Nahal soldiers suspended over Facebook protest: 'We don't evacuate Jews'
Yoav Zitun
Published: 15.05.14, 21:46
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1. israelis are sick of oslo and livni
milson   (05.15.14)
2o years since that louse beilin brought oslo to israel that has meant death and terror, israelis are sick of it,just sick of it. is a coincidence that rabin, sharon, olmert have met bad ends in pushing this rotten peres scheme furthured by israel's version of ashton( a revolting woman if there ever was one. Even at this late date, livni is scheming with tacit support from bibi to get kerry to restart negotiations. Likud, get rid of bibi and fast.
2. God bless these young soldiers!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (05.15.14)
At least they get it...unlike the Israeli leadership! I'm sure the vast majority of soldiers' detest these actions, and the cowardice shown by the civil and military leadership. To evict Jews from their God-given right to live on the land promised to their forefathers is a travesty! It rips at the very-heart of the Jewish consciousness. These leaders' are not just traitors to the people and their land...worse: they are mockers' of God. I'm sure He will have something to say about it! I wouldn't want to be them when He, finally, reacts to their stupidity. A bunch of godless heathens!!! God bless Israel and HIS Jerusalem!!! A Christian Zionist
Riva Schertzman ,   Israel   (05.15.14)
THIS is not why we let our sons/daughters serve in the army. and especially to use non religious (lefty) soldiers (who as of yet do not understand) to do the "dirty" work. it may be that some time in their lives, they will come to know what they did and see it as a permanent source of of TRAUMA. such was the case of Gush Katif where soldiers involved in that sordid affair are now traumatized for life! It's time for the govenment of Israel to CARE ABOUT IT'S OWN PEOPLE AND CALL A SPADE A SPADE! STOP THROWING JEWS OUT OF THEIR HOMES!!!!
4. The IL elites are destroying the country
Jhan   (05.15.14)
They enrich themselves and see IL as a place to be plundered then abandoned. The government is not your friend. They must be eliminated now.
5. soldiers must do what they are ordered to do
zionist forever   (05.15.14)
Solders answer only to the government not the rabbi, individual politicians or their heart. If the government orders them to evacuate Jews they do it because when soldiers start picking and choosing which orders to obey it ceases to become an army and instead you just became revolutionaries, If the soldiers are going to start picking and choosing orders they obey then they belong in prison not combat units.
6. Israel and Jewish/Israeli peope
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (05.15.14)
Jewish/Israeli people have the/a right to live, for example, between the river Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea, on the landscape, in the world, of our planet of Earth, since 1948, PERIOD!, Also, Israel, forever, ever and always!
7. LOVE YOU GUYS... Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!
Benjamin ,   Israel   (05.16.14)
Let's see if THIS gets posted.
8. Latetly on my backtalks I have
David ,   On this planet   (05.15.14)
been complaining , disliking everyone and losing hope. Today I feel very proud of my people .Their is nothing wrong with letting the top brass know how you feel. Kol ha kavod to every young one who speak up. may you all be safe forever.
9. #5 Zionist Forever, you don't understand
Not Religious   (05.16.14)
This is bigger than the rabbi-against-the-IDF sort of thing. That's too simplistic. This is a bout MORAL CHOICES. Those who know history recognize expulsions of Jews for what they are. And they are aware of how morally and even legally discredited the notion of just "following orders" really is. .
10. You are Jewish heroes and TZADEKIM!!!!!
MAZAL TOV ,   Israel   (05.16.14)
You will be judged righteous by HaShem and eternity. Were Nazis who obeyed orders not later tried for war crimes against humanity So will Israeli soldiers who hurt Jews and remove them from their homes.
11. # 5
jew from the east   (05.16.14)
the first duty of a soldier is to protect the country and his citizens,not to act against his own people. soldiers are not robots,unless you,they have a brain. change your nick in "yes sir,I do everything you order"
12. God bless these soldiers.
Eli ,   Israel   (05.16.14)
All soldiers and border police should refuse to evacuate Jewish settlements, Israel belongs to the Jews let the leftist traitors in power know that they will be removed not the settlements.
13. Jews do not Expel Jews
David Jacobs ,   HASMONAIM,ISRAEL   (05.16.14)
My sons did not join the army to expel Jews. G-D gave the land of Israel to the Jews. The Arabs have 22 countries.
