Report: Hamas-Israel ceasefire expected within hours
Published: 04.07.14, 09:48
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1. Bibi's wife going shopping to London very soon
So, no action until the boss comes back.
2. ...until the next time. Move the
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.04.14)
Government to Sderot. When we stand up to bigoted world opinion then we can call ourselves a deserving independent state.
3. "ceasefire"
CJK   (07.04.14)
the ceasefire will be temporary and it will not lead to peace. however, now might not be the best time to take care of hamas.
4. Hamas will get more than 24hr free shooting
Samson ,   GT   (07.04.14)
courtesy of idiots
5. one thing is being forgotten here.......
jose ,   raanana israel   (07.04.14)
theb hamas is playing with us and the worse enemy that is putting an eye on us testing our movements and actions and no body pronounce is......hezzbollah for that we must be prepared end
6. iran deal in july
tomer ,   or akiva israel   (07.04.14)
iranian are orchestrating & financing all this violence , because they want to make a diversion . tsahal must be ready to act in case obama makes a bad deal in july hamas is less important & less dangerous than iranian ayatolahs also provocating israel to kill thousands of muslims in ramadan is a way to get all muslim world nations against israel its a pitfall , hamas punisment can wait , they will pay for the 3 teens but at israel time
7. Bibi--All bluster and bull
rayS ,   NH, USA   (07.04.14)
The Israeli timidity will encourage Iran and Hizbolla to actions. The worlds once respect for Israel's great courage and daring is gone. This is due to the government's repeated failure to respond to threats to Israeli citizens .
8.  no ceasefire ever
george ,   Ashdod   (07.04.14)
There has never been a ceasefire. Hamas continues to fire rockets day in and day out--and have since the November "war" two years ago.
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