Abbas' wife hospitalized in Israel
Eli Senyor
Published: 15.06.14, 17:46
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1. Oh please!
Lila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.15.14)
We are so insane that I can't believe it!!! How about Abbas gets us our boys back or wifey will have a looooong stay in the hospital?
2. Nauseating
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.15.14)
What's the matter? Are there no hospitals in the "palestine" authority? Disgusting. Let her go to some Arab capital for treatment. She's a terrorist dog. If her loving husband would spend more money on infrastructure and a little less on arming terrorists, then hospitals in the pA might amount to something. No matter, though. We'll soon have all of Judea and Samaria under our control, and we can fix up all the hospitals the "palestinians" will leave behind when we ship their stinking carcasses to Gaza.
3. Israel treating head terrorist's wife
4. OMG! We are "freirim", for sure.
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.15.14)
5. Is she 9 yr old, like Muhammad's Aisha at consummation?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.15.14)
6. Tie her to the bed,
Chaim Naveh ,   Arad   (06.15.14)
until we get our teens back.
7. Abbas
Ronda ,   USA   (06.15.14)
BiBi is not holding Abbas responsible if he can send his wife for surgery in Israel without having to confront his people in Hebron, demand the release of the teenagers and most importantly expect his wife to be released from the hospital in a timely manner w/o any mention of the abduction. I cant think of any way to demonstrate holding him less accountable. Israel should find a new leader.
8. Israel is a humane country, unlike many others
Naomi   (06.15.14)
9. What Does the BDS movement say?
leo ,   nyc   (06.15.14)
...and the mainstream Protestant churches and college associations etc Of course, there is only one conclusion--many hate the mere existence of the State of Israel...and will use any excuse to seek its demise,,,
10. Jewish Values
Joseph Agius   (06.15.14)
Although many may not agree with this gesture, Jewish values demand no less. Like Christians Jews are to treat their enemies good Pro 25:21 et al. If Jews are to give food to their enemies, how much more heal them when they are sick?
11. Sarah B stop being Racist
Love Israel ,   One and only Israel   (06.15.14)
It's difficult enough for all of us here in Israel especially after this teenager kidnap ordeal. I hope that these boys are returned to their parents very soon unharmed I am praying for them. Nevertheless we the Jews should not sink to their barbaric terrorist level, not all Arab citizens of Israel are terrorists nor are the vast majority of Arabs of Judea and Samaria. The problem lies in the Palestinian bad leadership which achieves nothing but nill for them and literally steals from the people. In Israel if a corrupt minister gets caught stealing he goes to jail in the Arab world including PA he is rewarded !!!
12. Are we suckers or what?
13. Abbas wife hospitalised in Israel
Jonny ,   London   (06.16.14)
Keep her there until the three boys are freed
14. Do not agree with #6..
Beary White ,   Norway   (06.16.14)
...I guess abu mazen do not want her back, he will go for a goat instead... But then you have a waste problem...
15. #11 what did Sarah say that was racist?
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (06.15.14)
sometimes telling the truth is not sounding nice or politically correct, but it is the truth!
16. A nation soft with her enemies will not endure.
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (06.15.14)
17. They're handing out candy...
moriah   (06.15.14)
Do not be in denial as of the nature of these people. The goodniks are the minority. 70% of Palestinians want us destroyed.
18. Don't blame the murdering kidnappers
Israeli 2   (06.15.14)
Blame our "leadership"....if we have any. Moreso, blame ourselves for placing those leaders in charge. But as memory goes, this will also be forgotten and we continue to appease. When we neglect Torah and G-d, this is what we get.
19. article is sensationalist dribble. Abbas is not behind the
Rafi ,   US   (06.15.14)
kidnapping in any case.
20. She should be arrested and held until...
these three boys are returned safely.
21. 11
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.15.14)
Wrong. Why should our doctors treat the wife of Abass who is a closet terrorist. We Jews are being taken advantage of by our enemies. Sarah B is 100% correct. Palestinians can go to Jordan for medical treatment. Sarah B. is no racist & you do not have the right to call her one.
22. Maybe a Drone
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (06.15.14)
A tracking and listening device may hve been implanted , so if when she is close to a nutter from Iran or S Lebanon, well she is the perfect drone.
23. Sarah b
Fair uk ,   uk   (06.16.14)
well said; a voice of reason
24. Abbas's wife
Rick41241 ,   USA   (06.16.14)
Who is footing her bill? I hope it's not Israel.
25. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.16.14)
I have no intention of sinking to the level of Arabs, ever. But I am not being racist. I am simply questioning why Israel would treat the wife of the man responsible for the massacre of eleven Israeli athletes in Munich. I think that is fair question, especially in light of the fact that three Israeli boys have been kidnapped. And you are wrong about the majority of Arabs in Judea and Samaria. They have been brainwashed since birth to believe that Israel is the cause of all their woes. You should see what passes for curriculum in Arab schools in Judea and Samaria. Worse than the educational texts used in Gaza. With all this as a backdrop, why should we be in the business of saving the life of a terrorist?
26. #19, Rafik Ibn Muhammad, how do you know? Muslim Takyia?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.16.14)
27. I'm glad the Israelis took care of her
Benji ,   US   (06.16.14)
It shows that in spite of differences, Abbas turns to Israel when he needs help. The relationship with Egypt, Jordan and Israel is also amicable. We know the problem is Hamas and as long as this cancer lives within the Palestinian population, there cannot be peace, only conflict. Rockets, bombs, terror, kidnappings all come from this cancer Hamas. The Palestinians can also remove this cancer and must in order to thrive. Any government that gives Hamas recognition as a legitimate entity perpetuates this conflict. That includes the mealy mouthed ramblings of the Obama administration.
28. Any "Thank you Israel"in it ,or are we mugs ?
Roland ,   London England   (06.16.14)
29. #18 yes and we forgot Pinochio
Nancy   (06.16.14)
and the seven dwarfs and this is what we got. Praise the Lord
30. #2 You are right.
Darren Ben John ,   Townsville Australia   (06.16.14)
You ARE nauseating with your right-wing, rat-bag racist views!! Boycott Divest Sanction
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