14. Bravo!
tiki ,   belgium   (05.16.14)
They show more courage & Jewish soul than many of today's politicians, who care more of how to be 'accepted among the nations than being the 'light among the nations.
15. IDF meant to fight foriegn enemies not native heros...
Steve ,   WA   (05.16.14)
16. Soldiers suspended over Facebook protest
Paul ,   Ashdod, Israel   (05.16.14)
Well, the police is there for these tasks. The army which job is to protect the country should stick to its mission. If the army is used for political actions, it cannot prevent political reactions of its members. The shame is not that soldiers are protesting; rather that the chief-of-staff is not saying his boss-minister that he isn't paid for this - unlike he likes to do it...
17. Oh Boy!
Ginette Golden ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.16.14)
# 5 Zionist forever, even though I don't like the orders given to these brave soldiers, I am in complete agreement with your comments. The onus is really on the "leaders" to do the right thing and find other ways to appease the Arabs...there's got to be one! Gush Katif was a catastrophe for everyone concerned, lets' not repeat this. I wish G-d would show himself because I believe this is the right time. I wonder what Gantz is thinking about this.
18. congratulations to these proud and loyal soldiers !
19. #5 You advice was followed by German soldiers
nethanel ,   jerusalem   (05.16.14)
and also Eichmann quoted you literally! Someone who does not learn from history is forced to repeat it. The the truth is that the army serves the people and not vice versa.
20. Well done boys..
Josh ,   Israel   (05.16.14)
Israel is behind you..Jail the brigade commander for inappropriate behavior and being totally out of touch with reality.
21. #5 read Yossi Sarid
Leftist icon Yossi Sarid wrote a book about refusing orders. He said it was every soldiers moral duty to refuse immoral orders. These soldiers saw how the order to ethnically cleanse Gush Katif was given by the corrupt gang: "Greek Island" Sharon, "Holyland" Olmert, "Hezbollah" Livni and "Stockmarket" Halutz.. The ethnic cleansing destroyed the lives of 10,000 Jews, most who still live in refugee camps. The ethnic cleansing destroyed the economy. The ethnic cleansing destroyed the IDF, leading to Israel's defeat at the hands of Hezbollah. The ethnic cleansing lead to a helpless IDF watching as rockets rained down on little Jewish children. Netanyahu and Yaalon should stop thinking about how much money they can earn by attacking Jews and do what the people want. If they can't deliver it they should resign.
22. advice to Yaalon and Netanyahu
Get rid of all the Jews and Druze serving in the IDF, and instead take Arab residents of Schem, Hebron and Gaza. You will immediately solve the unemployment problem in the Palestinian Authority and you will have no problem carrying out destruction of Jews and their homes.
23. Thinking out loud
michael   (05.16.14)
Just a few weeks ago, we remembered Yom Hashoa. With the slogan never again. In W.W. 2 soldiers also followed orders to evacuate jews from ghettos and put them in train cars. Yet, today , there is still a strong possibility of forced evacuations. Just the forced evacuation is illegal except under Eminent Domain .Which would not apply in this situation. There is no Democratic country in the world that removes its own citizens from their homes. For those that say soldiers must follow orders. Well for those people, Would they have they would have exonerated German soldiers because they had just followed orders? The issue of removing families from their homes is a basic human right and has no place in a Democratic country.
24. G.D bless the soldiers
trump   (05.16.14)
whose task is the protection of the Jewish People on the Land of Israel, not evicting them from a Land awarded to them by H.Shem and by International Laws according to binding San Remo 1920 International Conference
25. #5
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (05.16.14)
exactly so.
26. # 13 AMEN ELI! AMEN!!!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.17.14)
G-d bless the soldiers is right. The soldiers ARE the people, the Jews. In addition, most Israelis have also served in the IDF and agree with the settlers not the government. BUILDING ISRAEL IS A BLESSING !!!!!
27. # 5 Would you have said that if it were the Nazi soldiers?
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (05.17.14)
and they refused to murder Jews? I wonder.. Yes, the military should command their soldiers but, I don't agree they should evict Jews in any part of Israel. That's doing the work of the enemy, the pals. Think about it, a long time again in America, there was a slogan that went something like " Refuse war make love.' War between Jews is not what our G-d had in mind... KEEP BUILDING !!!!!
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