Hawks question need for peace with Palestinians
Omer Benjakob and John-Michael Kibrick
Published: 09.06.14, 21:48
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1.  if there was a good alternative it should be seriously cons
Memphis Slim ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (06.09.14)
" We have no alternative to our relations with the US" Yea, but if there was a good alternative it should be seriously considered.
2. Yaacov Amidror is right
CJK   (06.09.14)
people have a tendency to confuse the signing of a piece of paper with peace. there will not be peace any time in the near future. while at one point we thought that a so-called two state solution will result in peace, such a position has turned out to be a fantasy. the muslims lack the development and the maturity to prefer peace with a sovereign jewish state to their belief in a supremacist ideology according to which the land of israel is a waqf, holy muslim land, for eternity. muslim leaders will continue to indulge in this propaganda as a means to divert the attention of their populations from poverty, underdevelopment and internal dissentions.
3. Be Careful What You Wish For
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (06.09.14)
"Peace with Palestinians" is an oxymoron. B'vakasha, Israel, maintain your military might, safeguard your borders and safeguard your future. G-d Bless Eretz Yisrael.
4. Solution: One State Greater Israel free of Arabs relocated.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.09.14)
5. Thre will never be peace....
Dan ,   USA   (06.10.14)
with the Palestinians even if a peace accord is signed since radical factions within the Muslim community will continue to attack Israel at every opportunity. And Israel will not be able to respond for fear of alianating the world due to the signing. Chasing peace with a group of haters who want to destroy your country and kill as many Jews as possible continues to be time ill spent.
6. Really?! What "peace", what "palestinians"?! What is this?
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.10.14)
7. Dror, 220 states do not control Leviathan.
Miron ,   USA   (06.10.14)
Status quo has changed.
8. I agree with this guy 100%
Malone ,   Hfx   (06.10.14)
9. These Jews no longer think like Jews
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (06.10.14)
No need for peace because we are content. Who cares about them? That thinking is unethical. The Torah and 4000 years of Judaism says otherwise. Imagine explaining to Abraham Avinu why the walls need to run through Arab fields, and families need to live in camps forever. Some Jews have created a perverted version of Judaism that has nothing to do with G-d. Those Jews should be shunned and reeducated.
10. Fictional Palestine a miserable footnote in history books.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.10.14)
After all the depraved suicidal insanity of Oslo and Olmert, it is good to hear sanity from the Knesset. The status quo is INFINITELY better than the monstrous Two State Final Solution. Israel is winning demographically, economically and militarily. Fictional Palestine will soon be nothing but a miserable footnote in history books.
11. no alternative?
Marvin Strauss ,   Berlin & Germany   (06.10.14)
nations act out of interests. U.S. is not an exemption, you know. Israel should act according, and she is lucky with the lobby in the States. If you are in a state to see no alternative you are finished.
12. Prepare for the worst.........
Ben S ,   USA   (06.10.14)
Hezbollah in Lebanon Hamas in West bank and Gaza Al Qaeda & Hezbollah in Syria Iran developing nukes And the U.S. & U.N. has Israel begging for talks, while all our enemies our preparing to kill us. IT"S TIME TO WAKE UP.
13. Peace accords are worthless with Muslims
A.C.Guard ,   USA   (06.10.14)
The best way for Israel to keep the peace is to remain the stongest country in the middle east and to repond by exacting an even heavier toll each time she is attacked. Strong borders, a strong military and spy network along with very strong leader is Israel's best solution for maintaining the peace.
14. One State of Israel, One Peace. Arabs/Islamofascists must be
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.10.14)
vanquished once and forever. Cancerous spread of Islam must be stopped. These are few, simple rules for world-peace that the Eternal Idiot Peres was praying for, together with Dr.Shoah-denial Abu Adolf Mazen and that usurper to the Heavenly Connection, Pappa in Rome.
15. Is what you see..what you see
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.10.14)
Is this all smoke and mirrors? Because lurking in the background of the Talks ARE the Solutions and Framework for Peace Even the so called 'thorny' issue of Settlements and Borders IS RESOLVED when mutual interests converge The Palestinian Priority in the West Bank is SPACE The Israeli Priority is to establish a Security Ring of Settlements at its Pinch Point around Jerusalem So when the PA trade every 1 unit of land that Israel has seized for settlements post 67 for 5 up to 10 units of land (depending on commercial and historical value) in fertile North Israel plus compensation for resettlement then both sides gain So next time you are being sold the idea that Talks have Failed or this is an Intractable Problem think again And ask yourself If the Solutions are THERE whats holding the politicians back
16. misleading headline?
No Zionist doubts the need for peace, and no one wants peace more than the Zionists. But reality is that since the Oslo process, every Leftist claim and prediction has proven false and every Zionist critique has proven correct. The "peace" the Zionists reject is the process of destruction of Israel planned by Fatah/Hamas with Leftist collaboration.
17. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.10.14)
The alternatives are (1) wait for the international community to carve Israel up piecemeal; or (2) stand up and say that seven decades of effort haven't worked; it is time to annex Judea and Samaria, and send its violent and terrorist Arab population to Gaza. The new "palestinian" "unity government" is a godsend. Let them build their dream state in Gaza. The rules that govern armed conflict have not changed -- the aggressor who loses a war -- in this case, multiple wars -- must suffer the consequences, which are not pleasant. These include territorial losses and involuntary population transfers. Sorry, but that's just how it goes, and the "palestinians" are not somehow magically exempt. If they really want a state, they will be grateful for the least little patch of land. The Jews certainly were. The "palestinians" are not at all interested in peaceful coexistence with the State of Israel; they want to supplant Israel. That's not going to happen. Let's see what happens in Gaza.
