Australia: East Jerusalem not 'occupied' by Israel
Published: 05.06.14, 20:35
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1. And . . .
Mike ,   NZ   (06.05.14)
The presence of Jordanian troops pre 67 s hould be described as . . . .
2. how can you have an illegally occupied E Jerusalem
zionist forever   (06.06.14)
I have never understood where this idea of occupied arab East Jerusalem came from. There are both arabs and Jews living in East Jerusalem but there are also arabs and Jews living in the west of the city but thats never called occupied palestinian territory. As of June 2014 there is no palestinian state that Jerusalem is the capital of and the PA have never had any kind of poliical authority before in East Jerusalem so if they have never had any power in Jerusalem, they still don't have a state and there are thousands of Israeli citizens Jews & arabs living in East Jerusalem how can it be occupied terrority or arab E Jerusallem if its not onnly arabs living there. The arabs WANT East Jweusakwm as the capital of their state that doesn't exist but thats it, I never heard of just wanting something to make you a rightful owner ib tn.
3. Of course!
Israeli 2   (06.05.14)
Australia first, the rest will all follow. Most importantly, Israel must show its teeth like a shark. The Australians and the Americans know way too well what sharks can do.
4. Australia is stating the obvious
CJK   (06.06.14)
jerusalem is the capital city of the sovereign jewish state of israel.
5. Hey Robert from down under....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.06.14)
how do you like that?
6. Very nice
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (06.06.14)
but what will they say when they realise that the 'peace process' is a load of deluded codswallop? Will we be the 'occupiers' again?
7. Brandis is a dangerous fool
Dan   (06.06.14)
He also stated a few months ago that 'people have a right to be bigots'. He is an extreme-right-winger who has zero credibility in Australia, and whose embrace of extreme right Israeli positions can only harm Israel. Israel should keep him and his extreme-right government, headed by the international laughing-stock Tony Abbott, at arm's length.
8. Australian whites must give back the territories they stole
Catherine Ashton ,   EU   (06.05.14)
From the aboriginals - whites must go back to the UK where they will be welcomed by their Pakistani masters.
9. Imagine that
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (06.05.14)
A country is going to wait until the legal status is settled before declaring Israel is violating the law. I didn't think common sense still existed.
10. courts use facts, not opinions!
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (06.05.14)
The facts are on Israel's side. Unfortunately the 1.5 billion Muslims who raised to prejudicly hate jews, and treat word of mouth as facts are not. Therefore world opinion is skewed. Popular opinion doesn't mean truth! Bravo to those who seek only the facts, and are not blinded by hate!
11. Israel could win countless millions of new allies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.06.14)
The truth is 100 per cent on Israel's side. It would be simple to prove to any fair person that Judea and Samaria belong to Israel and "Palestine" is fictional. Yet the Israeli government doesn't even make the effort. It continues to let the leftist "occupation" lie go unchallenged. A self respecting patriotic Israeli government could win Israel countless millions of new friends and allies simply by circulating the truth widely.
12. Around twenty countries
Sagi   (06.05.14)
were "occupied" by Russia from 1945 till 1991. Nobody ever dared describe them as "occupied". The fact that they were indeed occupied is clear to all by the spontaneous across the board declarations of independence almost the day after Gorbachev declared The USSR null and void.
13. Oh, wow!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.05.14)
The Brisbane Bitch and the Townsville Termite must be contemplating suicide. No great loss.
14. Good On Australia
Tova ,   Canada   (06.05.14)
East Jerusalem and all the lands belong to Israel. It was never occupied territory. Canada the United States and even Israeli Politicians should never use the word Occupied. The United Nations is a Islamic majority. Even myself in speaking with Jews or Gentile alike I always never use the word Occupied. Finally the Attorney General of Australia has sense. Now its time for Israeli to never use the word occupied. Call the Land Israel, Call the Land Judea & Sumaria. All the Land is Israel. and all of Israel belong to the GOD. Even most Christians know this.
15. East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem, Center Jerusalem
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.05.14)
all of Jerusalem belongs to Jews, just like the rest of the Land of Israel. If Arabs occupiers of OUR Holy City will move back home to Jordan there will finally be peace. The UN, the US, the EU, Australia and others have no right meddling in our affairs. All of Israel is the land of the Jews whether you like it or not.
16. Christian & Islamic crimes:
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (06.06.14)
Occupied Jerusalem, Inventing East Jerusalem, Occupied West Bank, Muslims are Palestinians, Samaria is West Bank, Multiple 2-states = a 2-state, the White Paper, the corruption of the Balfour with the creation of Jordan.
17. East Jerusalem not occupied
Harold ,   USA   (06.05.14)
Are some members of AIPAC visiting Australia. The Australian Prime Minister and his Attorney General are trying to damage their economy by not dealing with 1.6 Billions Muslims. We wait and hear what the US and the EU say about this announcement.
18. Guess where the term Kangaroo court came from?
Cynic #2   (06.05.14)
Australia of course!
19. Brandeis
Fruitful ,   Sydney Australia   (06.06.14)
He is not an extreme right wringer. He is the Attorney General of Australia and a very sensible man. He merely stated a fact that there are bigots in this world and it's not illegal to be one. He is of course correct in not using the word occupied as Israel is the true owner of Jerusalem. The never before Palestinian nation is and has always been a fiction created by the Soviets together with their Egyptian partner, Yassir Arafat
20. 13
zionist forever   (06.06.14)
No more worrying about sharks attacking surfers now the surfers will be swimming to the sharks because their lives are no longer worth livng now they heard this news. Savea fortune on life guards and equipment to try keep sharks out
21. #19
Harold ,   USA   (06.06.14)
Is Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem built by the Jews. Are all the Christian churches built by the Zionist. Wake-up Tell The your prime minister and his attorney General to wise-up.
22. Unlucky #13 Who are you?
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (06.06.14)
The Manhattan unMensch! Boycott Divest Sanction
23. Territories were liberated in 1967
Wallace Brand ,   Alexandria, VA US   (06.14.14)
The political rights to territories were recognized by Australia and many others as belonging to the Jewish People in 1922. See
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