Top US firefighters help Israel amid rocket fire
Eitan Glickman
Published: 17.07.14, 10:11
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1. Thank you US fire fighters!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.17.14)
MAy G-d bles you for blessing Israel. And, He will. KEEP BUILDING AND DEFENDING ISRAEL !!!
2. #Respect
Avi Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (07.17.14)
"A friend in need is a friend indeed". My highest respect goes out to these fine heroes!
Sharon ,   Israel   (07.17.14)
Israel and its citizens cannot thank you enough for your generous help and willingness to put your lives at risk for us. As an American citizen, I am proud of all of you. Great job guys!!!
4. Thankful for US Firefights!
Texana ,   Dallas, Texas   (07.17.14)
I feel so much gratitude for the amazing support from these fire fighters to help Israel! Thank you!
5. Thank you US fire fighters!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (07.17.14)
MAy G-d bles you for blessing Israel. And, He will. KEEP BUILDING AND DEFENDING ISRAEL !!!
6. Kol Hakavod
Charles   (07.17.14)
Kol Hakavod to the firefighters. And let's not forget the hard work of the organizers at the Washington Jewish Federation!
7. thank you
bernard ,   germany-israel   (07.17.14)
dear brave firefighters from the U.S. We see, the U.S. is not only phony Obama and Kerry, but also average Joe with sympathy for Israel. Todah!
8. Amazing generousity - thank you fire fighters
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (07.17.14)
Also what amazes me is the timing - not the Mideast conflict - but the wild fires in northwestern states at this time.
9. Thanks...Yanks!
Tim ,   Brighton   (07.17.14)
For your help and solidarity
10. $10B in aid to Israel per year, is most in world by far
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.17.14)
11. AS you protect Israel..God will reward you and your families
Al   (07.17.14)
Thank You Thank You Thank You
12. And Benassi chimes in from the peanut gallery
Raymond in. DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.17.14)
Count on Benassi not only to chime in with a matter irrelevant to the article but to get his facts wrong. No, Israel gets not $10 Billion a year, but just over $3.1 Billion. For political reasons, it's budgeted as part of about $50 Billion in foreign aid, but it properly belongs in the military assistance budget.
13. Thanks!!!!!!
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (07.17.14)
You help here, you help there! We love and appreciate you!
14. Thank you US firefighters!
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.17.14)
I want to thank our American friends from the bottom of my heart. America truly is a great country. This is the kind of kindness and generosity that I've come to associate America with! God Bless America And May God Always Keep The American People Safe! Best regards Alexander
15. Wonderful!
Benji ,   US   (07.17.14)
16. Thank you, US firefighters!
A ,   Belgium   (07.18.14)
Maybe someone could exinguish the white trash poster #10?
17. USA Firefighters . . . Thank You for your help & support &
Moshe ,   Usa   (07.17.14)
your kind disposition to Israel
18. Thank you
R ,   Israel   (07.17.14)
Your help gives me strength, thank you US firefighters, G-d keep you safe!
19. G-d Bless US Firefighters:
Pesach ,   Tenafly NJ   (07.17.14)
May the rest of the Free World meaning Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and ANYONE not under the iron fist of Radical Extreme Islamic Barbarism JOIN with Israel, and declare OPEN WAR on Radical Extreme Islamic Barbarism. ELIMINATE this menace to humanity. It is time for us ALL to join forces and Pre-empt those whose hearts BLAZE with the RAGING fire to kill the infidel. Wake up Planet Earth. Pre-empt the Diabolical Radical Extreme Islamic Monster- There is NO other way this world can be safe from them.
20. #10 Filthy liar, Benazi
A ,   Belgium   (07.17.14)
In 2012, Afghanistan recieved $12,885 million (Israel $3,100 million) in US Economic and Military Assistance. Go stick your head back up that dark nasty place that you pulled it out of and try to come up with a more convincing lie.
21. Talkbacker #10: WRONG It's $3B not $10B in aid to Israel
Fact checker ,   USA   (07.17.14)
The $10B "honor" goes to Afghanistan. You didn't bother to check the facts which are readily available. Epic fail on your part.
22. just an other THANK YOU!
les ,   canada   (07.17.14)
BRAVE FIREFIGHTERS, and the good people of the USA!. wish your government was as great as the people there.
23. Something worth recalling
Seeing 9/11 mentioned prompts me to point out that in response to that one day of terrorism directed at the USA,US,UK and other allies went all the way to Afghanistan to attack al Qaida and the Taliban and didn't let any consideration of civilian deaths deter them from victory. Yet,Israel's attempt to put a stop to many years of bombardment and terrorism emanating from Hamas and its terrorist allies in the Gaza Strip brings on a flood of crocodile tears and protest. If this doesn't highlight the double standards used by the world to cripple the State of Israel,nothing does. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
24. Outstanding news!
Julio ,   Brazil   (07.17.14)
Three cheers for the US firefighters.
25. god bless amerika thank you fire fighters
miriam ,   israel   (07.17.14)
26. Firefighters in Israel
Joe johns ,   Palo Alto pa   (07.17.14)
I cannot believe that firefighters would help the jailers to keep in the inmates from getting freedom. I will urge all my neighbors not to contribute to any firefighting group in the United States . We are being deceived and it is the American people who are starting another Iraq
27. Really pi$$ed off with this one ,...
split ,   US   (07.17.14)
Another example of Jewish loyalty expressed by parasitic Federation sustained by government grants and tax deductible donations that must be replaced by additional taxes imposed on six-pack-Joe to fill the void in govermrnt coffers ,... There're hundreds of thousands of acres west of Mississippi in US but they don't give a damn ,... Google 'Forest Fire Information - smokey bear' and check the map ,...
28. #10 ... And exremely well desrved.
Charles ,   Paris_France   (07.17.14)
The American military will will be clamoring to purchase the jointly funded Iron Dome technology. Perhaps one day it might shoot down some terrorist rockets aimed at Americans.
29. Thank you US firefighters
jochair ,   kfar saba Israel   (07.17.14)
Let's hope none of you gets hurt in the least. Israelis are a real friendly people and we are very grateful too. If only Hamas could see how nice we really are.
30. Thank you.
nibor ,   israel   (07.17.14)
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