Vehicle vandalized, tires slashed in 'price tag' attack
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 04.05.14, 00:58
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1. Agents provocateurs?
Righteous Zionist ,   Israeljj   (05.04.14)
Appears that more than one observer sees these senseless acts of vandalism as the work of Leftists. Unfortunately the perpetrators have already swayed the public at home and abroad to rage against the "extreme right-wing".
2. anyone can write it-including them-so police can't stop it
Franky ,   Newark, NJ   (05.04.14)
Anybody including Arabs and leftists can write it, its not terror, but vandalism, the police won't be able to stop it. Its probably a copycat crime, not an organized movement. Why did the Arabs drive the Jews to doing this?
3. Right wing settler thugs strike again
Nancy   (05.04.14)
Quite obviously the right wing religious are bent on starting a religious war and at the same time destroying the country. Suggest the police hire a sniffer dog, im sure the trail will lead directly to Yitzhar
4. headlines
Last night, there were probably a few thousand acts of graffiti and minor vandalism in Israel. This one, easily done by an agent provocateur but more likely by a bored 12 year old who is happy for the fame is headline news. On the other hand, the funeral of the murdered Jewess Shelley Dadon is not worthy of mention. When the life of a Jew is worth less than an Arab's car door, you know you've entered the Leftist's Shariya paradise.
5. Psychiatry 101
In Yitzhar there were allegations of 50(!) "settlers" destroying a tent manned by 4 police over a period of 3 minutes. Leftists were enraged that the police did not shoot the vandals and demanded illegal collective punishment of a nearby Jewish village. It does not bother the Leftists that there have been no arrests yet, indicating that the attack never happened. A week later, an Israeli soldier was assaulted in Hebron by at least three Arab thugs. Although he could have been murdered, kidnapped a la Shalit or had his weapon stolen, not one Leftist came to his defense much less demanded collective punishment of the Arabs of Hebron. As seen from #3's post, this type of complete detachment from reality and inability to connect the real world to rational thought processes coupled with irrational paranoia is one of the most dangerous elements of the psychiatric illness that doctors call Leftism.
6. Amazing stroke of luck
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.04.14)
Of all the cars in the parking lot, the price-taggers managed to hit on one which just happens to belong to an Arab. Doesn't quite pass the laugh test, actually.
7. #3. And you have fallen for it
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (05.04.14)
hook, line and sinker. Either this is the work of a minute rightist lunatic fringe (unlikely because the ideological right wing does not go in for such racist vandalism) or as I said in #1 a leftist conspiracy of provocation, a false flag operation, like "Eyal" the bogus rightist group set up by Yishair Raviv as a trap for opponents of Oslo.
8. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.04.14)
Quite obviously, you are too stupid to live. Mind telling me how you think it possible for Jews to enter hostile Arab villages in the middle of the night, find their way unerringly in the dark through winding streets, cul de sacs, alleys and dead ends without so much as a dog barking? Has it occurred to you that a dog will not bark if it recognizes someone? The Arabs are vandalizing their own property, defacing their own mosques, slashing the tires on their own cars -- all in a bid to win world sympathy. Looks like you swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker. But you're not particularly intelligent, so I'm not particularly surprised. Hey, chica, would you like to buy a bridge? Been in the family for years. You're a gullible fool.
9. How many posters are paid hasbaras or
James   (05.04.14)
brain dead. Denial that Jews are responsible is equivalent to unquestioned acceptance of the torah.
10. Can I volunteer to become a 'price tag'
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.04.14)
member? Hmm, if enough mean Jews all showed up at once, armed to the teeth, the pals would be thrilled to leave Israel ASASP via car, camel or a magic carpet. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
11. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.05.14)
All you have to do is answer one simple question. How is it possible for a Jew -- or several Jews -- to enter an Arab village in the dead of night, make their way through winding and crazy-quilt streets, find the mosque, burn the door, vandalize the wall, without raising so much as a sleeping dog? The dogs won't bark if they recognize the perpetrator. Q.E.D., they recognized the perpetrator. To suggest otherwise is ludicrous.
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