Poll: Most Palestinians reject two-state solution - and violence
Published: 26.06.14, 12:39
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1. "From the river to the sea" by non-violence..hilarious!
Lynx ,   Palestine   (06.26.14)
Its too stupid for further comment.
2. Let Kerry & Obama read this so they can wake up
Naomi   (06.26.14)
The truth is most Palestinians do not want peace with Israel. They want to have all the land back.
3. Who exactly are the idiots this "survey" is aiming at??
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.26.14)
4. delve a little deeper
james ,   nyny   (06.26.14)
So the poll really says, the Palestinians wish to get all of the land in 5 year plan through non violence and don't care about settlements built as much as release of prisoners. This is completely twisted and delusional. Who feeds this crap to these people. Oh we know , It's most of the world, that's who.
5. See? This is why ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.26.14)
... it's time to get rid of the "palestinians." Ship them off to Gaza, where they can live in perfect peace and harmony (oh yeah, that'll happen!) and work together towards building a state. Israel has NEVER belonged to them; there has never been a state called "Palestine," and if they think that Israel will politely roll over and let a terrorist rabble reclaim everything that the Jewish people built -- well, it would not be the first time that the "palestinians" have fallen victim to their own delusions. But it WILL be the last. They are going to have to learn to make do with Gaza, and they need to be extraordinarily grateful that Israel will cede them that much. They'd better behave, too -- because it wouldn't take much of an effort on the part of Israel to reclaim Gaza. And the fate of the "palestinians" won't be a pleasant one.
6. so, no to 2 state solution, and no to 1 state solution
do we even need to ask what this means?
7. Of course Arabs reject State, they all want new Caliphate
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (06.26.14)
8. james#3
james ,   nyny   (06.26.14)
Answer... Anyone who has enough common sense to see the truth!! I hope this article goes viral, let the world know true intentions. As stated before, we only can rely on ourselves. We are not exactly winning the public relations war in the worlds eyes.
9. Arabs respect and fear strength, capitalise on weakness
A ,   Belgium   (06.26.14)
which is why the "palestinians" never mention the 70+% of "historic palestine" ruled by the minority Hashemite kings. While Israel blundered through "peace talks" with terrorists and released murderers in exchange for nothing, King Hussein knew exactly how to deal with his "palestinian" subjects. Israel might do well to heed his example as only arabs know how to handle other arabs.
10. I agree with the poll
James ,   USA   (06.26.14)
A 2 state solution is from some fairy tale, delusional mind. Probably dreamed up by Neville Chamberlain. Palestinian Arabs are not part of any state, and never shall they think they can make one. The people of Israel will no longer give up this land through any political maneuvering , votes, sanctions or pressure regardless of your thoughts. You are not selling carpets in a souq. Peace is dead. Your voice has been heard and dismissed. The actions over the years by the Palestinians have brought an unending lack of trust from the Jewish people. The narcissism exhibited by the Palestinians guarantee this result. An intifada will seal your fate.
11. # 6 One state solution
Moshe ,   Israel   (06.26.14)
We don't need to ask. It appears in the article – Most of them want "reclaim all of historic Palestine", "from the river to the sea". Namely, one state solution Palestinian style.
12. 2
Birdi ,   Israel is ours.   (06.26.14)
Not only do they want the land, they want us driven into the sea. Wishful thinking on their part. We Jews are here to stay. We aint going anywhere. Am Israel Chai.
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