there is no geographical term "palestine" today. It was called what is today ISRAEL, before 1948. And in Palestine of pre-Israel, majority of the population was JEWISH. Mark TWAIN tell all this in his reports as a reporter for NY newspaper in the end of 19th century. He tells, that most of the population in all major towns was JEWISH, and the rest of Palestine was EMPTY of people. But arabs tell A Lie, a lot of lies, just like in One Thousand and One Nights fairy tales. Every second word coming out of their mouths IS A LIE.
20. Will Arab Palestinians respect these conventions?!
CJK   (05.02.14)
or will the arab palestinians follow in the footsteps of other arab muslim states which grossly violate all aspects of human rights.
21. 10
zionist forever   (05.02.14)
Israel's problem is its dysfunctional political system so you have the PM having his arms and legs tugged from all sides its hard to actually make policy. Bennet has stated to become an extremist with this new hardline attitude he has adopted. Before he was responsible right now he has gone to the idealist right that makes spur of the moment stupid decisions and once he makes them its hard to back down. Alot of Lapid voters are leftists and there is only so long he can stay in the coalition unless talks start. Livni is also demanding Bibi makes more of an effort to kick start the talks. Likud is starting to become divided on does it want to be a centre right party or an ideological hard line right party. Bibi is stuck in the middle of everybody with pressure from the US as well being a PM in Israel is an impossible job largely because the coalition system doesn't work but nobody wants to change it because 99% of the MKS would be out of work if they supported the creation of a new system that actually worked and would benefit the country rather than selfish ideology.
22. Palestine made no reservations
Harri ,   EU   (05.02.14)
Because Palestine made no reservations, Israel can take any dispute between Israel and Palestine into ICJ. Palestine can take Israel into ICJ only, if two thirds of the signatories consider Israel reservations null and void... ...but if Israel continues to neglect diplomacy and foreign policy...
23. #5 agree
Aaron ,   Toronto,Canada   (05.02.14)
Since pa and Hamas are united I guess it's now ok to throw your brother off rooftops and that's called respect in the Arab sector.
24. The PA areas are Judenrein
racial discriminatio   (05.02.14)
Israeli Arabs can buy houses in the PA areas, but selling a land to a Jew is a crime and the punishment is a death sentence according to the PA. The Palestinians already violate the treaties they signed.
25. Recruiting 14 years old terrorists
child abuse   (05.02.14)
Hamas has a habit of recruiting children for suicide attacks.
26. Abbas signed.....
tiki ,   belgium   (05.02.14)
His signing is an empty formality as he represents only Abbas, the unelected President from Phantasy land and it's people.
27. UN has become a dhimmi, we know that.
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.02.14)
But first, I totally agree with #11. A sunni has totally destroyed the US image abroad, and internally made sure that every American will be electronically marked by a chip. Not to mention his support for terror organizations/groups. Then, by signing the UN-documents, the PA must reject islam as their ideology. Islam in its basic is the reason for: a. honor killings of women b. torture of inmates and non-islamics c. racial discrimination d. for sending disabilities in front-line e. child abuse by brainwashing in schools. f. Abu Masen's declared apartheid laws in PA area. Summary, the PA authority has handcuffed themselves, and are ready to be dissolved. And, Israel must not forget to remove all VIP-arrangement for the PA-authorities. Their unilateral moves reduces the responsibility Israel has to support the pals. Also, every agreement between Israel and the pals must be called off and laid dead.
28. "PA President Abbas signed letters of accession for
A ,   Belgium   (05.02.14)
conventions on April 1, including rights of the child.". Over 250 young girls, some as young as 12 years old, have been kidnapped by MOSLEM extremists in Nigeria. They are being paid appx.$12 to marry their kidnappers. Well, Dr. Abbas, as you are so keen on children as your pedophile predecessor was, and you are so anxious to have your non state recognized by the United Nothings...what are you going to do to help these kids? You DID sign a treaty...bastard arab liar.
29. LOL Are you serious?
B   (05.03.14)
Why not elect Jack the Ripper as a pal baby sitter? Might have a better human rights record than any pal organization who seem to push their omen and kids out first to take fire while the 'men' run for the hills. (holding hands so one lover wont get lost in the shuffle, gay bastards ) BUILD ALL THE pals out of all of Israel their unclean pukes !!! BUILDING ISRAEL BABY !!!!
30. #24 PA areas not Judenrein
Samuel ,   Melbourne   (05.03.14)
Abbas has said that not a single ISRAELI will be in the new Pal state. This is not Judenrein. The ruling on Pal land laws was that no land shall be sold to an ISRAELI (which would of course include Arab-Israelis) The ruling is not against Jews, but it may as well be...after many Arab-Israelis would want to live in the occupied territories?
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