Row erupts as Danish church adopts Hamas slogan in comment on Gaza conflict
Published: 16.07.14, 18:50
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1. Pernille Østrem
Patrick Talary ,   Vancouver   (07.17.14)
pastor, Pernille Østrem lack of wisdom and discernment and totally unable to judge between right and wrong according to Biblical principles and walking away from Jesus's teachings in speaking truth in a loving manner. The Palestinians and the Islamic world will not be satisfied until ALL JEWS are pushed into the sea. Pemille Ostrem should become familiar with what Islam believes (Political and Religious)and open her eyes to what is happening on the what is being said and done to deligitimize Israel.
2. The Priestess action:
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (07.16.14)
The Danish clergy is pretty strange: It always defends the wrong people, at the wrong time. The clergy defended the Palestinians "refugees" that took over a church by force and forced the Danish government to capitulate to them and pass a new law called the Palestinian Law which allowed the people that took over the church to "settle" in Denmark. It turned out that those so called "refugees" had a 57 % criminal record. And the Church was instrumental in passing the Palestinian Law.
3. How does one spell disingenuously anti-semitic
Isaac Storm   (07.16.14)
Pernille Ostrem
4. naiv, stupid
bernhard ,   germany-israel   (07.16.14)
and they don't know what they exactly doing are. That's the profile of the European Israel haters and BDS morons. Let them rott on their "island of bliss" you won't reach them with a fair view on the people of Israel. It's long-time cultivated ignorance, prejudice and stupidity
5. What furious row ? ,...
split ,   US   (07.17.14)
By the way it also describes this so called 'Greater Israel', that is; Israel including W. Bank, Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights envisioned and promoted by Begin in the past and Likud today if you happen to miss it
6. Danish Church Adopt Hamas Slogan
Jack Holan ,   USA   (07.17.14)
These people I assume never experienced the destruction & real occupation in Europe. They are really on a different radio frequency that most of us cannot even imagine. It's like the TV show from the 60s, The Twilight Zone.
7. #1 - 'walking away from Jesus's teachings' ,...
split ,   US   (07.17.14)
Jesus was teaching love thy neighbor as thyself not just the Jew and screw thy others, pinhead ,...
8. Just following luther's footsteps
Daniel ,   TA - Il   (07.17.14)
organized christianty is clearly still living in the meevil jehating times... that is their attraction to fellow jehaters at the muslims
9. A nasty Sanctimonios Hypocrite
James McNamara ,   London UK   (07.17.14)
If this woman were to live in Gaza,Hamas would either execute her for being a Christian or treat her like they treat their women,turning them into baby making machines...These Danes have completely lost it...There was a time where we looked up to them...Now we look at them with utter disgust.....
10. Usefull Idiots
Lisa Sandstrom ,   Copenhagen Denmark   (07.17.14)
Denmark is being flooded and being taken over by Radical Muslims,and these idiots from the Extreme Left are helping them...The Muslim birthrate is soaring,and Danish citizens are going to paying a heavy price,once Sharia law kicks in..And we Danes will be second class citizens...Submit or Die.......Great Choice....Enjoy.....
11. a message of peace
tiki ,   belgium   (07.17.14)
"With Israel's *disproportionate & excessive force used against a nation (which nation) on it's knees"! "But....of course does Israel have the right to protect itself against *real security threats"! Paster Pernill Ostrem, you are an absolute disgrace as a pastor & human being! You are an slimy bigot & a disgusting hypocrite! There is no nation of Gaza, but this entity and it's citizens (those who don't agree with the Hamas politics) is being strangled by a terror group, sending rockets ad random into Israeli cities and *****innocent citizens with the only goal of killing as many as possible! The only reason this didn't happen is because the IDF, Iron Dome protection & strong people. Why do citizens of a country have to live under a rain of rockets for the last 13 years? Would you tolerate this in your country? I don't think so. But here is the REAL reason for your slogan: You and those sub- humanists who protect the Hamas doctrine have a problem with strong & living Jews! Please spare us your explanations for they speak for themselves and Israel doesn't need your condoning of her right to protect herself a her citizens!
12. #5 split
solomon ,   bklyn   (07.22.14)
Israel took over the WB, Gaza Strip and Golan heights in reaction to being attacked, time and time again, in case you happened to have missed it.
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