18. When those writing articles can find Israel on the map...
Miron ,   USA   (06.10.14)
As Hillary said "I'll let me cab driver figure out where I need to go".
19. In light of Arab events
paulD ,   Jerusalem   (06.10.14)
over the last few years, coups, civil wars, bloody massacres, one would think that the International community would be sympathetic to the Israeli position. No, in fact it has only brought more pressure on Israel to drop dead faster, and take more risks. It is astonishingly clear that the world's underlying Jew-Hatred has only morphed, and that the goal of the 2-state solution is the elimination of Israel by rolling back the victory of 1948. So, why does the Left promote the enemy's goals for Israel???????
20. The remarks from Amidror and Sa'ar ..HOW TRUE...BUT
Hamad ,   Tulkarm -Palestine   (06.10.14)
For a different REASON..If Peace comes BY ACCIDENT ..HIGHLY UNLIKELY...The JEWISH Israeli Infrastructure will EXPLODE.. WHY YOU SAY... NO TWO JEWISH NATIONALITIES GET along..and It will be CHAOS..JEWS will GO AFTER Other JEWS...and Israel will self DESTRUCT...I am certain..ISRAEL LIVES on the NEGATIVE ARAB media that always HYPING the ANTI Israel Propaganda to keep the Pressure on the JEWS to stay together and FIGHT the EMPTY ARAB THREATS.....You guys LIVE on this..and it keeps you close...
21. To: No. 9
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.10.14)
No, these Jews no longer think like ghetto Jews. These Jews realize that we have our State, and are no longer subject to the whims of Jew-hating populations in the countries in which we dwelt. Imagine explaining to Avraham Avinu that Jews died in terrorist suicide bombings because Israel succumbed to Arab and international demands and FAILED to build a security fence. The fence has to follow the natural topography of the land, something I suspect Avraham Avinu would understand far better than you. The Arabs are whining because it's become a bit more difficult to kill Jews. Have you noticed that the building of the security fence has coincided rather remarkably with the end of suicide bombings? Ever wonder why? You are the one who should be shunned; you are one who needs re-education. A good place for you to start would be to start being proud that you are Jewish. But I suspect that is far too much to ask. You are determined to remain in your ghetto mentality. That does not mean that the rest of the Jewish people agree with you.
22. Peace
albert snow ,   sweden   (06.10.14)
Israel wanst Peace with all their neighborous. But not any Peace. Only a Peace that ends conficts and wars permanently. And that´s a Peace that recognizes Israels right to exist and being a jewish state. That ought to be the precondition for all israeli governments Before entering Peace negotiations with any party, also the palestinians.
23. We now have to work from the assumption
frauss ,   Jerusalem   (06.10.14)
that the Palestinians are unwilling or unable to make peace with us ever. Forget the "peace process'. We should look for other avenues of accommodation, cooperation, etc. under the radar that will allow us to live together, if not in peace, but in peace and quiet. That's how it's been up til now with Syria for 40 years.
24. #19:Because there is no greater glory for a Leftist, than to
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.10.14)
die, self-righteously defending killers right to afflict death, as long as the murderer shouts "freedom, equality!!" while doing the killing. It may sound far fetched, but this is the only explanation for these Quisling-like act of treason.
25. Peace is a poor choice of words for ME
Shachar ,   Eilat   (06.10.14)
Peace is an ideallistic vision and a word that should never have been attached to negotiations and agreements between countries in this region. Countries sign agreements to further their own interests and if the agreement doesn't further the interest then it is worthless. The speakers are right to ask if an agreement would further Israel's interest and in the current climate the answer would be no. Where they are wrong is in failing to improve the climate to a point where an agreement could further Israel's interests.
26. Peace with arabs
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (06.10.14)
How can anyone EVER think of making peace with the arabs? see their peace agreement between PA and Hamas that lasted a thousand years, oh sorry a thousand minutes just long enough for some PHOTO-OPS to show the western world,
27. deal with pals is to avoid binationalism not for peace
zionist forever   (06.10.14)
The need to do deal with the palestinians is not based on security needs but the need to avoid binational sttate. Its a fact the entire international community wants a palestinians state be it 2 states or binational one which Kerry has said he would be quite happy to see so if we do not do a deal with them then the world and Israel's left and centre will demand a bin atonal state. The best thing to do is for Bibi to do wha Sharons Kadima ( not Olmerts ) planned and that was take territory we need hand the rest over to the pals say this is your state. Bibi should give a press conference saying we intend to give the pals a state in a certain area but FOR NOW without actually being specific say for now for security purposes we are going to hang onto the rest of it. They have a state in the borders we have set supposedly we are going to give morse one day but not now. That way the borders might not be to their liking but they have a state so cannot call for binationalism.
28. Death Zone around Israel.
Golden Dome ,   Washington, USA   (06.10.14)
The world needs to find an effective way to neutralize these terroristic threats much more than the propaganda come out of these racist hawks. Their policies are war crimes disguised as defense
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