More than half of Palestinians oppose new talks with Israel, poll finds
Published: 11.06.14, 13:19
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1. And almost no Israeli
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.11.14)
want new talks with Palestinians. So to make mostly everyone happy, we'll leave it the way it is and Israel will continue what they have to do - annex Yehuda and Shomron because it belongs to Israel anyhow and get the "Palestinian" new Arab people back home to Jordan,
2. Bless them: they continue to rescue us from ourselves!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.11.14)
stude ham   (06.11.14)
now about these missiles from hamas... does that tell you something about this new palifictitious junta?
Jewdo & Jewjitsu ,   America is beautiful   (06.11.14)
It's all Fatah/Hez Hollow promises, It's all just more of the same wishful thinking. They tried blowing on the back of their hands, close your eyes and make a wish. NOTHING HAPPENS! How come? (no gelt!) Just wait till $$$ reality shows up. Watch as it all turns into accusations, blame, revenge, sludge, mush, mud and sewage. Then they'll fail miserably and of course inevitably BLAME ISRAEL and the Jewz.! REMEMBER, He who controls the EU/USA/Israeli beggared $$$, controls the very shallow bottomed Unity Gov't...NOW watch the fighting over the money as it tears "unity" into tiny little shards of burnt out wishful thinking...causing Abbass to step down in the middle of the grand theft Fatah/Hez debacle Nothing comes close to arab greed over "brotherhood"...just wait, you'll see.
5. # Many Israelis do want tal with the so-called 'Palestinians
Righteous Zionisti ,   Israel   (06.11.14)
Many Israeli Jews do want talks with the so-called 'Palestinians', especially those of a left-wing persuasion because they believe in giving 'Peace' a chance (for the umpteenth unsuccessful time) and are scared of what the USA and EU think of them. The local Arabs don't want talks because if PLO-Hamas win, the poor wretches will be at the mercy of ruthless Islamists and no longer able to sponge off the Jewish state/Zionist enemy and live the life of Riley.
6. Good News
Eli ,   Israel   (06.11.14)
I'm Glad, I rather have an enemy with his sword in his had than an enemy with a sword behind his back. Our naive liberals rush to give away Israeli land when the Arabs pretend they want peace, it's better to deal with the likes of Hamas to keep our own traitors at bay.
7. West's ME strategyrepeatedly fail to read the signals
Although well intentioned, naivete of US and European and allied nations is showing all over the ME. In Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestinian, Libya, Egypt and then further afield in Afghanistan, Pakistan, West and East Africa, Far East. All are more critical and volatile than Ukraine currently.
8. Reconciliation
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (06.11.14)
Abbas announces that Hamas recognises Israel, accepts all previous agreement and renounces terrorism. Hamas then announces that it does not rcognise Israel, is not bound by previous agreemenyts and will regain 'all of Palestine', i.e. Israel, by armed warfare. How reconciled is that?
9. Pals come to talks for free concessions
Sam ,   Canada   (06.11.14)
Palestinians are ticked off because they didn't get free concessions like more prisoners or a freeze. For some reason they expect to get them even though they reject a Jewish Israel. What is sure is that without talks they will get nothing. Israel will continue to build. It doesn't need talks as a cover. Palestinians will get nothing.
10.  Hamas-Fatah unity will last this time.
jon ,   uk   (06.11.14)
Palestinians live in coo coo land Palestinians are against renewing negotiations the reason they get backing from western countries because western don't ask them for anything only from Israel
11. this is worrying for Israel
zionist forever   (06.11.14)
If Abbas will see the mood in the street is no longer for talks and so he may well decide the peace process is dead we now demand a binational state and right now the international community for the most part are willing to back the binational idea, even Kerry has said on the record he would be quite happy to see a binatinal state. There is huge international support for binationalism and even Kerry has said n the record he would be quite happy to see a binational state. If the international support is there the left in Israel will start coming round to binationalism and the arabs will instantly and we will get protests and probably riots will tar the country apart and this is what the idiots like Bennet are ignoring. We need to drag this out until a viable solution can be found, no annexations or MKS proudly saying the peace process is dead. We need to look like good guys and say we are committed to leave, not do anything stupid and just buy time until we can think of a next move.
12. So ask these questions
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.11.14)
Q:.Do you know the detail and terms of this PA Hamas Agreement? A: 100% NO Q: Are you willing to underwrite Hamas and Gaza with PA Cash AT THE EXPENSE of Palestinians in the West Bank? A: 100% NO Q: Are you willing to sacrifice all the gains made in the West Bank and now adopt failed and bankrupt Hamas policies A: 100% NO You cant hide the truth behind a pole (poll)
13. History has shown jews don't negotiate truthfully
James   (06.11.14)
14.  Palestinians oppose talks with Israel
jon ,   uk   (06.11.14)
so what do they want form Israel to ask them what they want and Israel will say ok you can have it and if Israel say no then they will complain to EU US UN to pressure on Israel this is what happened so far and Palestinians got use to it so they carry on it works for them
15. And who care????
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.11.14)
Hamas analysis: due to lost of Brotherhood in Egypt, not choice other to "reconcile"until and will be PA effort to take over and civil war will be among Palestinian. Israel should stay just quite.
16. 2 Well said,Tom.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.11.14)
17. #13 NICE ONE!
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (06.12.14)
You mean to say that we are smarter in negotiations than you? That is what you really mean isn't it? Sorry, that our people are just one step ahead of you. It is a pity that humans need to show their jealousy by pure hatred between one another. You can attend school and learn how to negotiate with a Jew. We do that all the time in the universities.
18. peace talks
seve ,   usa   (06.12.14)
Peace,no peace. If Israel ceases to exist then the entire Muslim world will be turned into glass.
19. palestine already exists
barney rubble ,   flintstone   (06.13.14)
its pointless asking the Palestinians to negotiate with a Likud/Jewish Home unity government that rejects its very right to exist ! the West should accept that Palestine exists and impose sanctions on any group that denies it.
20. #14 EU US UN ?
barney rubble ,   flintstone   (06.13.14)
Jon you are mistaken if you think the EU/US/UN favour the Palestinians. Where are the Quartet Conditions that require the Israeli government to accept in advance Palestine's right to exist ? Naftali Bennett, Danny Danon etc are openly committed to the destruction of Palestine and not a word ...
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