Opinion  Aviad Kleinberg
Abbas' Holocaust condemnation commendable
Aviad Kleinberg
Published: 21.05.14, 09:47
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1. Read his dissertation
Lewis ,   Boston, MA   (05.21.14)
Maybe the author should read Dr. Abbas's PhD thesis (Patrice Lumumba University, Moscow, 1982) where he argued that the Holocaust was the result of an agreement between Zionists and the Germans to maximize public sympathy for the Jews, enabling them to settle in Palestine. He has also published this scholarly material as a book in Arabic. Just recently, this same concept was presented as part of an assignment for 8th graders in a California public school.
2. Abbas forgets ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.21.14)
... that Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, was a staunch ally of Nazi Germany. Hell, even the British didn't care. Although they were very careful to exclude Arabs from the Palestine Brigade. The privilege of fighting side-by-side with the British in some very rough battles was deemed to be a right exclusively for the Jews. The true Palestinians. There were no "Arab Brigades" fighting alongside the British. They were all allied with Germany. My, how quickly people forget!
3. Holocaust a "PR asset"!! The author is sick.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.21.14)
The author is sick. For an Israeli so-called journalist to call the Holocaust a "PR asset" is beyond contemptible. This is the spirit of Israel's worst foes. Abbas has been a mass murdering Holocaust Denier all his adult life. He deserves no credit for a few cheap words of self serving Holocaust condemnation. Abbas and the P.A. are genocidal foes, like always.
4. Aviad is wrong. AbuAss hypocrite PhD thesis denies Holocaust
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.21.14)
5. Don't deny
more non-jews were killed in the holocaust. All of mankind was the victim.
6. Chaim # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.21.14)
When the author said that he was saying how some Arab leaders feel and not how he feels. You are quite right the author should give Abbas no credit. Abbas has the same credibility in this as Obama has after first claiming to be a Muslim born in Kenya and then claiming to be a Christian born in Hawaii. Abbas is just paying lip service to try and look like a nice guy where Obama lied because he wanted to be president.
7. #5, 40% of humanity murdered in WW2 like Jews? Idiot
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.21.14)
8. nameless # 5
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.21.14)
So what? All of mankind wasn't the target. Hitler targeted Jews.
9. Shoah vs. Holocaust
sharpshin ,   USA   (05.22.14)
I hope we stop conflating "Shoah," which refers exclusively to the Jewish dead, with "Holocaust," which is taken by most (UN, US Holocaust curricula, jewsihvirtuallibrary) to refer to all 11 million victims of the Nazi's genocidal campaign. If not, maybe we need a third word to recognize the 5 MILLION non-Jews (Poles, Slavs, Roma, etc) who were slaughtered alongside Jews -- shot, gassed and experimented upon -- because of who they were, not what they did. Although Jews suffered terribly, the Holocaust was a human tragedy, not only a Jewish one. holocaustforgotten.com
10. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (05.22.14)
No matter what you say and bark against Dr. Abbas, the whole world including the United Nations respect him and that is why they are dealing with him. Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy never said Abbas is a liar and cannot be trusted. Tell me the name of one Palestinian leader you ever said he or she is relevant to deal and discuss with. I am not a Palestinian or related to a Palestinian but truth has to included when you state something.
11. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.22.14)
I don't think that the world respects someone who assisted in the massacre of schoolchildren in Ma'alot and was one of the individuals responsible for the murder of Israeli athletes in Munich. Can you name one "Palestinian" leader who does not belong to an organization whose charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and the extermination and/or expulsion of the Jewish people? Unless and until, Harold, please just shut up. You are an ignorant anti-Semite -- we all know this. You don't have to keep on proving it. By the way, you never did say exactly where you were when you saw "first-hand" -- your claim -- how Jews were airlifted out of Arab and Moslem countries to safety in Israel. You claimed you were personal witness to airlifts that never existed. Well, tell us where you were when you witnessed all these mythical airlifts. If you saw all these things first-hand while hospitalized in a psychiatric facility, just say so. We'll understand, and I assure you that it would not come as a surprise. "Dr." Abbas? Do you know what a Ph.D from Patrice Lumumba University stands for, Harold? I will tell you. It stems from a natural progression: we all know what "B.S." means. "M.S." means simply "more of the same." And Ph.D? That stands for "piled high and deep." Abbas has an advanced degree in bullsh*t. So, for that matter, do you -- absent the university education, of course.
12. #5 - big difference which you're trying to cloud
William ,   Israel   (05.22.14)
Your statement is either one of ignorance or malice. WWII took many lives, but the Holocaust, which is separate from WWII events of fighting, focused almost solely on Jews and exterminating them via systematic efforts. No other population came close to the numbers of Jews killed in the Holocaust. And no other population on Earth has faced a similar systematic and concerted effort to cleanse them entirely from the face of the planet.
13. #10 Sarah B
Harold ,   USA   (05.22.14)
Go to Google and Check OPERATION EZRA AND NEHEMIAH and find out how Jews were airlifted. According to you Jews walked to Israel from all Arab counties and took them 40 years to reach the promised land as what happened to Moses' followers.
14. 7 not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (05.22.14)
15. #11 Sarah B
Harold ,   USA   (05.22.14)
You and your followers always write and speak bad about Dr. Abbas and describe him as a killer of Jewish children and Athletes but you never say a word about Israeli F-16 killing 1600 Palestinians most of them are women, elderly and children. It seems that killing of the Palestinians is fair and balanced to you. Why in the world Abbas is respected and will get what he wants for his people very soon. Your country of birth respects Abbas and discuss with him and you are still against United States of America.
16. #10 - I think you mistake lack of options for respect
William ,   Israel   (05.22.14)
Many world leaders do not respect Abbas. Their frustration with him and his duplicity are known. But when compared to Hamas, and based on agreements via the Oslo Accords, he's the only game in town to deal with...so they do. To Israelis and most honest people, there hasn't been an actual Pally leader worth dealing with. They say one thing in English, then another in Arabic, They claim to want peace but are always caught pursuing terror and ways to dismantle Israel rather than live in coexistence. No one Pally leader has stepped forth and declared a desire to live in coexistence peace, to end the war once and for all, and to accept the Jewish State next door. Not one! By the way, giving Abbas the title "Doctor" for his thesis on Holocaust Denial is just as respectful as the title of "Doctor" to Rantisi of Hamas, a pediatrician who spent his years planning and funding attacks to blow Israeli children apart.
17. # 15 Harold
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (05.22.14)
The people of the U.S. don't respect Abbas. It might just appear that way to you because we have a Muslim in the White House. If the Ersatz Pals wouldn't hide behind women, elderly, and children things would be different. Considering all the rockets launched at Israel and incidents like the Fogel family it's obvious Israel hasn't killed enough.
18. #15 call Hamas
At least match your numbers to Hamas and not invent your own numbers, it makes you look silly. Hamas themselves say that of the 1600 dead (in various combat, not just aerial bombardment), 2/3s were combatants, and the remaining 1/3 were non combatants. Even assuming that all non-combatants were women, elderly and children, a 50% collateral damage rate is the best in the world, and four times better than US/UK 2 dead civilians for 1 combatant in similar conditions. Of course, whereas Abbas specially went and hunted non-combatants to murder, Israel acted in according to international norms of self-defense and attacked Hamas only after it launched unprovoked rocket attacks on Israeli villages.
19. #15, try using real numbers not fake ones
Danny   (05.23.14)
20. #5, were there?
Danny   (05.23.14)
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