Palestinians claim 'price tag' attack after boys' bodies found
Elior Levy
Published: 02.07.14, 12:09
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1. Allegations
maddad ,   Johannesburg RSA   (07.02.14)
Why is everyone jumping to conclusions? Have we forgotten Al Dura - the fabricated provocation that started the Second Intefada? While it's clear that politically Israels hands are tied - I believe that this is another fabricated provocation.
2. false translation
תג מחיר נקמת היהודים: "price tag jewish vengeance." the word 'blood' is nowhere to be found.
3. Jews are, in fact, tired of Arab barbarism.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (07.02.14)
The Arabs have a knack of making a muck of things, and with the brutal murder of three innocent young boys, they proved, once again, that they still have not learned to live in decent and civil co-existence with the Jews. Jews are tired of Arab insensitivity and provocations and, it should be no surprise, that some Jews feel that they must retaliate. The slower the government takes appropriate action, the more likely Jews will take the law into their own hands. We are tired of the Arabs' immaturity.
4. Barbarians? #3
John ,   USA   (07.03.14)
Israel has killed a Palestinian child every 3 days, on average, for the last 13 years....and you call Arabs barbarians!? I'm sure in your mind this murder is justified - and that is because it is you who is the barbarian.
5. we don't look into the mirror
peter ,   tel aviv   (07.03.14)
our problem is that we think we are always right and just. Price tag and the images of degenerates roaming the city calling death to arabs. Soldiers who post revenge ads on facebook. And god forbid the murder of an arab kid. Yet we are hurt by the comments of the world. The loss of our 3 boys is so painful. We should use the time od the shiva and think how to avoid another horror such as this one. Going ape and criminal puts us on the same level as those sick terrorists we are facing. My heart goes out to the families of our boys as well as the family of the arab kid. The pain those poor innocent people are confronted with. So we have to add pain by allowing idiots to behave like savages and get awat with it? We should let Zahal do the job to hunt down the murderous monsters and punish them. Stop price tag at any price and prove we are not animals but a civilized nation.
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